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Why people think Justin Bieber is not gay
On youtube he says it doesn't make sense people call him gay, because he is around girls all the time
Justin Bieber is dating Selena Gomez (from Jan 2011-Jan 2013)
Justin Bieber was rumored to be with Jasmine Villegas (from July 2010-Nov 2010)
Justin Bieber was rumored to be with Mariah Yeater (from Oct 2010-Oct 2010)
Justin Bieber was rumored to be with Emma Watson (from Aug 2010-Aug 2010)
Justin Bieber dated Kristen Rodeheaver (from June 2009-June 2009)
Justin Bieber dated Caitlin Beadles (from Jan 2007-July 2008)

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According to 48231 visitors Justin Bieber is 81% gay.
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  Boris @ 2011-10-30 1 up,0 down
I think he's a nice guy. But he really looks like a girl.
  James @ 2011-10-31 0 up,1 down
Bieber rules!
  Mario @ 2011-11-06 277 up,228 down
He is really awesome, seems gay, and I mean it in a good way, I love him. If he is gay I wish he would come out...
  Avery @ 2011-11-08 1 up,0 down
I think he is a leisbien!
  RA-theSunGod @ 2011-11-09 0 up,1 down
I think that every nasty-tongue shoud keep them in the mouth...anyway I'm 22 years old guy,I still didn't make my "coming-out",but Justin Bieber ROCKS!!!!!,Ho damn he's so BEAUTIFUL and f*ck this "Selena"-my-ASS!!! and f*ck this growse girl who pretend to have a baby with Justin....JUSTIN BIEBER,if you heard me...I LOVE YOU (from argentina with love)
  Les @ 2011-11-17 1 up,0 down
Im pretty sure she's a lesbian
  Phil @ 2011-11-21 1 up,0 down
It took decades to realize the true orientation of Rock Hudson, Ricky Martin or even River Phoenix. There's a real possibility that Justin Bieber also fits into this category. He has been seen in Gay Bars where he "relaxes" and he's on record as not looking at girls who "flash" him...because of his Christian upbringing - which in fact, is another factor manipulating his sexuality - plus, if he can have ANY GIRL (which he can and has ...) then what a great temptation for him to turn toward handsome guys...
  Unknown @ 2011-11-24 215 up,107 down
Yo, I'm straight, so I know, he acts weird when people ask him about the rumors he's gay.
  Dave @ 2011-11-28 1 up,0 down
Totally gay, so obvious
  julia @ 2011-11-30 1 up,0 down
yeah, i think she is a lesbian.
  Nicole @ 2011-12-12 183 up,57 down
Him singing about relationships looks as premature as 11 year old girls dressed like 23 year old streetwalkers.
  rickyboi @ 2011-12-14 1 up,0 down
i don't get how women and girls are attracted to her?? he might be str8 but he's definitely a female.
  kalub @ 2011-12-17 1 up,0 down
selena gomez makea a great fag hag!
  John San Diego @ 2011-12-17 1 up,0 down
He'll accept his homosexuality after he's away from home for a while. Give him some time.
  Mortimer @ 2011-12-20 1 up,0 down
He's not gay, he's an undercover lesbian!
  orbearis @ 2011-12-21 1 up,0 down
I think Usher has been tapping him for a while.
  orbearis @ 2011-12-21 1 up,0 down
I think Usher has been tapping him for a while.
  orbearis @ 2011-12-21 1 up,0 down
I think Usher has been tapping him for a while.
  Realtalk @ 2011-12-24 204 up,56 down
I think he is gay but he is in the spot lot and he cant reveal himself cause he might loose his fan base. I think he is a zombie people telling him what to do
  Jasper @ 2011-12-24 1 up,0 down
Him and usher were seen sleeping together in the same bed at the savoy hotel on Miami beach
  Jasper @ 2011-12-24 1 up,0 down
The maid who saw it has told locals and has no reason to lie , she is illegal citizen and cannot go public with this
  asspirate @ 2011-12-25 1 up,0 down
justin guzzles huge weiner every day. he lives off the baby gravy of 45+ men
  MaybeChadMaybeNot @ 2011-12-28 1 up,0 down
Biologically he is likely genderless, having only a flap of skin there and no organs whatsoever.
  Hajime Saito @ 2011-12-29 1 up,0 down
BWAHAHAHAHA! XD Oh lord I can't stop laughing BWAHAHAHAHA!!
  vanessa @ 2011-12-31 1 up,0 down
  totalqueer @ 2012-01-01 1 up,0 down
I agree with others, lesbian in disguise, secretly a gay conspiracy to turn little girls from a young age. lmao
Jesus save us! bwahaha
  Delia @ 2012-01-01 318 up,54 down
I think he pays Selena Gomez to date him so people can think he's straight or maybe the two of them play dolls together.
  jbjbjb @ 2012-01-01 1 up,0 down
There's a very real possibility that he is gay. For evidence, check out this photo: (no boners when he's in front of cheerleaders, but put him in front of some sweaty big men and...)
This was taken at the NBA Celebrity Game in February of 2011.
  @ 2012-01-04 0 up,1 down
He is NOT gay
  Horst Verner @ 2012-01-05 154 up,80 down
Justin Bieber is very gay.!!!! I think he is a nice person though, pitty he cant sing though. He sounds like the gay James Blunt. They both screech.!!!! Other than that I think he's a nice person. I sing myself people think I am good but I an no Lionel Ritchie - Michael Buble - Michael Bolton
or James Ingram they know how to sing not Bieber he screeches
  Jay @ 2012-01-07 1 up,0 down
Doe's it matter .. he really looks like a transsexual so one way or another.. he looks gay to me!
  vince @ 2012-01-10 1 up,0 down
his lips are no stranger to cock
  victor @ 2012-01-18 125 up,35 down
we will see in the next five or ten years about beiber
  vince @ 2012-01-18 1 up,0 down
good one vince thats funny, lips no stranger to cock
  I hate Bieber @ 2012-01-19 1 up,0 down
He prefers dicks over chicks. Total sausage lover...QUEER!!!!
  @ 2012-01-20 1 up,0 down
Latest headline: Girl dressed like boy to seduce other girls.

