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According to 2287 visitors jesus is 65% gay.
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  Team Me @ 2012-01-13 0 up,0 down
It was and is very common for a middle-aged Arab man to take an adolescent boy as a lover. John was always represented as an adolescent, much younger than the other apostles. Then we have John reclining upon Jesus's breast at the Last Supper and Jesus's request to his mother to take care of John like a son.
  @ 2012-01-19 0 up,0 down
Jesus had a harem of 12 men.
  @ 2012-01-21 0 up,0 down
Here is a very interesting blog on the subject:
And yes, he was probably gay.
  @ 2012-02-21 0 up,0 down
Jesus takes on all comers (cummers?). He's always splayed out in church bearing his ripped torso like "check out this shit y'all". What a whore. I'd still go there if he cut his hair, I'm just saying...y'know, wear a condom because when they say Jesus is inside everyone, you know what they mean. A'men.
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
Didn't he have a female prostitute tagging along with him? Come on! Maybe some of the apostoles were gay but not Jehsoos.
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
Ever heard of fag hags? Jesus had them just like any other gay.
  Team Me @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
Oh come on! Who else but a gay guy would let an ex-hooker hang around?

It is common knowledge in the Middle East that women are for procreation and boys are for recreation. They don't talk about it but anybody who has had to work over there has had training to understand this is the way they operate.
  @ 2012-03-08 0 up,0 down
some very mentally ill person spams this place
  @ 2012-03-08 0 up,0 down
When the Second Coming Project finally follows through and sends me my own Jesus clone, I will be having a second cumming of my own.
  Joe Frank @ 2012-03-22 0 up,0 down
Christ will remember what you said about him at the judgment.
  Hank @ 2012-03-22 0 up,0 down
In reading through the voting tally of many of these well-known people, it seems that for the most part people vote the way they wish things were, and the celebrities' self-assertion is what they want people to think of them. While I have given some attention to what the Bible says about homosexuality, and what Jesus is 'recorded' as saying, the clerics who decided what would be 'scripture' and what would not may have had their own agenda. The Sodom story may not have been about homosexuality. Homosexuality is not mentioned in The Ten Commandments, but adultry is and Jesus' attitude toward that is rather clear, as is the relationship between David and Bathsheba. So I would suggest that one look at "What Would Jesus Do?" and "Do to others as you would want done to you." God bless us, everyone!
  Jon @ 2012-04-01 0 up,0 down
Yes, Joe, the truth!
  @ 2012-04-03 0 up,0 down
What Jesus are you guys talking about?I don't see a last name.
  Beth @ 2012-04-16 0 up,0 down
Hey Joe, Jesus don't give a crap about sexual orientation, I bet he is laughing at this site. I mean hell I am!
  Beth @ 2012-04-16 131 up,36 down
And actually Jesus was ASEXUAL. Not heterosexual.
  Jesus @ 2012-05-07 0 up,0 down
Guys im straight i swear to god
  hitler @ 2012-05-10 0 up,0 down
When god comes he will take you all to Hell Queers

  sister carol @ 2012-05-21 135 up,49 down
Jesus loves everyone, sexuality has nothing to do with it. That is the beauty of Christ. We are so hung up on our sexual preference and we're not seeing the bigger picture. Give your life to Christ and nothing else matters.
  Jesus @ 2012-06-02 0 up,0 down
Hold on, I am trying to give a fuck
  @ 2012-06-05 0 up,0 down
Amen sister carol
  Destsny f. @ 2012-06-18 0 up,0 down
  Abbagaile @ 2012-06-20 0 up,0 down
Jesus is completely straight. I know that you fags try to make you feel better about your gayness, but it gives you no right that our savor is gay… it's sinful nature.
  Keturah @ 2012-06-20 0 up,0 down
U guyz are sick
  Joanna @ 2012-06-22 0 up,0 down
How very ridiculous is this question? Where are your questions about Mohammet? Give me a break- who right now knows anything about Jesus' personal life? get real!
  @ 2012-06-23 0 up,0 down
Jesus was a holy man, didnt care abwt people's sexual orientation and he sure as hell didnt have a dirty mind! And i hope people burn in hell for the blasphemy they have committed, if they called him gay! his name is too good to even be on this site! You are f***ing comedy geniuses *sarcastic face*
  The 13th One @ 2012-07-03 0 up,0 down
Are all of you justified in your blasphemies? Just wondering.
  Zeus @ 2012-07-18 0 up,0 down
Too funny. Blasphemy? Wow. If there were a god, he/she/it would have to have a pretty good sense of humor or humanity surely wouldn't have made it this far.
  Jesus @ 2012-08-04 0 up,0 down
Guys im straight i swear to my dad
  Phat Peep @ 2012-08-08 0 up,0 down
Jesus is love. Ask him for forgiveness and be thankful for what you have been given.
  jeeps @ 2012-08-14 22 up,55 down
Jesus is 100% straight it says so inthe bible
  @ 2012-09-13 61 up,117 down
The bible is hardly reliable.
  @ 2012-09-13 0 up,0 down
The bible is hardly reliable.
  Kiera @ 2012-11-12 0 up,0 down
This is just plain out disrespectful. Why is Jesus' name even here?
  Richard @ 2013-01-13 195 up,42 down
Jesus never said one word against gays. As a gay man I love him and trust in him for eternal life.

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