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  Ken @ 2012-01-19 0 up,0 down
I personally can assure that Noah Mills is gay
  John @ 2012-01-22 14 up,0 down
Sure I know it :)
  @ 2012-01-29 20 up,1 down
He looks like James blunt he must be gay
  Karl @ 2012-01-30 0 up,0 down
He's the toy boy of many fashion designers... look at this photos and tell me if he is not gay ...
  @ 2012-01-30 0 up,0 down
Ouch. His pictures are sexual harassment. Definitely a fruit.
  @ 2012-01-30 14 up,0 down
a real cake :)
  @ 2012-01-31 0 up,0 down
i agree he is a cookie
  @ 2012-01-31 22 up,3 down
That photograph is so gay. No doubt in my mind that he's queer.
  TED @ 2012-02-05 0 up,0 down
NOAH is straight no fagot
  @ 2012-02-06 0 up,0 down
Noah, Noah who?? ...honestly i didnt know who he is was before reading here and they expalined he is a model and and an aspiring model (few secs Sex and the city 2) They also told me he is gay and from the photo posted here, he seems so
  @ 2012-02-12 23 up,0 down
By far the gayest !!!
  @ 2012-02-15 3 up,21 down
He's straight n very masculine..
  @ 2012-02-17 0 up,0 down
yes and here it shows his 'masculinity'
  @ 2012-02-22 0 up,0 down
Umm, that's an old photograph.. Just check his recent photos, like this
or this
  @ 2012-02-22 0 up,0 down
I do hope he's gay coz he n Adam make a good couple <3
  @ 2012-02-22 0 up,0 down
  @ 2012-02-22 2 up,23 down
Or you can just google 'Noah Mills', and see it yourself, he's very manly :3
  @ 2012-02-22 26 up,1 down
If "manly" means filling yourself with lots of man, then yes, Noah Mills is very "manly".
Otherwise you can always just look at him on any picture and see for yourself that he is very, very gay.
  @ 2012-02-22 23 up,2 down
I know that Noah is gay, no female models likes him, girls who knows him very better, he's 100% gay
  @ 2012-02-22 0 up,0 down
Yeah he's gay, he f*cked Adam and can't get enough of Adam's pretty ass <3
  @ 2012-02-23 25 up,2 down
i knew Noah was a bottom- -- surely not a top...
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
Noah assaulted him with hungry kisses. The taste of his mouth made Adam disoriented and hot, his head reeling from shocks of pleasure. Noah seemed possessed by a passion that bordered on violence, his hands tightening with a force that threatened to leave bruises on Adam's tender flesh. His heart thump violently as Noah carried him to the bed as if he weighed nothing, allowing no retreat. Reaching the bed, Noah lowered Adam to his feet and pinned him to the matress while his mouth wandered to Adam's slender neck. He nibbled at the delicate pale skin. Whimpering, Adam arched his neck, feeling the desire rising again. Adam felt his body turning heavy.
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
Noah entered him, filling him until they were matched hip to hip. Adam gasped at the moment of joining, the unbearably sweet fusion of their bodies. Adam shuddered with each wet hard lunge, and whimpered weakly through kiss swollen lips. "Noah, I..", he squeaked as the ultimate pleasure rippled through him once more, silencing him with its power, causing his flesh to enclose him with pulsing heat.
Afterward Adam was barely conscious as Noah cuddled his fragile frame. He was replete and exhausted. "I'm so tired Noah.."
"Sleep my love", Noah wishpered, kissing Adam's long delicate neck. "I'll be here to watch over you".
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
i dont think Noah might have any active role, he is so passive in the photos and he sucked so many d**cks of designers--
  Fran @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