A perfect description of Justin Bieber
  chris allen @ 2012-01-21 1 up,0 down
He looks like he would hold a nigger dick in his mouth. I cant stand that little pussy.
  ramon-v @ 2012-01-23 0 up,1 down
He's still a kid guys! leave him alone! Or do you have no more cocks to suck?
  Lux @ 2012-01-25 122 up,285 down
100% Straight. People who think otherwise aren't thinking it through all the way. Just one glimpse of happiness from a good looking boy and he's gay? Get your facts straight peeps
  Dennis @ 2012-01-26 210 up,33 down
He can date hundreds of girls if that's what his managers suggest, but it won't change a thing.
  sherrigirl @ 2012-01-27 83 up,40 down
He so fem looking! There is a girl singer who is his doppleganger. She was on Americas got talent and wowed em singing her version of baby baby. They could literally do a ma

  @ 2012-01-27 1 up,0 down
Him and Usher suck each other cocks
  Aaliyah @ 2012-01-27 1 up,0 down
2me 100% gay, cause he says He is happy. It says He is Gay. Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay. As well, Gay.Gay.Gay.Oh well, Hes a Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay. and THATS ALL, now take it as a good comment n Lets say Gay.Gay.Gay. -Thumbs Up, If Y O U agree. =O
  Scope @ 2012-02-02 0 up,1 down
He's not gay.
  Blair @ 2012-02-04 0 up,1 down
  @ 2012-02-06 0 up,1 down
He isn't gay...
  @ 2012-02-09 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber's new album 'My World 2.0' came out last week.
Also coming out: Any males who buy it.
  Justin Beiber @ 2012-02-13 0 up,1 down
Oh look, all the beliber-bashers and to my fans out there, thank you. As for the rumors about my sexuality, it's kind of funny if you want to know if i'm straight or not, ask your mom pretty sure she'll tell you i rocked her world. thank you
  Justin "Douche Bag" Bieber @ 2012-02-13 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber want's Chuck Norris to stick his fist up his (Bieber's) ass!!!
  Justins pink sock!!! @ 2012-02-13 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber love to be double teamed by two Black Guys!!!!
  @ 2012-02-15 1 up,0 down
He's totally effeminate
  jay jay @ 2012-02-17 0 up,1 down
Deff not gay but who knows. Only he knows and nobody can say
He is or isnt cuz only he wud no so um yeaa
  Justin Bieber @ 2012-02-18 0 up,1 down
look guys im not gay everyone knows i go out with selena gomez she is nice, hot, and a great person.
  M @ 2012-02-23 1 up,0 down
Do you honestly believe that a girl like Selena Gomez would ever go for a guy like Justin Bieber, in the real world?? HeLL NO! I girl like her is normally attacked to big, strong, athletic guys, who are AT LEAST a foot and half taller than them! We all know the type. This is obviously an arranged coupling set up by the industry. The are both using each other: Selena, for her career; and Justin for his (yet undetermined) sexuality cover.
  John Pratt @ 2012-02-23 0 up,1 down
  David Jones @ 2012-02-23 1 up,0 down
I would take this kid to my cupboard any day. ;)
  David Kelly @ 2012-02-24 1 up,0 down
You all talk the talk but I am the only guy who can prove he has been with Justin. I am rough and I am dirty. Search my name on this site and you will see for yourself. I took the young guy's cherry and I have the photos to prove it. David Kelly
  Mark @ 2012-02-24 1 up,0 down
Justin is one lucky guy to have been done by David Kelly! Most of us can only wish!
  Voldemort @ 2012-02-24 1 up,0 down
I just wish I had hair like you. <3 love ya. @David Kelly. will you pop my cherry too?
  @ 2012-02-25 1 up,0 down
I don't like him neither his music he's 100% fag cock sucker
  Kiss my ass Justin bieber @ 2012-02-26 1 up,0 down
He is so f*ckkin gay he is 100% gay
  HERP A DERP @ 2012-03-01 1 up,0 down
Psh, JB is such a les.
  redrum @ 2012-03-03 1 up,0 down
get some balls kid
  ashley @ 2012-03-07 1 up,0 down
She's just a girl in hiding
  Erin @ 2012-03-08 1 up,0 down
God you people are so ill and disgusting!
You sound like a nut case!
Quit perving over Justin! You are probably WAY too old and disgusting for him!
  I hate him @ 2012-03-10 1 up,0 down
U can kiss my ass Justin cause ur soooooooooo GAY Selena will never really like u!
  I hate him @ 2012-03-10 1 up,0 down
U can kiss my ass Justin cause ur soooooooooo GAY Selena will never really like u!
  ---------------------- @ 2012-03-12 1 up,0 down

