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Kristen Stewart is rumored to be with Robert Pattinson (from Jan 2008-present)
Kristen Stewart dated Michael Angarano (from Jan 2005-Jan 2009)

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  @ 2011-12-09 158 up,4 down
Marrying a man does not mean anything
  DosntMatter @ 2012-01-04 121 up,9 down
She is so Gay :|
  @ 2012-01-22 67 up,4 down
Marrying a gay guy makes you his beard. Or him yours.
  Taylor @ 2012-02-06 47 up,14 down
her and rob are gay, and she looked like a guy before in like 2004 so no wonder its working out
  @ 2012-02-07 72 up,6 down
A lesbian marries a gay man and both their image problems are suddenly solved!
  @ 2012-02-21 33 up,3 down
  Pinkston Willington CoconutHead @ 2012-02-24 35 up,32 down
this bitch is just straight up gay. thats why she has no chemistry with nobody in her movies. she's too gay to function hence why this bitch can even cooperate and seem well put together in terms of presenting herself. I love her hair though
  lol @ 2012-05-17 98 up,2 down
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson being married was a big lie. Look at her reaction when she's with guys, you'll get the same emotionless facial expression as she had during all the Twilight movies. Now watch how happy she gets when she is interviewed with her female costars. She has never once even jokingly talked about being with a guy, but she has with all of her female costars. She kissed Nikki Reed in a photoshoot for no other reason than just to kiss. She said Dakota Fanning was a better kisser than R-Pat and that werewolf dude. Just recently was in interviews saying she wanted to get with Charlize Theron. In that same movie she got to kiss Chris Hemsworth, and she said it was awkward. Go look at Chris Hemsworth and tell me what straight girl would say it's awkward to kiss him. She's gay as can be, just a matter of time now.
  Team Kstew @ 2012-06-04 80 up,7 down
Dude, I'm a lesbian and I used to date dudes(as did a lot of my lesbian friends) was even married. Doesn't mean anything. Really. She is a normal girl but I mean if you saw me you'd say I was a "normal girl". I get all dressed up to go out like any other girl so there's that as well....I guess I just personally busted most of your arguments :)

She's totally gay. I personally can't wait til she finally comes out and embraces it! She's wonderful.

And I also have to agree, if she were stright kissing Hemsworth or whatever his name is wouldnt be awkward. He's pretty good looking.
  Klover @ 2012-06-19 69 up,2 down
BEEEEEp BEEEEEp BEEEEp! Ya hear that? that's my gaydar going off. Totally gay. Takes 1 to know one. Peace
  KStewMADGay @ 2012-06-29 60 up,3 down
Kristen Stewart is the gayest of the gay.
  Jordan @ 2012-07-16 23 up,5 down
Dunno if she's gay but I fricken hope so! I'm in love with her haha
  UrSoGay @ 2012-07-16 35 up,0 down
Dakota Fanning was kissed by Kristen Stewart
  @ 2012-07-18 52 up,2 down
KStew has even said in interviews that it was better kissing Dakota rather than Rob. GAY. And her childhood crush was Natalie Portman! I'm so excited for when she comes out aha
  hele @ 2012-07-22 34 up,0 down
hope she's xD
i think so, she is exactly like kate moennig. xDD love her <3
  Jessie @ 2012-07-29 49 up,1 down
She couldn't be more gay. Seriously.
  gien @ 2012-07-29 32 up,0 down
definitely gay, love her to bits
  Moreorlez @ 2012-08-23 42 up,0 down
I still find funny when people say "she's not gay, she dresses like a girl" or "she dates guys" oh c'mon! how old are those poeple? 12? have you ever seen portia de rossi? and being married to a man doesn't mean anything, just means that the girl fell for the dude! nothing to do with sexual orientation, as simple as that. Oh ignorant people *sigh*
  Trina @ 2012-09-20 31 up,4 down
The whole Pattinson/Stewart thing was clearly a lavender arrangement.
  Pegasus @ 2012-11-28 30 up,2 down
Please be gay Kristen D: I'm so obsessed with you XD
  Bunny @ 2013-01-07 36 up,2 down
Oh my.. I believe she is, 100% gay. It's pretty obvious. I'm a girl and I'd die just to get one kiss from her. OMG. <3
  Nohe @ 2013-01-19 44 up,1 down
She's sooooo gay ! And I don't say that because of her style or something but juste because of the way she acts when she is with girls, the way she looks at them !! I can't wait till the day she'll come out !!!
  Mary @ 2013-01-29 47 up,2 down
Well, she sure as hell seems gay when she's around Dakota Fanning haha.

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