Hahaha look at those photos above, compared to Noah Adam really looks like a girl, a princess. N whomever wrote that writings above, you rock, that's really good, really really good you should continue, they're a good pairing (I enjoy reading slah fanfiction). As for me, Noah really looks masculine, with that beard, that muscle, that tanned skin. Adam, he's much much more feminine and delicate. That's a perfect example of ideal top and bottom
  Fran @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
Adam really looks delicious, now I know why Noah can't get enough of his pretty ass
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
I agree - that story rocks and they do make the perfect top and bottom. I can't get those images from my mind! :-D
  @ 2012-02-23 0 up,0 down
Teehee, thx Fran.... Yeah, Adam really is delicious, Noah just can't get enough of him XD . Yeah, ur right, they're a perfect example of how top n bottom should be n look like n behave... Noah is the extremely dominant (though he's not into BDSM, that's just not his thing), and Adam is the super clingy super submissive type.... Oh and he's also not into BDSM, that's just not their thing.....
  @ 2012-02-25 22 up,1 down
Just a sissy accprding to some girls who do know her (or him)
  @ 2012-02-25 2 up,21 down
he can't be sissy, in an interview he even said the best thing about modelling is being surrounded by beautiful naked girls and in another interview he told he liked penelope cruz. Also in covermenmag, he did mention about his first kiss with a girl and that he liked a vulnerable and aesthetically beautiful woman. And someone in bellazon or fashionspot told he once had a gf. Oh btw, the story!!! It's so HOT I'm melting!!! Now I really wish he's gay, and Adam too. Noah : top, Adam : bottom, perfection!! Whoever wrote that story, please write another! ;p
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Making up some stories is fine -and I must agree that story rocks and Noah & Adam do make the perfect top & bottom-. But spreading rumours, telling lies and giving false information just because you wish him to be gay..that's pathetic. Get real man. Just accept the truth, we all know he's not gay
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
No patethic is Noah and what he says in the interviews. By the way as someone mentioned bellazon if we can consider reliable that source we alos he was able to get the small role in Sex and the city 2. (screwed by the producer literally)
His last fake story with a girl did last 10 months only, female models defined him 'ugly inside and outside' I guess they know him better than us... Come on guys trust of people who know him he is 100% gay (the female models says so...)
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
That's true and also true that in the interviews he can say what he likes ...surroned by girls and so what? nothing at all
He is a wannabe actor that is a fact who did some money be f*cked by fashion designers like Dolce (openly gay)
A former shop assistant who sold his body...
  @ 2012-02-25 19 up,1 down
Really patethic to sell his body for money, here are the facts the interviews are full of lies..
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Yes I know how he did get the little role of Robin in 2 Broke Girls because the producer (gay) screwed him and he is the same of Sex and the City 2 -- this story is fully explained in bellazon (and we all know that there was no need to explain it...) so he was a model thanks to gay designers like Dolce and Gabbana and he is a wannabe actor thanks to a gay producer...
  Bill @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Hey anon will u continue dat story? Srsly dat stuffs hot I'm cumin in my pants
  Fan @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Würde ein Homosexueller so rumlaufen? Wohl sicher nicht!!!/Noah_live/media/slideshow?