total fruitloop!
  screener @ 2012-03-12 1 up,0 down
Just ran across this site and can't believe this is 2012!
Haven't we reached the point as a society where someone's sexuality is immaterial? It should only matter to those within his intimate circle and those he wants to let in.
Adolescents have a rough enough time accepting themselves, whatever their sexuality, without all this public speculation. Just look at the suicide rate in this age range.
He appears to be a well-raised young man with a special talent. Why don't we leave it there? Fantasize all you want, no mater your age or sex, just don't expect to impose your fantasy on his reality.
  Vanian Thicke @ 2012-03-13 1 up,0 down
He's a fag.
  c0ntr0v3rsy @ 2012-03-15 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber is Ellen Degeneres' surgically detached siamese twin.
  Catelyn @ 2012-03-16 0 up,1 down
Justin Bieber is not gay!
  brandon @ 2012-03-18 199 up,55 down
iam gay/bi and i can see other gay people. justin bieber is gay and he will come out in the next five to ten years.
  @ 2012-03-20 1 up,0 down
Bieber is so straight he looks like Elton John when he was a teen.
  @ 2012-03-20 1 up,0 down
Justin is such a fuckin leabion he looks like a fuckin girl from American idol and Tht is so not hot u should rot in a sack
  JC @ 2012-03-21 1 up,0 down
She likes men, obvious.
  Ben @ 2012-03-25 152 up,37 down
Without a doubt, Justin is gay. Nothing wrong with that. I suspect a lot of entertainers are gay, but too scared to come out or fear of it affecting their careers. Usher is gay, too.
  @ 2012-03-26 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber... He is nothing in comparison to Dmitry Puchkov.
  Merlin @ 2012-03-26 1 up,0 down
But Dmitri Puchkov is more suitable for the determination of the gay. He is funny.
  Merlin @ 2012-03-26 1 up,0 down
But Dmitri Puchkov is more suitable for the determination of the gay. He is funny.
  Merlin @ 2012-03-26 1 up,0 down
But Dmitri Puchkov is more suitable for the determination of the gay. He is funny.
  Merlin @ 2012-03-26 1 up,0 down
But Dmitri Puchkov is more suitable for the determination of the gay. He is funny.
  Oleg Zotov @ 2012-03-27 1 up,0 down
Request to all participants LGBT community, give your vote for Dmitry Puchkov! Dmitry Puchkov is an activist in the gay movement in Russia, in St. Petersburg. He is subjected to constant attacks of the authorities because of its active position the gay movement. Please distribute this post as widely as possible! Thank you, my friends, for your support!
  Anonymous @ 2012-03-27 1 up,0 down
Anonymous demands Justin to sing a duet with Dmitry.
After that Anonymous will admit that Justin is not gay.
  Dj @ 2012-03-28 0 up,1 down
Seriously? You know that voting someone as "gay" just because you don't like them is perpetuating the idea that "gay" is an insult or a bad thing. He dates females and is considered effeminate because he's a child? That makes no sense.
  matt smith @ 2012-03-28 1 up,0 down
if he is gay, im ready. I already have his cell no.
  stefan @ 2012-03-30 1 up,0 down
She is a complete lesbian with a penis
  gazo @ 2012-03-31 1 up,0 down
justin is a nice guy but he seems gay to me
  Natalie @ 2012-04-01 0 up,1 down
Obviously straight you dumb ass cunts
  Mike @ 2012-04-01 1 up,0 down
Has a vagina, for sure.
  jocelyn @ 2012-04-02 1 up,0 down
obvious everywone knows he likes men duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  @ 2012-04-06 1 up,0 down
Of course he is a homo...I know,because I suck him off regularly. He has a lovely big cock and pumps hot sticky sweet and salty cum into my mouth and asshole 3 or 4 times a day. I'm his dad.
  JD @ 2012-04-07 1 up,0 down
i am not gay but i this boy is so girly looking that i would love to stick my bazoka in him.
  Jeff @ 2012-04-08 1 up,0 down
He's really gay because he looks like a little girl
  Rob @ 2012-04-09 92 up,62 down
I'm gay and he is definitely gay but who cares what he his. He us a nice guy
  Me imgay @ 2012-04-09 1 up,0 down
He can have sex with me any day anyways
  Louis @ 2012-04-10 1 up,0 down
I think he's bi
  DUDER @ 2012-04-18 0 up,1 down
  Hooner @ 2012-04-19 1 up,0 down
young, gay, and already wasted his talent. wait, she also likes dudes, so she's bi.
  ivan1632 @ 2012-04-22 1 up,0 down
He's 200% gay
  Really? @ 2012-04-25 0 up,1 down
Ugh. Your all fucking idiots, Justin is 100% straight. Him and Selena have been dating for over a year, and even if he was gay, he would still have 20+ million girls(and guys) falling over him.
  @ 2012-04-25 0 up,1 down
Justin is not gay.
  autumn @ 2012-04-25 0 up,1 down
You people disgust me! Do you have nothing better to do with your time than to hate on an 18 year old boy who's out living his dream he is NOT gay and if be was so what who cares its his choice it wouldn't change anything he would still have a great voice and still be flawless so why don't everyone of you who say hes gay. Go get a life and learn to stop hating(:
Have a nice life xD
  Mike @ 2012-04-28 1 up,0 down
The dick in his mouth is a dead giveaway. He's 100% gay.
  Mogué @ 2012-04-29 1 up,0 down
He is not gay . He is a lesbian.
  @ 2012-04-30 1 up,0 down
That little pansy is gay as it gets!
  Hatred @ 2012-04-30 1 up,0 down
  Illusio @ 2012-05-01 1 up,0 down
He's Usher's boy toy
  canadian @ 2012-05-01 1 up,0 down
I definitely think him and Usher have somethin' going on. He's gotta be suckin him off AT LEAST. And Usher has actually been suspected of being Bi for quite some time, so this is very plausible.
  @ 2012-05-02 33 up,251 down
  private @ 2012-05-07 1 up,0 down
HE'S 900000000000000000000000000000000000000% GAAAYYY!!!!
  josh @ 2012-05-07 1 up,0 down
I think he's gay, but i also wish it to be true. ;)
  chris @ 2012-05-07 1 up,0 down
he is so gay and yes he has a girlfriend but alot of gay men have had girlfriends just so they could keep their secret
  chris @ 2012-05-07 1 up,0 down
he is so gay and alot of gay men have girlfriends just so they can keep their secret
  Bella @ 2012-05-09 101 up,28 down
justin bieber's is so guy..I've know this for quit a long time...
Someday he will come out of the closet...
Just hopping he doesn't wait as long as Ricky Martin did...
And That The Bottom Line...
  Bella @ 2012-05-09 1 up,0 down
We all have known this young man is guy...100%
Just hoping that he doesn't feel the need to wait as long as RM did...
His Mom should be proud of him an help him come to own it...
  @ 2012-05-12 1 up,0 down
super GYA
  Andrea @ 2012-05-12 1 up,0 down
Give him time. Princess will come out once his 15 minutes are up.
  Chika @ 2012-05-14 1 up,0 down
I think he is very gay
  @ 2012-05-14 0 up,1 down
If ur a guy an on this website your alsO GAYY SO DON'T HATE ON UR OWN SEXUALITY
  rrr @ 2012-05-15 1 up,0 down
Clearly, a lot of guys want to have sex with him whether he's gay or not.
  johnny pierce @ 2012-05-16 1 up,0 down
yes! i'm gay!! justin is a awesome artist!!
  justin @ 2012-05-16 1 up,0 down
she's a lesbian.
  justin @ 2012-05-16 1 up,0 down
he's very gay.
  Guy1 @ 2012-05-17 1 up,0 down
He is really gay. Fuck yeah
  Mike B @ 2012-05-18 30 up,183 down
He has Selena Gomez , me thinks y'all jealous
  Moya @ 2012-05-19 1 up,0 down
  pepe @ 2012-05-20 0 up,0 down
une le petite puppet de industry musique
  Richard III @ 2012-05-24 1 up,0 down
Like my granna always says, if it looks like shit and smells like shit, it's shit. And he smells so so gay.
  GAY @ 2012-05-26 1 up,0 down
he's GAY :P
  Dre @ 2012-05-28 0 up,1 down
He's Not Gay. You Guys Are Very Jelious
  @ 2012-05-29 1 up,0 down
uknown "yah im straight so i would know" you fucking dumb ass. classic idiot and know it all/ ignorant peice of crap from usa. im straight too idiot and i cant tell if someone is gay. its impossible for u to know becuz u have enver seen the world from a gay person's persons point of view. fuck you bitch ur the reason we are sucking ass in the world. fucking move to antarctica. u are literally a peice of dog shit
  Marie @ 2012-05-30 54 up,92 down
He's straight. He's just a poser that 13 year old girls like because he's an extremely femmenine poser.Selena is a smart business woman who's using him to get more attention I mean Duh! Its obviously working
  Brad @ 2012-06-02 0 up,1 down
He wasn't gay when he was sucking on my cock.
  Testa @ 2012-06-02 1 up,0 down
Doesn't matter, still USELESS
  Jack @ 2012-06-03 140 up,22 down
Having a girlfriend does not equate to not being gay. He is so deep in the closet, it's sad.

