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  alex g @ 2012-05-03 588 up,24 down
he is so gay
  Julie H. @ 2012-05-21 29 up,582 down
He not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!! :((
  maddy @ 2012-06-23 589 up,14 down
he is bi !!! and don't try and change my mind
  Mic @ 2012-07-06 0 up,0 down
"he isn't gay." stupid girl
  Vhut @ 2012-07-19 0 up,0 down
  niallism @ 2012-07-21 586 up,11 down
he may try his hardest for people not to find out but im pretty sure he is bi, possibly gay, and im not saying this because i hat him, i LOVE him, he is extremely hot :)
  lololo @ 2012-07-23 587 up,4 down
GODS! he's a demi god
  lololo @ 2012-07-23 0 up,0 down
GODS! he's a demi god
  @ 2012-08-20 17 up,576 down
absolutely straight. He is a fantastic actor as well.
  Livy @ 2012-09-02 19 up,583 down
Logan Lerman is the straightest man on the planet....He is EXTREMELY attractive though so dear god I hope he's not gay
  babak @ 2012-09-26 583 up,9 down
I am gay and I LOVE LOGAN LERMAN SO MUCH!!! I wish he allways be healthy and happy in his life whether he is gay or not, I love him.
  @ 2012-10-02 13 up,625 down
oh Dear Lord I hope that he is not gay!! I can't believe we have that kind of decision now days or how much that matters!! Oh Lord above please forgive us for we don't have any idea what we are doing!! Who are we as humans to say how marriage should be its not our creation, ever stick, stone, mountain, canyon, every animal and every single human was made and belongs to the Living God!!! We were all meant to live for so much more, we were created to great and incredible things, we were made in the same image and likeness as of the Living God, But we settle for the luke warm and things that take us now where!!! We have a God who died for us took our punishment so that we could have a live a better life and live a life of Freedom, but we think living in bondage or slavery to sin is good enough!! Does this generation even knows what the definition of Love looks like anymore!! Pursuit do we even know what that looks like as well!! What if there is more to life then what we are living for right now?! What if there is Love that is stronger and even beats death?! What if there is a God in the Heavens that is in constant pursuit of us every single day?! We may say there is no such thing or pretend that God isn't real, but God doesn't care, that doesn't stop God from coming after us and pursuing us!! The Relentless Pursuit of the Living God towards us has no end and his love for every human being on earth is deeper then the Grand Canyon, higher then Mt Everest and farther then the Pacific Ocean!! I don't think we humans will ever fathom just how much God loves us or how precious we are to him!! we are his beloved!!! I put my love, my trust and my entire life in the hands of my Heavenly Father!! When everything in this world fades away my God will be the only thing that will remain!! I hang on to the one thing that this world cannot not destroy, the only thing that really makes sense and will lead me Home!!
  Marissa @ 2012-10-09 13 up,574 down
He's not gay whatsoever. How can you think he's gay?
  Alyssa @ 2012-11-04 12 up,582 down
OH lord i hope he isn't gay!! i would die! i love himmm he's so adorablee! i would cry. legit cry.
  Jamie @ 2012-11-27 584 up,20 down
let's admit it. HE IS GAY!
  Misty @ 2012-11-30 13 up,581 down
Im Logan's girlfriend ,so I know he is NOT gay
  hi @ 2012-12-17 10 up,579 down
omg, he is sooo NOT gay...he and like muuuuch of those celebrities that you all call gay.
  Adam @ 2012-12-22 0 up,0 down
Misty, is that so? Logan's totally gay. I'm his ex-boyfriend and he was so good in bed. He's a great c*cks*cker.
  Jonathan @ 2012-12-26 583 up,5 down
Regardless of whether Logan is gay or not, he's been blessed as one incredibly handsome young man.
  Jonathan @ 2012-12-26 0 up,0 down
Regardless of whether Logan is gay or not, he's been blessed as one incredibly handsome young man.
  Vicky @ 2012-12-28 592 up,11 down
Logan's a discreet gay. The letters GAY are written all over his forehead but he has the capacity to cover it up. I'm a 100% sure.
  YES @ 2013-01-09 600 up,7 down
he is most likely to be bi
  In love @ 2013-01-23 0 up,0 down
Idc what the hell you say if he is bi hell yes if he is gay f*** yeah baby

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