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Taylor Swift is heterosexual / straight

Why people think Taylor Swift is not gay
Taylor Swift is rumored to be with Chord Overstreet (from Feb 2011-present)
Taylor Swift had a fling with Jake Gyllenhaal (from Nov 2010-Jan 2011)
Taylor Swift was rumored to be with Cory Monteith (from May 2010-May 2010)
Taylor Swift was rumored to be with Toby Hemingway (from Jan 2010-Jan 2010)
Taylor Swift dated Taylor Lautner (from Oct 2009-Dec 2009)
Taylor Swift dated Joe Jonas (from Jan 2007-March 2008)

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Taylor Swift gaydar

According to 2226 visitors Taylor Swift is 55% gay.
However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Taylor Swift is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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  @ 2012-01-28 35 up,25 down
Taylor's a good girl; although...she seems to have natural bearding tendencies.
  ohhh @ 2012-02-29 47 up,17 down
She has a long list of bearding relationships, but she could still be straight. She may even still be a virgin, since she keeps dating gay guys.
  Angel @ 2012-04-12 18 up,43 down
Shut ur pie hole ohh she has not dated any gay guys
and she's so so so so not gay
  Mel @ 2012-04-17 31 up,44 down
She might not be gay. But she's definitely annoying
  Coote @ 2012-06-03 18 up,22 down
I see people voting gay no matter what. Some probably find it exciting
  DESTANY LUV @ 2012-06-18 12 up,37 down
So NOT gay i love her and her music so do my friend at dunbar in lubbock texas
  Khris @ 2012-07-09 17 up,32 down
She's not gay!!!! Ppl r lieing just like there lieing about Taylor lautner being gay.
  Honesty Equals Truth @ 2012-07-09 0 up,0 down
100% on the "HOT" meter!! ..and a nice person too!!
  Heather @ 2012-08-02 19 up,19 down
Nobody knows what it is because she does not talk about it so the answer is not disclosed of her orientation. We know she likes guys because she has been with guys, but you do not know she could be bi she don't talk about it. So there is a possibility that she could like girls, but nobody asked her so nobody knows okay =)
  Mike @ 2012-09-06 0 up,0 down
This site is full of homos voting gay for everyone to make themselves feel like they aren't freaks of nature.
  Wook @ 2012-09-09 41 up,24 down
It's a fact that she is bi sexuall
  destany luv @ 2012-10-06 0 up,0 down
I hate het now she sold her soul to the devil she ugly and i cant believe she would do that
  Jasmine @ 2013-01-11 54 up,28 down
Defently lesbian
  Alissa @ 2013-01-12 0 up,0 down
Gay full gay
  Bill @ 2016-06-29 0 up,0 down
My infallible Gaydar says she's gay...she's obviously not open to a physical relationship with a man, her body language says that...she has this hard edge that easily translates as masculine... the era when a gay celeb could stay in the closet is past, I'm afraid.
  MIMS @ 2016-09-07 0 up,0 down
  Rico @ 2016-11-02 0 up,0 down
Taylor Swift only pretends to be straight. She is much more
comfortable with women than men. The fact is that when men seek to be serious with her, she quickly ends the relationship. She will have
to make a sexual commitment soon.
  Dani @ 2016-11-12 0 up,0 down
karlie kloss was taylor's possible gf for about two years
  JL @ 2016-11-26 0 up,0 down
She's queer as a football bat!
  wayne @ 2017-08-11 0 up,0 down
She acts like she is Bi Sexual to me.
  @ 2018-04-21 0 up,0 down
What reading is on the "Give a shi--ometer?"
  @ 2018-05-09 0 up,0 down
  Harshit @ 2018-08-16 0 up,0 down
Every single women alive is not straight.they r either gay or bisexual

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