It's not being jealous, it's just common sense....which, sadly, his fans do not have in abundance.
  Coote @ 2012-06-03 0 up,1 down
fucking idiots if you dont like him (and so i do) that doesnt mean hes gay. HES DATING A FUCKING GIRL. Get the facts straight already.
  luca @ 2012-06-05 1 up,0 down
its very very gay
  Dornfeld @ 2012-06-05 38 up,96 down
I don't think he's gay and I also hope he really isn't, because for some reason I wouldn't like if he was. From my point of experience, he's not really the "gay type" - he's more like the secretly-nose-picking and otherwise clueless type, 18 years old (as of 2012) and none the wiser than he was 6 years ago, drifting on the surface of life wherever it flows. Prejudging from what he's said and done, combined with his general naiveté, there still seems to be hope for him to become an intelligent person (although I personally doubt it to happen, because as of now he seems more of a rake, a bon viveur, unknowledgeable, careless & easily forgettable - no offense, really). It's OK to have fun being alive and enjoying life, but I'd hope he was wiser & more forethoughtful (no matter if he was gay or not). Actually, this goes for everyone else likewise.
  Tyler @ 2012-06-06 1 up,0 down
You idiots ofc his not gay, He goes out with Selena gomez.
That makes him a lesbian!
  Tushan @ 2012-06-07 1 up,0 down
He's asexual.
  NOONE @ 2012-06-07 52 up,21 down
look people their is a 50% chance any celb is gay an just cause they have a girlfriend dont mean nothing I mean before Elton John came out he had girlfriends an even engaged an I thin Tyler has a point cause with the instals JB all ya got to do is flip them around an I think everyone knows lol
  @ 2012-06-08 1 up,0 down
You can fuck that guy without feeling guilty because he is such a girl.
  U.N. Owen @ 2012-06-10 1 up,0 down
He'll be turning tricks on Hollywood Blvd. in a few years.
  U.N. Owen @ 2012-06-10 1 up,0 down
He'll be turning tricks on Hollywood Blvd. in a few years.
  AUTUMN @ 2012-06-11 1 up,0 down
I do not like him.He looks like a girl!He IS GAY!
  NOAH @ 2012-06-11 0 up,0 down
  Abby @ 2012-06-12 1 up,0 down
Of course he's gay!
  Beel @ 2012-06-13 1 up,0 down
  Sara @ 2012-06-15 102 up,25 down
I discovered this site, and the first thing I did is coming on this page.
P.s.: definitely gay.
  aldo @ 2012-06-16 0 up,0 down
sisi è un frocio
  Danny @ 2012-06-16 0 up,1 down
You all can't call him gay because basically your calling every girl he has kissed a lesbian and every singe girl that loves him a lesbian so shut up and keep it to your self.
  DESTANY LUV @ 2012-06-18 10 up,66 down
Everyone nows he goes out with selena and they are a cute couple if u were a girl and he asked you out youll would say yes. JB i love his music but i gotta admitt it i kinda like mindless behavor but i dont know all of there songs justin bieber i can learn all of them. I realy like JB hair and so did my friends at dunbar which was my school but i still live in lubbock texas because my whole family lives here and i have never been out of lubbock. I hope i can this year my family might go to the beach it a couple hours out but.
  DESTANY F. @ 2012-06-18 0 up,1 down
Hes awesome and NOT gay ok stop saying he is me and my lil sister desiree love him and his music is awesome but he needs to put a lesson or something in it but hes cute
  Krysi and Somyr @ 2012-06-18 1 up,0 down
Selena is just his fag-hag, but that doesn't matter he should just be left alone to die.
  Hailey @ 2012-06-21 1 up,0 down
He is so fuckin gay

  Hailey @ 2012-06-21 1 up,0 down
He so gay
  skinhead @ 2012-06-21 1 up,0 down
  Law @ 2012-06-21 1 up,0 down
I'm not sure there is anything or anyone gayer. He will come out eventually. Can you say Ricky Martin. Not a bad thing... I'm gay. So trust me honey - he is GAY!
  Law @ 2012-06-21 1 up,0 down
I'm not sure there is anything or anyone gayer. He will come out eventually. Can you say Ricky Martin. Not a bad thing... I'm gay. So trust me honey - he is GAY!
  malcolm @ 2012-06-23 1 up,0 down
He is so gay. Once he reaches puberty, he will be able to deal with his true sexuality. He's 18 and hasn't hit it yet, so maybe within the next 3 or 4 years it will happen. Then his voice will change - hopefully, cause it sux now.
  @ 2012-06-23 1 up,0 down

What are with those eyebrows? They don't match his hair color
  anna @ 2012-06-23 1 up,0 down
Justin bieber is not gay u guys just hating cuz his life has gone somewhere and ur stuck talking about things you will never know about or thinggs u will never understand
  ana @ 2012-06-23 0 up,1 down
He is not gay u all just hating just cause his life went somewhere
  Anonymous @ 2012-06-23 29 up,92 down
OMG, GET OVER YOURSELVES ! Whenever someone becomes succesful, he is automatically deemed gay! and i dont think its anones business if he is gay (which he will tell us if he is)! Calling him gay will not make you feel any better about yourself! P.S - As long as someoe is not putting their gay moves on you or your beau, leave them alone!
  ana @ 2012-06-24 1 up,0 down
Thank u anonymous u make alot of sence
  Barert @ 2012-06-24 1 up,0 down
To all the idiots saying he has a girlfriend, therefore not gay, you are IDIOTS! That is just a front. Jerry Sandusky is married, has a wife, yet he's a flaming faggot pedophile!
  Barert @ 2012-06-24 1 up,0 down
To all the idiots saying he has a girlfriend, therefore not gay, you are IDIOTS! That is just a front. Jerry Sandusky is married, has a wife, yet he's a flaming faggot pedophile!
  Jame @ 2012-06-24 1 up,0 down
Gayer than a bag of dicks. Just because he has a girlfriend, does not make him straight. Look at Jerry Sandusky, he has a wife. Yet he likes little boys.
  you're all pathetic @ 2012-06-27 1 up,0 down
wow he's a lesbian OMG YOU'RE ALL SO ORIGINAL AND FUNNY WOW. does it make you feel good saying stupid things? sorry he's way better looking than you, successful, and can get any girl he wants. you're all pathetic and obviously have nothing better to do than sit around and hate on someone who is doing so much better than you ever will.
  Selena Gomes @ 2012-06-28 1 up,0 down
100% Gay
  @ 2012-06-28 1 up,0 down
  thad @ 2012-06-29 1 up,0 down
I support Beiber being gay, there are all shapes and sizes in this world
  Lollie @ 2012-06-29 1 up,0 down
He is as gay as a jay.
  Jim @ 2012-06-30 1 up,0 down
If he's not gay, he looks like a butch lesbian. The gay look would work better for him. Just saying.
  Pookie @ 2012-07-01 1 up,0 down
He's gay but doesn't know it yet.
  Pookie @ 2012-07-01 1 up,0 down
Then again.......transsexual????
  Austin @ 2012-07-01 1 up,0 down
I love him either way! Gay or straight he is amazing, but I have a crush on him so I hope he is gay <3
  Jr. Fan @ 2012-07-02 1 up,0 down
He fucks Dale Earnhardt
  Thom @ 2012-07-02 1 up,0 down
I would hope he is gay because given the chance, I'd hook up with his cute a%% anytime!
  PAIGE @ 2012-07-03 1 up,0 down
  Primrose @ 2012-07-04 1 up,0 down
He is not gay, his boyfriend is ! +_+
  My MoM @ 2012-07-05 1 up,0 down
  Lazarus @ 2012-07-06 1 up,0 down
As I personally "hit him in the seat" last week, yes he loves the schlong.
  Marci @ 2012-07-07 1 up,0 down
Selena is his beard dumbo
  @ 2012-07-07 1 up,0 down
He said it him self he is gay
  Morgan @ 2012-07-07 1 up,0 down
Why does it matter if he is gay or straight?
Stop hatin'
  @ 2012-07-07 1 up,0 down
Had is gay so am I. I just wish we have sex together
  william @ 2012-07-07 0 up,0 down

u will see what im talking about in the link
  Leabee @ 2012-07-08 23 up,85 down
Straight and boring. Gayness is wishful thinking from the gay male crowd.
  Bberluvr @ 2012-07-08 1 up,0 down
I hope he's gay!
  Bberluvr @ 2012-07-08 1 up,0 down
I hope he's gay!
  Hannah @ 2012-07-08 23 up,76 down
Just because he sounded like a girl doesn't mean he's gay. I bet half the people commenting on here saying he's is, probably are gay.
  Promise @ 2012-07-09 16 up,68 down
U guys may think he is gay cause of his movement or voice but u may not his emotions whether he is straight gay or to me I will you to not judge on physical appearance and that's an advice
  Honesty Equals Truth @ 2012-07-09 1 up,0 down
Lets just put is this way.. there is no way I would turn my back to him while picking up a quarter that's foow shoow!!
  dawan oldham @ 2012-07-10 0 up,1 down
first of all stop with all that lesbian shit.second im gay (1480)5607194.third,justin beiber straight up gay
  Joops @ 2012-07-10 1 up,0 down
I know rainbow flags that are less gay.
  zack @ 2012-07-10 1 up,0 down
i agree with chris he tryin to keep a secret about him bring gay

  zack @ 2012-07-10 1 up,0 down
i agree with chris he tryin to keep a secret about him bring gay

