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Why people think Ryan Reynolds is not gay
Ryan Reynolds is rumored to be with Blake Lively (from Oct 2011-present)
Ryan Reynolds was rumored to be with Sandra Bullock (from Dec 2010-Sep 2011)
Ryan Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson (from Apr 2007-Dec 2010)
Ryan Reynolds was engaged to Alanis Morissette (from Jan 2004-Feb 2007)
Ryan Reynolds dated Rachael Leigh Cook (from Jan 2001-Jan 2002)

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According to 1975 visitors Ryan Reynolds is 71% gay.
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  Scott @ 2012-05-01 60 up,7 down
Funny how the hotter the guy, the gayer his rating...
  Jady @ 2012-10-20 55 up,6 down
He is in* cover* ( beard) relationships. I still think he is hot and a great actor. Sexuality does not matter and it is a shame that so many of these stars have to hide theirs( or at least feel they do).
  Joselin @ 2012-11-22 37 up,3 down
I'm so tired of gay actors using beards...he was desperate to imply immediate dating during fake marriage divorce. Charlize Theron? Why is Hollywood forcing these huge stars into covering for each other constantly? Everyone knows Cary Grant had gay lovers, as did Katherine Hepburn. They all played straight roles just fine. He played straight w/ Sandra Bullock, and it's one of the few super profitable rom-coms of this era. Why can't these poor people just come out already? Who created the modern paradigm that actors must be in the closet?....they should all come out en masse. People are ready.
  Ray @ 2012-12-27 88 up,4 down
Stars like Ryan Reynolds can't come out of the closet if their major roles are romantic masculine leading man types like he's been playing lately. That was Cary Grant and Rock Hudson's problem and why they were in sham marriages. Look what happened to Rupert Everett's career. They eventually come out when they are no longer in danger of ruining their careers like Richard Chamberlain, etc. it must be frustrating to be attractive, have needs and have to suppress it.

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