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According to 5977 visitors Thomas Sanders is 66% gay.
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  Maya @ 2016-02-20 0 up,0 down
In a vine he said: "I'm gay and you'll die outside...." which leads me to beleive he is gay. But IDK maybe it was just for the vine. I say 50% gay!
  Ethan @ 2016-04-08 0 up,0 down
I think Thomas sanders is 70% gay
  Ethan @ 2016-04-08 0 up,0 down
I think Thomas sanders is 70% gay
  Gainesville Guy @ 2016-04-15 1 up,0 down
He is gay. My friend told me how he used to date her friend (who is a guy). I think he is currently dating another guy, but I am not sure. All I know is, he should be dating me. Special note: His butt is beautiful.
  Ben @ 2016-04-30 0 up,1 down
I just don't know, I hope he's not
  Sarah @ 2016-07-20 0 up,0 down
In a vine he states he is gay but in most vines it does not seem to be the case.
  Alyssa @ 2016-08-02 1 up,0 down
I saw one of his later vines( when your obviously more then pals) and it was him with another guy and they were a couple, which really made my think he was either gay or bi. Or maybe it was just a vine and I'm overthinking everything. Either way, he's still the best.
  grumpy bisexual @ 2016-08-09 0 up,1 down
He is neither- he has said that he is bisexual
  @ 2016-09-30 0 up,0 down
This is hurtful to rhe celebrities
  @ 2016-10-07 0 up,1 down
He's bisexual :/
  LeoTaurus @ 2016-10-24 0 up,1 down
He is actually bisexual!!! Do your research!
  @ 2017-01-07 0 up,0 down
  Bob @ 2017-01-11 0 up,0 down
Maybe about 67%
  @ 2017-07-19 0 up,0 down
  @ 2017-08-04 0 up,1 down
He is bi
  @ 2017-08-04 0 up,1 down
Y'all he's bi
  Could be gayer @ 2017-08-10 1 up,0 down
OK if this is Youtuber and former Viner, Thomas Sanders, he is totally gay and has explicitly stated that multiple times.
  Clover @ 2017-12-17 0 up,0 down
There are several reasons that he could be gay witch is what I think.1 he has before posted vines that show him being gay.2 he made a song called "I'm Gay".3 he has a channel called #Thomas Answers and on it someone said " Thomas I have a problem, I like a boy and I want to ask him out, how should I?" ( something like that but for sure that question ) and then Thomas said "oh, I've been there".
  Clover @ 2017-12-17 1 up,0 down
He is so gay... That's my opinion! (He is really gay though even if not 100%) At LEAST maybe 75% gay...
  I'd rather not. Thanks. @ 2018-02-23 1 up,0 down
Thomas Sanders is well known for his vine and youtube channels, both of which he came out on as bisexual. His videos are actually just rainbows (in my mind at least), and he often restates his gayness.
  Jamie @ 2019-07-07 0 up,1 down
Isn't he bisexual?

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