  Joe @ 2012-07-11 1 up,0 down
Justin is so 100% gay, all the dating he has done such as with Selena is all a show orchestrated by his handlers.
  Tony @ 2012-07-11 1 up,0 down
  JC @ 2012-07-11 72 up,16 down
I agree with Joe. His handlers, have him publicly dating cute girls/women, so that he can sell more albums. He'll come out of the closet, after he's sold a few hundred million more albums. Why because he is a gay, and, like Sebastian Bach, must hide his gayness or be ridiculed. It's that simple people!
  Henriette @ 2012-07-11 58 up,19 down
You have to be really really young, or just sheltered not to know that all Justin does with Selena is pose in front of cameras to fool you. You cannot be a boy that looks, sounds, and behaves like a girl, and not be gay, or maybe biologically part female.
  M @ 2012-07-12 1 up,0 down
Pictures of him at sleepovers with friends showing him in the same bed/sleeping bag with other males naked have been posted around the internet. These photos were from before he was famous. People can interpret those as they wish. Also some people from the cities around where he grew up in Ontario who knew him during school have said he was bi.
  Tom @ 2012-07-12 1 up,0 down
He gets his little poo hole stabbed.
  @ 2012-07-12 0 up,1 down
Because Justin is very young looking and has a cute face, doesn't make him gay. This site is ridiculous as every male celeb I clicked on is voted as being somewhat or completely gay.
Justin has been with a women for ages. You people write absolute crap!!!
  Ano Nay Muse @ 2012-07-16 1 up,0 down
SO bi,he likes Will Smith ;)
  Justin Bieber @ 2012-07-18 1 up,0 down
Hi guys, it's Justin Bieber. I'm here to confirm that I am indeed gay. Peace out babes.
  John @ 2012-07-20 1 up,0 down
Justin bieber is gay. Sorry ladies there are closeted gay men who have wives or girlfriends and come out of closet later after their career is over. Justin is prime example.
  Bustin Jieber @ 2012-07-20 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber being gay would be a disgrace to the gay community. Ew. Just ewww.
  hunkman @ 2012-07-22 1 up,0 down
I love him and he is gay and me too so I want to sleep with him and kiss him like gay people do.
  deny @ 2012-07-22 1 up,0 down
Him and usher were seen sleeping together in the same bed at the savoy hotel on Miami beach
i dont believe!!!
  free @ 2012-07-24 1 up,0 down
total FLAMER
  Taylor @ 2012-07-25 0 up,1 down
NEVER!! I refuse to believe JB is gay!! If y'all don't like him I dom't care more 4 me! #TeamBieber all the way!! *mischieveous grin*
  Jesse @ 2012-07-27 62 up,14 down
He is so queer and if you cannot see that it is either because you dont want to, or because you are just too blind to see it! People are not calling him gay because they hate him, they are just pointing out the obvious!! Oh and as for salena gomez she is just his BEARD, if you have not heard of the expression look it up and see how many of your fav straight actors have one!!! Ciao
  Chiller @ 2012-07-27 1 up,0 down
@anna STFU you whore
  al @ 2012-07-27 1 up,0 down
gay as pink ink...
  al @ 2012-07-27 1 up,0 down
gay as pink ink...
  NoName @ 2012-07-28 1 up,0 down
Justine Bieberina is totally gay
  hunkman @ 2012-07-30 1 up,0 down
He is a hot hunk and he is gay and am gay too also I hate him so much but I want to sleep with him and kiss him.
  hunkman @ 2012-07-30 1 up,0 down
He is a hot hunk and he is gay and am gay too also I hate him so much but I want to sleep with him and kiss him.
  hunkman @ 2012-07-30 1 up,0 down
He is a hot hunk and he is gay and am gay too also I hate him so much but I want to sleep with him and kiss him.
  cathal @ 2012-08-01 1 up,0 down
some are right and some are wrong about justin but i think he is gay because just leave him a lone and whoever he goes out is his own matter in life some might say he is queer but that is not fair on him
  william @ 2012-08-06 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber, I only wish he was gay and I could meet him. That would be great.
  megan @ 2012-08-06 23 up,90 down
come on guys hes clearly not gay he has a girlfriend
  Xena @ 2012-08-07 1 up,0 down
I'm a lesbian and I say he looks just like one of my closest friends. So I vote LESBIAN all the way... Just another MJ in the making... I agree with the guy who said... lets just see what 10 years does for Justin and we'll all know the truth. Either that or he'll remain looking like a little boy because he really is a lesbian and we all know that lesbians stay looking like a little boy until ... well I'm 46 and still look like a little boy hahahahaha...
  David @ 2012-08-09 1 up,0 down
It is obvious, just look at her! She's a lovely young lesbian! My partner and I love playing the Justin Bieber or young lesbian game!
  TheMysteriousTruth @ 2012-08-09 1 up,0 down
Justin is gayer than Freddy Mercury (but doesn't have 0.0001% of his talent)
  2nuts.1sack.399x7 @ 2012-08-10 0 up,1 down
Bieber is totally hetero. A stud. A Chuck Norris of the young boy-singer set. And he eats Viagra for breakfast. Bow down to him. He is a mating machine god.
  Mr. Obama Boo-Boo Balls @ 2012-08-10 1 up,0 down
Justin is not a regular f@gg0t. He's so gay that this website actually needs a larger meter to measure his gayness.
  Katie @ 2012-08-11 11 up,62 down
I voted 100%. Justin Bieber annoys me with his girly looks and girly singing. I voted 100% to prove that he ACTS gay, but really he isn't.
  Katie @ 2012-08-11 16 up,68 down
We haters of Justin WANT to believe he is gay so that we have a better reason for disliking him. Believe me, I do want to believe it. Many times have I called him bad names, with my best friend agreeing. If he was gay, it would have to be bi, since he does so many songs dedicated to women.
  anon @ 2012-08-12 1 up,0 down
He is a total candyassgot.
  ima bitch baby @ 2012-08-12 1 up,0 down
Justin, you are 100% gay and everyone knows that
  @ 2012-08-14 10 up,101 down
he is definitely STRAIGHT....if he was gay he wouldnt be dating selena gomez!!!!!
  sofia @ 2012-08-15 1 up,0 down
a person straight do not use lipstick
and all us know that your love for selena is a lie!!!!!!!
  atomic @ 2012-08-18 1 up,0 down
Look there was a boy in my school hu was straight and lied saying he was gay so girls would hang with him if beiber was gay he wouldf said it by now every one is ok with gays
  @ 2012-08-20 13 up,65 down
To whom it may belong,
I am not at all a fan of his music, but this website is not objective. As he stated himself, he is straight, and here they voted him 82% gay! So please be so good to put this ''straight''.