  Smile @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Ist das HOMOSEXUELL? ist von Noah Mills Twitter!!!!/Noah_live/media/slideshow?
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down!/Noah_live/media/slideshow?
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down / #! / Noah_live Eintrag 8.2.2012
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
I noticed that someone posted his twitter... well another thing he posted male feet and he underlined that it wasnt him... what a smart faggot!
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Yes I saw that photo and they were male feet :)
maybe they were the feet of Dolce or Gabbana or the producer who f*cked him as they say in bellazon .....
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Yes I do remember that ( hotguys) fully explained all the story, what its odd that now some of the members seems that is a news...its something already said months ago and also Fashionspot did a thread about gay models and they mentioned Noah between the gay ones...
Some members say that Noah can survive without selling his body...but what other people are talking here is when he started his careeer...he was just a shop assistant..(with all the respect to all the shop assistants...)
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Since now some members of say that some things are not allowed here -- here a screenshot
post #1217 (if they dont delete it now...) of
"I think Michael Patrick wants to get him shirtless all the time...I think he probably got that sitecom role because Micheal Patrick Kings wants to screw him..." that's for our friend of bellazon they can delete what they want ...but I have the the way the member was Chicanes (between Liika and Noah1Fan)...
  Me @ 2012-02-25 3 up,28 down
I know Noah is not gay........What do you hope to accomplish by smearing his name? I'll always love and support you Noah!!!
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Dear Me,
as you can see there are 480 visitors and over 90% voted his name (then someone make decrease the percentage) I guess you didnt understand what this site didnt respect over 400 people who voted Noah gay..try to respect this site, if you didnt understand yet this site is called gay or straight
so i guess for a wannabe actor is just a honor to be considered here. Honestly I dont know who put here his name when I first come here there was 200 person who voted Noah gay and members like Chicanes Liika and Noah1Fan did put that and many more post on sexual orientation of Noah and 400 people here agree on that-
So if you wish to blame someone start with bellazon members who posted such a things not with all 400 people who expressed an opinion...
Noah is a sissy! Mine is the opinion of 400 people not yours I respect your opinion try to respect mine Dear Me!
  @ 2012-02-25 29 up,1 down
The guy is gay. No amount of delusional straight voting will make him like girls, so just give it up.
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Didn't David Kelly pop his cherry too?
  Bill @ 2012-02-25 18 up,1 down
Yup yup he's gay just as the story above suggests
  Bill @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Hey anon we want more story give us some refreshments here rather than hearing ppl arguing abt whether noah's gay or not
  Me @ 2012-02-25 1 up,18 down
I am not delusional........I will always support/defend Noah....regardless of what 400 (or be it 4 million) random unknown people may say about him.
  @ 2012-02-25 25 up,1 down
Defend him against what? The truth? If Noah personally told you that he was gay, would support him too? Because it sure sounds like you think gay is some form of "insult" towards him. When it's not. It's just what he is.
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Bill, thx, I'm glad you liked the story... Well, if you guys really want me to continue, maybe I will.....
  Johnny @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Oh yes, we want you to! Please! It was so unbelievably hot!
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Adam awakened from his slumber, rolling to his back and stretching. He was almost startled to feel the cold night air struck his skin. Instantly, he reached for the sheet, which had fallen to his waist. A large hand covered his.
"Don't", came Noah's low murmur. He had been awake, watching him. Adam glanced down at his body, shivered and gilded by the moonlight and night air through the open window, and he continued to tug at the sheet.
Noah removed the sheet from Adam's grasp and pulled it away from him. He touched the tip of Adam's nipple. Adam gasped and turned toward him, seeking Noah's mouth, and Noah gave him a kiss so enticing that he felt his pulse quickening once again. Noah's hand slid to his bottom, cupping the round shape in his palm, gripping and pulling him closer.
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
The hard length of Noah's arousal pressed againts Adam's stomach. He groaned and lowered his mouth to Adam's throat, kissing him, telling him how much he wanted him in guttural murmurs. Pressing Adam's knees upward, Noah settled in between his thighs and took him, sheathing himself in a deep inside. Adam mewled and wriggled to accomodate him. There was only an instant of discomfort before his body accepted Noah in dewy welcome. Noah began a steady rythm, driving straight and sure within Adam, angling himself to press againts Adam's spot. Adam could only whimper at the sudden pleasure, his body weakened with each thrust, his fingers tangled in Noah's hair. Noah was hard, delicious, riding Adam just as he wanted, covering Adam with his masculine weight, plunging deeper. The pleasure of it was overwhelming.
  @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Adam whined at the height of it, a shudder of satisfaction ran through his body. It was equally pleasurable to share Noah's fulfillment, to feel him shake with sensations he could no longer control, hands tightening with a force that soon will leave bruises on Adam.
Noah remained inside Adam for a long time while his mouth covered Adam's, carresing, tasting. Shakily, Adam snuggled closer and rested his cheek on Noah's chest.
  Bill @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
  Johnny @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Oh my gawwwwd. Keep it cumming. Fuuuuck. Awesome writing dude.
  Mark @ 2012-02-25 0 up,0 down
Is David Kelly reading this? I want him to do that to ME!
  Fran @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
Gosh.. Those are delicious, delicious! You've just made my day
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
Someone before mentioned, I know that models did consider them a bunch of stalkers and losers...
Now here the link:

