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Why people think Tom Cruise is gay
Adult actor Chad Slater claimed he had a relationship with Tom Cruise. (Tom cruise sued him and Slater had to pay $10 million in damages)
Bold Magazine claimed they had a video that would prove Cruise was gay. (Tom cruise sued them, and Davis made a public statement that the video was not of Cruise)

Why people think Tom Cruise is not gay
Cruise has been married three times and has three children (two adopted and one biological).
Tom Cruise is married to Katie Holmes (from Nov 2006-present)
Tom Cruise dated Katie Holmes (from Apr 2005-Nov 2006)
Tom Cruise was rumored to be with Sofia Vergara (from Jan 2005-March 2005)
Tom Cruise dated Penelope Cruz (from Jan 2001-Jan 2004)
Tom Cruise dated Cher (from Jan 2002-Feb 2003)
Tom Cruise was married to Nicole Kidman (from Jan 1990-June 2001)
Tom Cruise was married to Mimi Rogers (from Jan 1987-May 1990)
Tom Cruise had a fling with Heather Locklear (from June 1982-Jan 1982)

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  @ 2011-11-03 37 up,234 down
Tom Cruise is NOT gay. DEFINITELY NOT. Travolta may have done a couple of things with a guy or two.
  slimjim @ 2011-12-26 273 up,13 down
PLEASE this queen sets my gaydar off so bad I had to have it recalibrated! The women he's dated or married are just beards.
  @ 2012-01-20 202 up,13 down
If you have enough money, you'll never have any problems finding "understanding" women to cover for just about anything. Ever.
  Steve @ 2012-01-22 43 up,244 down
In real life he has flown fighter jets, raced indy cars (VERY WELL), killer pool player, does almost all his own stunts, married with child for years. Give it up. Guys call him gay cause he makes them look sad. They WISH they could be him!
  not @ 2012-03-08 23 up,190 down
Tom Cruise is an outright homophobe!!! Far from being a gay!!! He has successfully sued everyone who has ever claimed he even might be gay!!!

Gay claims just don't hold up!
Give it up!!!!
  Laura @ 2012-04-01 217 up,21 down
If he is an outright homophobe as someone said he was, he is definetely gay!!
  Shane @ 2012-06-17 201 up,10 down
Being married does NOT mean you're straight. Tom Cruise will one day either admit he's gay or will outed by someone. Same with John Travolta, though I think everyone knows by now he's gayer than West Hollywood.
  Me @ 2012-06-27 147 up,10 down
Hey ....for those who think because someone is married or is masculine that they Can't be gay? Puh LeeeeZ Rock Hudson? Heeelllloooo! Plus, what about the rumors of a certain casting couch episode some years ago? Hmmmm?
  gabe @ 2012-10-13 182 up,6 down
Not that I want to claim him as one of my own...cause he's a mess, but all you people who say someone isn't gay because they are married and have children crack me up. I "dated" a lot of those "straight" guys. Also the Hollywood machine is alive and well...Ask yourselves., if he was out of closet during all those movies you love so much would you have gone to see them? Probably not because to you it ruins the illusion. Grow up
  Jady @ 2012-10-20 138 up,8 down
So gay - like since he hit the Hollywood screen it seems he has been bearding himself from his true sexuality. Just follow the beard trail. And notice who also has his former beards and question THOSE men's sexuality!
  dave @ 2012-10-22 180 up,7 down
the only reason tom cruise hasn't come out of the closet is because he is locked in
  steve @ 2012-10-25 117 up,5 down
cults will do that to a person
  Gaydar @ 2012-11-28 178 up,9 down
Yes, he is a homophobe; and yes, he is a self-hating, closeted gay man. Check Nicole Kidman's bank account five years before they broke up. And Katie Holmes' in the same time frame. Scientology gets people to confess their gay history in manipulative counseling sessions, then they blackmail the closet cases and arrange marriages for them with women who are willing to keep their secret. Cruise is terrified people will find out. Travolta may finally come out one of these days, but Cruise is too self-hating.
  Jack @ 2012-12-11 170 up,8 down
Travolta actually hit on a male friend of mine at a gym in Los Angeles and wouldn't take no for an answer. This was back in '05. He definitely does not hide who he is. Why it took so long for stories to come out is beyond me.
Cruise is an interesting subject. My friend was a publicist in L.A. and he told me half of Hollywood is gay or bi and that includes the biggest names, names you would never on the level of Deniro. Anyway, he told me that yes, TC is gay.
  Ted Browner @ 2012-12-12 124 up,7 down
Just because he enjoys better things in life (fighter jets, motorcycles and fast cars) does not make him straight - many gay men enjoy best things in life too. Regarding the homophobia comment on here, anyone who hates or dislikes gays is most likely gay themselves. So people shut up and stop hating because Tom Cruise is 100% on my gaydar.
  Heloisa @ 2012-12-28 23 up,66 down
OMG, so everybody is gay?!?!?!?!?!?!
  @ 2012-12-31 72 up,20 down
It's the 21st century and 100% ok to be who you are -- straight, gay or bi -- God didn't make no junk!
  Amberjade @ 2013-01-14 132 up,3 down
Rob Thomas' wife caught him in bed with her husband then all of a sudden her story changed, Tom sued someone for $15 million and he set out a bunch of 'feelers' to young actresses. Katie Holmes was like 4 or 5, I think Jessica Alba was #1. He went on like 2 dates and starts jumping on couches. Please! That was a media stunt. Any normal person after 2 dates would run for the hills if someone started jumping on couches after 2 dates.
  Max @ 2013-01-14 132 up,2 down
So Gay!!! Yeah he sues everyone who makes claim to his sexuality...Hmmm, me thinks he protests too much!!! Kind of reminds me of Liberace, he was always suing magazines that hinted that he was gay
  Anon @ 2013-01-19 95 up,3 down
... three dollar bill.
  WTF??!! @ 2013-01-20 132 up,7 down
I can't believe all of the naïveté here! Tom Cruise, like a great many of Hollywood men, is as queer as a football bat. Stevie Wonder can see he's gay. Mind you, for a while, he was better than most at hiding it, but then he started gettin super emotional and wierdee, just like a female who's not gettin her way, and once that happened, hindsight was 20/20 like realizing how gay Will Smith used to act on Fresh Prince. Get a fn clue people, HOLLYWOOD IS GAY! And I'm not jealous of a damn thing; I got money and a good life and I love some poontangle. And I'm not anti gay, some of my favorite rappers and actors are gay and I don't care. But you must realize how deep the gay rabbit hole goes. You folks talkin about people bein jealous or hatin are complete tools. Comin out of the closet has been highly frowned upon since Hollywood's gay beginnings. And that's what really grinds my gears! Lbvs
  Dane @ 2013-01-28 108 up,6 down
If he's str8 I'm Madonna
  Join @ 2013-02-01 106 up,4 down
Actually, being a homophobe is not an indication of a person being heterosexual. The worst kind of homophobia is 'internalized homophobia'--not being able to deal with one's own homosexuality. And not being able to accept oneself makes it more likely that a person will lash out at other people. Personally, I do not care either way. He is an angry man that needs to learn to accept that people will always believe whatever they want.
  Andi @ 2013-02-09 128 up,4 down
Lol at people thinking Tom Cruise is straight. He is as gay as they come. No ifs or buts about it! Didn't you wonder why Nicole Kidman was so blindsided by him asking for a divorce? It was a contract, and she was taken by surprise by his decision to end it. That's probably why Katie jumped before she was pushed. Smart woman.

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