faithfully yours
  Caitlin @ 2012-08-25 0 up,1 down
All of you are jerks for saying hes gay/lesbian.

hes 10000000000000000000 % straight and a boy. he is dating selena Gomez. All of you need to grow up! hes not gay so get over it.
  Caitlin @ 2012-08-25 0 up,1 down
All of you are jerks for saying hes gay/lesbian.

hes 10000000000000000000 % straight and a boy. he is dating selena Gomez. All of you need to grow up! hes not gay so get over it.
  Shesalez @ 2012-08-28 1 up,0 down
Shes strait! She totally likes guys!
  @ 2012-08-29 1 up,0 down
Total Fudge Packer!!!!
  Mauricio @ 2012-09-05 1 up,0 down
Trans ???
  lola @ 2012-09-05 1 up,0 down
You are a bloody lesbein
  caroline @ 2012-09-08 1 up,0 down
shut up , you dont know anything,silly,stupid if you want to say something about him first knew him
  Destiny @ 2012-09-16 1 up,0 down
He's gay, I pounded him hard in the ass and he loved it. Cried like a little bitch when I came all over his face too. I'm not gay, but he paid me $10,000 to ram him in the ass, so how could I say no?
  Nancy Legosi @ 2012-09-20 1 up,0 down
He definitley looks like a lesbian.
  Sally @ 2012-09-22 1 up,0 down
He's not gay. Leave him alone, please
  Xoom5000 @ 2012-09-22 39 up,25 down
He sure seems gay to me. The person who made the comment about how he answers the question is where I think he cannot hide the truth. The truth is I think he hasn't accepted it himself yet. He's a good person though and I think he will admit it when he's ready and not only to just get it out. He'll do it to help other gay teens and the gay community in general. I love 'em and I think he's a gift to humanity.
  Danial @ 2012-09-23 1 up,0 down
100 percent GAAY
  Danial @ 2012-09-23 1 up,0 down
100 percent GAAY
  fester @ 2012-09-23 0 up,1 down
I'm not a fan of him- but I know he isn't gay! Leave him alone.
  @ 2012-09-26 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber is actually a descendent from the Helios Descarinara tribe from the southern hemisphere of the north pole. Whilst most people attribute that description to be completely illogical, it actually holds some sense if you have a compass and are being chased by a polar bear (try it, don't cry about it). Back on topic, I was once attending a fan fiction meeting with a bunch of monks from the nearby Croatian monastery which also gave me the chance to throw raw vegetables at passerby's from their 'fort', however I noticed a boy crying in the corner.
Upon approaching him, I offered him some of my raw vegetables, followed by running off into the dark stormy night, screaming first "NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME", and then proceeding to pelvic thrust to "baby" on the way out of the precinct. I think my views should be taken into strong consideration, especially the fact that I am a cat and that we're never wrong. Meow.
  Mari @ 2012-09-26 1 up,0 down
I'm a girl and at this point I have a bigger lick and more testosterone than he ever will. He's gay is what I'm cluing at.
  cee @ 2012-09-26 0 up,1 down
hes not gay haha, hes just a young kid
  138 @ 2012-09-26 0 up,1 down
...It still doesn't matter, because I don't care about superfluous celebrity personal data. I have more respect for my brain than this. This site is whaaaack.

If you care about Justin Bieber, you're lost to begin with. Caring who he buggers is further r'tarding yourself. If you're old enough to read, you should know better.
  Smile @ 2012-09-27 62 up,12 down
when Selena was asked about dating JB her reply was "ewww no" "he's like a brother and I would never date my brother"..twice she said "eww no" on Ellen D's show. These 2 were thrown together to jumpstart her career, which it did. JB is 1000% gay AND he can't sing!
  @ 2012-09-30 1 up,0 down
he looks so feminine
  @ 2012-09-30 70 up,9 down
Justin Bieber is so gay. I definitley get the gay vibe from him. I believe he's the next Ricki Martin.
  laniya @ 2012-10-05 0 up,1 down
Justin Beiber IS NOT GAY SHUT UP.!!!!!!!
  Kenton Duty @ 2012-10-06 1 up,0 down
I can tell you only that even actions can't define a dude's sexual preference. I know him. I've hung out with him. And, yeah, we made out a little when he dropped me off. I was into it, and he seemed to be to.
But just because we made out doesn't mean GE is totally gay. Maybe like he just wants to kiss other guys. Big deal!
  Justin @ 2012-10-06 0 up,1 down
"To whom it may belong;" ???
I laughed for five minutes after reading that. Stop visiting sites like these and study your English text books. That goes fir almost 80% of you, too.
  CAROLINE @ 2012-10-07 0 up,1 down
justin bieber is not gay all of you are the gays so shut up and shoots in yours faces ,all of you are jealous of him ,if you dont know him is better that you do dont say anything ,fools without brains
  Hugo @ 2012-10-11 1 up,0 down
He is gay. But because your career in child/youth-teen music, he don't reveal his real sexuality. In future, maybe coming out. Like Ricky Martin, Lance Bass, Tiziano Ferro, Mika...
  Hugo @ 2012-10-11 1 up,0 down
He is gay. But because your career in child/youth-teen music, he don't reveal his real sexuality. In future, maybe coming out. Like Ricky Martin, Lance Bass, Tiziano Ferro, Mika...
  joey22 @ 2012-10-12 0 up,1 down
A prettyboy, but totally straight.
  Hughirs @ 2012-10-13 1 up,0 down
He is 1000000000000% gay, selena gomez puts a dildo in his ass....
  Balthazar @ 2012-10-13 1 up,0 down
Clearly, she's a lesbian, look at all the girls she has dated
  cutie @ 2012-10-15 1 up,0 down
GAY GAY GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWN WITH BIEBER!!!!! YAHHHHHH! XD bua buah BUAHAHAHAHA!!
  Lisa @ 2012-10-15 1 up,0 down
He wont come out until he loses his teeny bopper girl appeal..they are his fan base and what keeps his pay checks rolling in...once his career starts going down the toilet he'll be able to come out. Hopefully it wont be by wiggling his weenie in a public bathroom at an undercover cop..ala George Michael..who I swore was straight all through the 80"s...I was really blind..just like all the JB fangirls are only see what you want to see and ignore the rest.
  qwertyuiop @ 2012-10-15 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber is gay
  Joe @ 2012-10-18 0 up,1 down
I think it's wishful thinking on the part of a lot of guys, nobody knows for sure - probably not even Justin! - but I think he's straight.
  african legs @ 2012-10-18 0 up,1 down
LOL this site is shitty wtf all the infos r wrong usless
  Millie Not Vanillie @ 2012-10-20 60 up,9 down
What famous teen locks himself into a so called real relationship at that age when they can date anyone they want? A gay one trying to keep a straight profile.
  Jenny @ 2012-10-20 1 up,0 down
he is gay, you can cleary see it.
  Amelia Lloyd @ 2012-10-22 8 up,61 down
Look guyssssss!! He's dating Selena Gomez.......Okayyyyy!! Calm down and stop calling him gay! I don't really like Justin but all of these 'Gay Rumours' are p***ing me off!! SO SHUT UP AND KEEP THE COMMENTS TO YOURSELF! >:(
  JC @ 2012-10-23 1 up,0 down
I thought he was Transgendered when he first came onto the scene.
  @ 2012-10-23 1 up,0 down
Bicurious? Oh and Jiall forever hehe
  Peter @ 2012-10-26 35 up,6 down
I'd say "Jesse" from 7/27 probably hit the mark closest. Those not
in the know should know that "beard" refers to someone willingly
posing as a girlfriend or boyfriend to avoid rumors.
and I don't understand the constant playing around with his hair color
and length. Some might regard that as a gay thing.
  @ 2012-10-26 1 up,0 down
i feel Selena doesn't deserve Justin. i feel like selena is using him </3. he better not marry her :[ . I ♥ Justin :]
  Ani @ 2012-10-28 1 up,0 down
Hahaha jistin is a gay
  Elias @ 2012-10-30 1 up,0 down
He is not gay!
He is lesbian...
  taylor tomlin @ 2012-11-04 0 up,1 down
  timothy @ 2012-11-04 0 up,1 down
all yall bi***** is workin my nerves about this gay shit.... why would justin be gay n he got a girlfriend i dont get it.. so shut the hell up about that.. yall just jelous becasue he got money and he a celeberty so shut the fu** up bout all that bull-s***okay
  ant @ 2012-11-04 1 up,0 down
he is gay becauae he likes boys and he is gay becasue he umm... he likes goin out wit boys.. so all yall need shut the f up bout justin bieber and all yall ugly that said he not gay
  danny @ 2012-11-04 10 up,41 down
Let the kid be he is very young he will find his sexual orientation eventually.people have nothing better to do than to insult a boy that made it big very early in life.Jealousy jealousy jelousy!!!!
  Lily @ 2012-11-08 0 up,1 down
So wies aussieht, bin ich hier so ziemlich die einzige Deutsche:))
He's NOT gay.
  hahah @ 2012-11-12 1 up,0 down
selena broke up with him because of trust problems of gays