Chicanes: "I'd assume he's just in the first episode, not a regular. He's not been listed for the cast of it in any press releases, only IMDb, and it's obviously she breaks up with him at the end of the episode if you watch the preview. And yes, I think Michael Patrick King just wants to get him shirtless all the time, but I'm sure he wants to do more serious roles than that, but I think he probably only got that sitcom role because Michael Patrick King wants to screw him."

Noah1Fan : "
I kinda got the same feeling bout Noah only being in one (or the first) episode because of the plot"
  @ 2012-02-26 14 up,1 down
But what is ridicuolous is that talking about this site they say:
Some people truly can't fathom the idea that any of the male models could be straight, and I'm not saying Noah is, I'm simply saying some people spend a lot of time believing they are all gay.

Autmnleaves (post #1604)
"It's fine to speculate in my opinion, but at least speculate because you yourself wonder and not because you read some poorly written gossip on an unpopular gossip site."

Autumnleaves try to learn to read :) the source is the site where you are writing from...not "an unpopular gossip site" by the way you're offending this site, if there is one gossip site this is

  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
An acquaintance of mine quite modelling because he was expected to earn his keep through prostitution during down times. It was a difficult decision, but he just couldn't go through with it. Noah Mills doesn't seem to have a problem with it though.
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
It's not true that Noah didnt have problems....he comes from a poor family he was a shop assistant and he has 4 brothers and 4 the beginning must be hard
(Source of the interview:
  Me @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
I wouldn't look to Bellazon as a holy grail of truth....but more as a place to find model photos. Noah actually has two brothers and two sisters. I believe Noah is just deeply misunderstood....but I totally get him.
I hope the admins at Bellazon remove the gossip/rumors about Noah and just stick to pictures.

Sorry but the erotics about Noah and Adam is lost on me
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,2 down
Noah comes from a rich family he went to one of the most expensive boarding schools in Australia. He's very likely straight but seems like a complete douche.
  Me @ 2012-02-26 0 up,6 down
I've seen on forums and twitter that Noah is a douche and New York snob. I've never understood those comments because from my experience, I've always seen him as a kind, genuine and driven guy.
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
I dont know in the interviews he says 'my father had nothing' but there is little/nothing true in what he says in the interviews. What is true that 99% of models (both male and females) don't like him at all...they describe him as cocky and female models say is gay and ugly inside and outside .Dont judge a book from the cover. He is a fake macho... just like many more. He has no girlfriend as he doesnt like girls at least according to people who knows him fpr 10 years or so.
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
Anyway believe me (and the people who really know him) there is no room in his heart for anyone else than himself that is sure, I could say who said what but it's a public space and its not fair.... I will say what they said his colleague much more successful than him... "ugly inside and outside" "self -assertive" "heartless wanker" ...
Im talking about ppl who collect covers of Vogues, Noah would define him haters ...those are the two words that he use haters for the colleagues (for him envious and his success) and losers for the fans...
  @ 2012-02-26 1 up,1 down
Noah comes from a rich family he went to one of the most expensive boarding schools in Australia. He's very likely straight but seems like a complete douche.
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,6 down
Noah comes from a rich family he went to one of the most expensive boarding schools in Australia. He's very likely straight but seems like a complete douche.
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
tell us more about noah and his behavior lol he comes across being so false and self absorbed he's gorgeous but his personality is a boner kill which is a shame as his good looks go to waste
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
No he's 100% gay no doubt about it and seeing the photos of his family I can assure you that they are not a rich family...u should see his family album, very ordinary ppl.
remember who went with him to 'sex and the city 2' presentation... a girlfriend not is mother :)
  @ 2012-02-26 20 up,1 down
have you ever seen his real facebook profile? it is really unpopular nobody write a comment on his wall neither his close friends or what they should be his friends...i guess you can know who I am talking about why because they cant stand him...and they are all very successful ppl but cant stand a guy who want to be the best..(and its not)...
Yes he is fake...
  Me @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
Call me crazy but I don't see confidence/self assuredness as a negative..... especially in his chosen profession. Being driven is always a good thing. I can understand his sentiments about the haters. As far as his fans go, I think they misunderstand him too.......
  @ 2012-02-26 24 up,0 down
self-confidence is a good thing I agreee with that, being arrogant is a different thing, i see it as a negative thing
he cant call haters his colleagues that they are as successful as him or more...that's nonsense. Yes he seems nice if you dont know him but he reveals soon his attitude...even just through messages and emails...
if all misunderstand him then he should change the way he acts with ppl. all of us do make mistakes he cant be the only one that is perfect...
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
Confidence and being driven is a good thing but he comes across more self-absorbed than self-assured. As if you went out on a date with him he would only talk about how amazing he is and spend time looking at himself in the mirror, so instead of self-assured it's cocky. He says what he's supposed to say in interviews but actually doesn't believe it or act like that. What are his fans misunderstanding?
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
and for ppl who still believe that Noah is straight I have saved something like 1000 messages from facebook and 200 nails some of them he did ask to chat with me, not only to meet me in person as with girls he wasnt feel too comfortable (their own words) and I am a man !
Of course I saved screenshots, emails, messages from facebook ...
an episode, me and Noah were chatting for 2 hours in messanger after doing in facebook, after so much time i was fed up and tired so I told him "sorry my dog needs to go out" and so I was able to stop that chat
Maybe one day I will post them on my sites I dont give a shit of american law as I am what american law say is just 'intersting'
Just to clear this up....:)
  @ 2012-02-26 20 up,0 down
and Just to clear this up... I never had any dog... my dear Mr. Mills fake macho man :)
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
and here just one message of him in facebook:
"hahahaha its funny actually making me laugh if I ever have time I would love to see you in person and have a drink and talk your a cool dude xxx. When I am not busy in the future of course
I can play black jack pretty well I love cards I played strip poker before bad idea lol it was fun game though"

