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Why people think Jake Gyllenhaal is not gay
Jake Gyllenhaal is rumored to be with Jenny Lewis (from Jan 2011-present)
Jake Gyllenhaal is having a fling with Olivia Wilde (from June 2011-present)
Jake Gyllenhaal had a fling with Taylor Swift (from Nov 2010-Jan 2011)
Jake Gyllenhaal was rumored to be with Rachel Bilson (from Sep 2010-Oct 2010)
Jake Gyllenhaal was rumored to be with Isabel Lucas (from Apr 2010-Apr 2010)
Jake Gyllenhaal dated Reese Witherspoon (from Jan 2007-Jan 2009)
Jake Gyllenhaal dated Natalie Portman (from Jan 2006-Jan 2006)
Jake Gyllenhaal had a fling with Kirsten Dunst (from Jan 2002-Jan 2004)
Jake Gyllenhaal dated Jenny Lewis (from Jan 2001-Jan 2001)

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According to 1911 visitors Jake Gyllenhaal is 75% gay.
The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Jake Gyllenhaal has been voted highly gay.

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  @ 2011-11-24 6 up,33 down
He's not gay. I like the movie Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, go watch it!
  F. Poplar @ 2011-12-02 103 up,9 down
He's gay! Has major gay face and is with another actor from One Tree Hill. They live together.
  EM @ 2011-12-02 0 up,0 down
Gosh the above list is one massive long list of beards.
  Jules @ 2012-01-07 23 up,7 down
All I can say is if he will be the cowboy I will be his pony!.. saddle up and ride me cowboy!....hehe
  @ 2012-02-20 15 up,8 down
He is not straight! He is BI he said so on an interview. He said he would date a guy or girl although he had never liked a guy.
  @ 2012-02-21 8 up,12 down
I wish. Don't really get that vibe though.
  sunny @ 2012-03-01 2 up,8 down
The man of my life, hope I meet him in another life
  cristin @ 2012-05-12 4 up,21 down
He's not gay...he's my boyfriend :P
  erika @ 2012-06-28 76 up,3 down
Gay, dating Austin Nichols
  @ 2012-06-30 57 up,5 down
very gay. he liked heath ledger, but heath was straight not jake
  dee @ 2012-06-30 36 up,5 down
very gay, he liked heath ledger, but heath was straight, but not jake
  Alex @ 2012-07-11 70 up,5 down
He is gay , infact he is dating a guy named Nicholas or something , and he once said he doesn't mind being with a guy even tho he have never been inlove with 1
  Person @ 2012-07-16 21 up,6 down
I hope he's gay ;)
  me @ 2012-08-18 5 up,12 down
if him and austin nichols was actually going out i would melt from the hotness!!! but sadly they are just friends.
  Ron Warren @ 2012-10-13 8 up,21 down
All this jabber about Jake Gyllenhaal being gay is a a bunch of wishful thinking on the part of dizzy queens.
  Beel @ 2012-10-18 70 up,3 down
It's not wishful thinking- my gayday is almost 100% accurate. Jake= cute, smart,nice guy, 'MO
  AnyoneintheUSA @ 2012-10-20 16 up,1 down
If Jake is gay- was Taylor Swift and her revenge song a mega beard ? How much did he pay her to write that song about him to convince the world he is straight and a jerk? Just asking. Personally, if you ask me, he lends a gay vibe in real life but not in the movies. Well,except in BrokeBack Mountain.
  gaga @ 2012-12-20 0 up,0 down
Please--Jake is well known to be Toothy Tile. And he is g-gay-gay-gay.
  gaga @ 2012-12-20 0 up,0 down
Please--Jake is well known to be Toothy Tile. And he is g-gay-gay-gay.

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