  Mantracker @ 2012-11-12 50 up,12 down
speaking for everyone with gaydar hes def gay. dont let your lust and ignorance blind you. let the kid be he will come out when hes ready. or just pull a John Travolta...

Gays is good

  Chad @ 2012-11-12 1 up,0 down
Justin is a beautiful and talented young lady. Selena was his 'cover' to hide his gayness. The music production people know that teen girls are his biggest music and merchandise buyers. They 'make' him famous so he's been told to play it straight so his teen girl money making base isn't alienated. Justin is like George Michael and one day we'll be hearing about Justin's LA men's room hook-ups. Justin's got a pretty mouth and a nice bubble butt.
  i hate JB @ 2012-11-16 1 up,0 down
Totally Gay! No doubt about it... Shim needs to come out already.
  Beau @ 2012-11-17 0 up,1 down
Who knows and who cares.
  Roland Neveu @ 2012-11-18 8 up,47 down
I don't think Justin Bieber is gay...and even if he was that's his business.I think he is very cute and would date him in a heartbeat...I am gay and proud of it....
  @ 2012-11-23 1 up,0 down
U know wean he was just started signing they put him on female hormones medication so I will not be surprise if he did swing
  @ 2012-11-23 1 up,0 down
U know wean he was just started signing they put him on female hormones medication so I will not be surprise if he did swing
  JBSD @ 2012-11-23 1 up,0 down
I will not be surprise if he did swing because wean he was 15 and just starting they put him on female hormone medications to put his voice higher
  @ 2012-11-23 1 up,0 down
he is gay
  dant2590 @ 2012-11-23 1 up,0 down
Justin just doesn't realize that he's gay.
I think at some point, he'll realize and come out on the Ellen show since they're such good friends.
I'm gay, and my gaydar does tell me that he's more than "curious." But he's a really nice guy, and I'd be happy to find out that he is gay and have him on the gay team!
  Sarah @ 2012-11-24 1 up,0 down
He is a nice guy and all but seriously, it's obvious that he's gay!
  Brian @ 2012-11-25 27 up,16 down
Love the flying of rumors. First of all, if he is gay that is cool and I think he needs to come out. I do believe that celebrities do have an obligation to their LGBT fans to come out and show that gay is normal.
  Mike @ 2012-11-25 10 up,60 down
Justin bieber said in an interview(
"Some people comment on my videos and call me "gay".
That doesn't make sense, I'm out with a girl, I'm out with girls all the time.".

So he's officially stating he is not gay. period.
  Jj @ 2012-11-25 0 up,1 down
This is absolute bollocks... Justin bieber is 100% not gay just a bunch of haters voting this or just have really bad judgement - well both.
  toleodo @ 2012-11-26 1 up,0 down
she is lesbian
  herman herman @ 2012-11-26 46 up,5 down
U guys must remember that micheal jackso once dated brooke shield,
Does it mean that he is straight........hohohoho
  Hdgdhdh @ 2012-11-26 1 up,0 down
I think he is totally gay! He used to rub is crotch on stage while he was singing! He is so in love with his d**k!!!!Gay town!!!
  Lem from Oz @ 2012-11-28 0 up,1 down
She is not gay! Leave her alone :P
  Autymn D. C. @ 2012-11-30 46 up,10 down
As Smile said: when Selena was asked about dating JB her reply was "ewww no" "he's like a brother and I would never date my brother"..twice she said "eww no" on Ellen D's show. These 2 were thrown together to jumpstart her career, which it did. JB is 1000% gay AND he can't sing!"

Everyone do yourself a favor and look at George Michael.

Justin Bieber dates a girl so other girls can leave him alone. He and Selena Gomez are in a fake relationship as merkin and beard; both of them are queer. They are only together in public. As for Mike's quote, yes, he's out with girls and girls are his friends (whom he calls "guys") as queer males often are.

Justin Bieber is not a role model. He has only one good song, and that one sounds like a rip of New Kids on the Block. He has no talent, his songs are lazy and belong on a nursery show, his only fans are young naive girls who don't know the industry, and he's a hoax-worshipper.
  Vellandra @ 2012-12-01 1 up,0 down
I wouldn't mind if he's gay. I can s*** his c*** and he can f*** my a**
  derp @ 2012-12-02 1 up,0 down
he's not gay she's a girl
  Madison @ 2012-12-04 7 up,53 down
No, I do not think that he is gay. Everybody thinks that a sweet, caring, and who sings is gay, no it does not mean he is gay. It means that he has respect. Not like some.
  Beel @ 2012-12-05 1 up,0 down
Get over it, ladies- he's definitely a 'MO. A very girly one.
  Dax @ 2012-12-06 42 up,25 down
@Mario Ok, listen. I'm a bisexual guy. Knowing that, it may surprise you that I am SO sick of people talking about "coming out." Who cares? When is the last time a straight person came to you and said "Mario, you need to sit down, I have to tell you something. I'm hetero!" It's no-ones business but your own and your partners. If you choose to tell your family, that's okay by me, too, but by no means necessary. I'm just so sick of this coming out thing...Why would you want to subject yourself to the incredible amount of bias from homophobes? Seriously...what benefit do you get from it? I assume you'll say "If he's a celebrity, his coming out will encourage others to be comfortable with themselves." I hope you wouldn't say that, because that would be nonsense. Suppose Justin is gay, which I doubt, and "comes out." Some teeny-bopping talent-less passing fad saying they're gay is going to do one thing - encourage others to do the same. When those gay or bisexual people kill themselves because of bullying or are martyred by getting the Matt Shepherd treatment, who is going to be to blame?