Of course I kindly declined... :-) especially when he mentioned strip poker ...
  @ 2012-02-26 20 up,0 down
its not illegal to post messages so do it! post them all and link us! gloat! tehehe
  Me @ 2012-02-26 1 up,21 down
To be honest it doesn't matter one way or the other what Noah's orientation is. It just amazes how cruel people are when they are hiding behind a keyboard. Posters here and other place clearly do not have his best interest at heart.
  Me @ 2012-02-26 1 up,20 down
As my last post here I'm going to take the high road and be positive................. I will always support Noah, no matter what.... and I do wish him the best..... He will always be my muse.
  @ 2012-02-26 31 up,0 down
the messages and all the rest are true is not being cruel or guess anything... anyway dear me blind ... WAKE UP IF YOU ARE A GIRL with more than 14 y.o it seems you're very childish....
as for the Links I wont do in my main sites, but I will do in other isites and posts the links.... NO MATTER WHAT SUCH IMMATURE PEOPE COULD SAY... CRUEL TO ME??... BE LESS NAIVE 'ME' BY THE WAY YOU'RE ANONYMOUS TOO... !!
  @ 2012-02-26 0 up,0 down
By the way Dear. Me you asked me to know what you think is not important to me at all....try to find someone real for you...or Noah will have right to call his fans immature losers!
  Me @ 2012-02-26 0 up,26 down
If being positive makes me an immature loser, then so be it. From my perspective calling people douches, shaming them and revealing private intimate conversations is cruel....But what do I know ....I'm just an anonymous immature loser..... This would not be the first time my Pollyanna demeanor was mistaken for naivety on the internet.

For the record, I would not exactly call myself a Noah Mills fan, hanging on his every word on twitter and such... I am just inspired by his physical aesthetics, artistically speaking......
  @ 2012-02-26 26 up,0 down
let's stop this -- its clear that this is not your place
it wasnt me that defined him douches
If i revealed something of a private conversation there is a reason....the person that dont respect ppl is Noah not me
You see a person that simply dont exist so let's keep on dreaming

Your place is twitter or to make your request approved in his facebook account...

I hope that with that we stop this argument because ppl would would be bored of this meaningless argument...

So much better and entertaining the story of Noah and Adam.. so please if the guy is still here I would love to hear more...:)
  @ 2012-02-26 25 up,2 down
Oh come on. You're just hot for him like the rest of us. Men and women alike - we all want Noah. Problem is - as a woman you'll NEVER get him. :P
  @ 2012-03-04 0 up,0 down
Why doesn't he just come out? What is it with these double standards in show business, where almost everyone working in the field IS gay, but only a handful actually admit it? How are we, the consumers of this fanciful illusion, supposed to digest this current trend in thought? That homosexuality is something shameful, something horrible that needs to be concealed? Because that is precisely the message that is being received, despite anything that might have been said on Oprah.
  zz @ 2012-06-12 0 up,0 down
Freshly fucked
  Adam @ 2012-12-30 0 up,0 down
I f*#*ed him once so yes he is gay and he is a bottom. Flat butt though so not a great experience.

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