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Why people think Miley Cyrus is not gay
Miley Cyrus is rumored to be with Josh Bowman (from Feb 2011-present)
Miley Cyrus is having a fling with Avan Jogia (from Dec 2010-present)
Miley Cyrus had a fling with Avan Jogia (from Dec 2010-Dec 2010)
Miley Cyrus was rumored to be with Mike Posner (from Nov 2010-Nov 2010)
Miley Cyrus dated Liam Hemsworth (from Sep 2009-Aug 2010)
Miley Cyrus dated Justin Gaston (from Sep 2008-June 2009)
Miley Cyrus dated Nick Jonas (from Jan 2006-Dec 2007)

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According to 2306 visitors Miley Cyrus is 71% gay.
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  Chavoshi Da Chav @ 2012-01-17 0 up,0 down
LULZ. I Love Her... But She Looks Like A FUCKING DONKEY. Jack-off Able Face Though. BODO BEBINAM.
  Sam Warrick @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
I think she's gay.
  @ 2012-04-22 60 up,9 down
miley cyrus admitted that she has sexually experimented with girls. i think miley had sex with mandy jiroux & emily osment.
  demilolova'to<3 @ 2012-07-21 0 up,0 down
That whore she "dates" guys so no one knows her true personality as a lesbian duhhh...i am demi lovato i am mileys former lover....
  @ 2012-09-28 71 up,10 down
Miley definitely has a gay side. Don't even try to deny it.
  rosa @ 2012-10-25 56 up,23 down
with that new haircut, definitely gay. lol
  Yoyo @ 2012-10-25 41 up,6 down
There are so many rumors of her fooling around with other girls, there has to be some truth to it.
  Mara @ 2012-10-30 37 up,14 down
I really would not be surprised if Miley has hooked up with girls in the past. She seems very bisexual to me, and very hot!
  fisher @ 2012-11-06 38 up,12 down
Miley is soooo bisexual omg.
  Ruby @ 2012-11-06 0 up,0 down
Classic bislut. I love her, though.
  Name @ 2012-11-13 38 up,10 down
Her marriage to Liam won't last because she can't keep her hands off the girls.
  Laura @ 2012-11-13 30 up,12 down
She's bisexual for sure.
  Kay @ 2012-11-13 32 up,7 down
Miley has hooked up with girls. There are multiple reports.
  Yep @ 2012-11-16 32 up,9 down
Miley is partly straight and partly gay.
  aljd @ 2012-11-17 33 up,11 down
Super gay. Trust me.
  Ro @ 2012-11-18 38 up,9 down
She likes girls.
  Hector @ 2012-11-24 26 up,13 down
Miley is amazing and sexy as hell. If she's bi, all the better.
  Nelly @ 2012-11-26 27 up,9 down
Miley being bisexual wouldn't exactly be a surprise.
  Mara @ 2012-12-01 24 up,8 down
Miley has given out plenty of hints that she's bisexual.
  jkjk @ 2012-12-20 0 up,0 down
She is a classic example of what the L Chat refers to as a bislut, and I love her for it.
  Tutt @ 2012-12-31 25 up,10 down
She's a trisexual; will try anything haha. She has for sure fooled around with girls. Who would really bet money against her being bi at this point?
  Mary @ 2013-01-29 30 up,9 down
There's just no way she isn't into girls on some level.
  Sora @ 2013-01-31 32 up,9 down
She needs to ditch Liam and explore her gay side, because she obviously wants to.
  Adrian @ 2016-06-24 0 up,0 down
Miley Cyrus identifies as pansexual
  kimberly @ 2016-10-14 0 up,0 down
I love her I am her biggest fan she is an amazing singer and a person would love to meet her people need to let her live her life
  Phee @ 2016-11-14 0 up,0 down
Actually, Miley is pansexual
  MELEK @ 2017-01-04 0 up,0 down
Shes stated she was pansexual
  Melanie @ 2019-04-15 0 up,0 down
Either you're straight or your gay or lesbian or whatever. You have to be something!!! DUHH!!!!!!!!

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