Gays, bi's, lesbians, stop this nonsense! Revealing your sexuality is not going to improve the world or reduce homophobia - it's going to make you a target. The only people I've shared my sexuality with are my partners (sexual or dating, since many women are inexplicably turned off by bi men - I want to be honest up front), the few friends I trust enough to not go around revealing my preferences (in case, for example, I want someone to be able to comment on a hot chick or a hot dude to, or go to a club with if they, too, are gay/bi/whatever), and my immediate family (so it's not a surprise if I come home with either gender one day). As for anyone else, no-one who isn't directly involved in my life needs to know. A celebrity publicly revealing their sexuality, that would be (and is, in cases where it's happened) totally foolish. They make themselves targets.

And, just so I have a relevant comment in here, my opinion is that he is probably not gay. It seems like a ridiculous and worthless amount of trouble to be seen with Whats-her-face if they didn't have some type of relationship going. He does have a nice sense of style, he's cute (not hot, not handsome, cute), so I guess, stereotypically, I see why some people assume he's homosexual. I'd say definitely not. Now, could he be bisexual? That I see as a FAR greater likelihood.
  @ 2012-12-08 1 up,0 down
He's gay no questions about it!!!!!!
  marshall @ 2012-12-09 1 up,0 down
He's a fu*king fa*got and looks like gayer than da biggest gay ever!!11
  marshall @ 2012-12-09 1 up,0 down
He's a fu*king fa*got and looks like gayer than da biggest gay ever!!11
  OneHitCombo @ 2012-12-11 1 up,0 down
this just made my day!! hahaha faaggot gayber
  JB @ 2012-12-16 0 up,1 down
today , in our society the word gay is has no meaning ! Justin Bieber isn't gay .. You Haters suck he's great
  Gayslayer @ 2012-12-19 40 up,13 down
He was fired from his job at a local fudge packing plant.
  Autymn D. C. @ 2012-12-20 21 up,4 down
Dax, what do you know about celebrities? It'd be more trouble for him if he weren't seen with someone. And his faith is a good excuse [for his fans] not to sleep with girls.
  JosephineB. @ 2012-12-21 11 up,25 down
I don't get why it's even important.
Why are you trying to figure out whether he's gay or hetero?
I think you're all being ridiculous for saying stuff like. .I hope he's gay, that'd be cool, I hope he comes out and crap like that. I think the day when we stop making such a big deal of our sexuality is the day when people stop being homophobes, because then nobody cares anymore and we just accept whatever attracts a person.
I think it doesn't matter whether a person is gay, hetero or bi and you shouldn't either, because if you try to make such a big deal out of it you're going to underline the fact that it's different/special to be gay. SO JUST STOP! ;)
  Nasty tasty @ 2012-12-23 1 up,0 down
I wanna bang him and I'm a dude
  yo @ 2012-12-25 9 up,35 down
I highly doubt he is gay. Yes, the rumours all started because he had a very feminine looking face. Seriously though, have you seen a rumour around that he was or is dating a male? Okay, see it in his perspective; you're a international famous singer, and you have a majority of rumours spread about your sexuality. How would you feel? And since when did you guys choose people's sexuality? If you choose a person's sexuality that's an excuse to call you a 'gaylord'.
  justinbieberisgay @ 2012-12-26 1 up,0 down
she likes men! justine bieber likes men!
  Nunyabizz @ 2012-12-27 6 up,44 down
What I don't get is how can he be gay if he has had a bunch if girlfriends and in all of videos he always talks about girls and always touches them and stuff… y'all just haters
  jeff @ 2012-12-27 0 up,1 down
justin is totally absolutely not gay freaks
  Jay Kennedy @ 2012-12-28 37 up,8 down
He is so fake when he is singing, he uses so much auto tune it is unreal. I believe he is gay and just hiding it, come out of the closet Justin and be real.
  Matt @ 2012-12-31 1 up,0 down
He's so far in the closet he's finding next years Christmas presents.
  Richard @ 2013-01-02 27 up,11 down
He seems like such a sweet kid but he is so obviously gay. I feel sorry for him being forced into such a public straight role before he was old enough to figure it all out. I hope he comes through all of this misplaced fame without too much emotional damage. One night with the right guy and he will know his true orientation beyond doubt.
  MAZ @ 2013-01-02 34 up,5 down
If you don't think he's gay, you haven't seen his instagram pictures. He purposely does the faces teenage girls typically do in their "self shots" for instagram or any social networks. Also, the ridiculous amount of vanity in taking 2-5 self shots a day for Instagram and making sure he looks absolutely perfect in each is very disturbing for just a teenage guy who is supposedly straight. Go check it out for yourselves then come back here and vote accordingly :)
  me @ 2013-01-03 25 up,7 down
I don't know, but that picture is definitely gay.
  Rain @ 2013-01-04 6 up,22 down
To be honest, I'm not sure...although it is possible he could be gay and simply isn't ready to come to terms with it yet. Or he could be completely straight and just be an effeminate person.
  Hanh Bui @ 2013-01-04 0 up,1 down
This site is false and not true, this site has criticized Hollywood stars.If they know it will be very angry if you're a fan, do not say so!
  HanhBui @ 2013-01-05 10 up,52 down
  Joy @ 2013-01-05 9 up,34 down
I'm not a Beiber fan but seriously? He has such a pretty boy face that he's not even cute. He tries to act like a gangster and he thinks he's just the hottest thing. None of those things make him gay. Quit using it as an insult like stupid. He doesn't act feminine and has never been seen with a guy in that way. Quit conjuring things up in your mind. -_- It doesn't matter either way to me if he is cause I don't listen to him. Just irritating cause now yall bringing it on 1D and my love Hunter Hayes. Get a life poeple.
  Shae @ 2013-01-06 23 up,6 down
Effeminate? How is he effeminate? Gay maybe but girly no.... I only suspect he's gay because when he's asked at interviews he acts all weird and gets quiet.... but I suppose that could be because he doesn't want to offend any one, though i don't know how he'd do that. Or maybe he's tryna find the right words so it doesn't slip. Who cares, I gjve the kid 5 years, after that he'll either be playing in casinos or an official mini Usher, because come on he already is might as well make it official.
  gildo9 @ 2013-01-06 1 up,0 down
100% GAY
  Francesca @ 2013-01-08 12 up,49 down
justin is not gay lol ... he had so many girlfriends lol :)
  yeah @ 2013-01-09 1 up,0 down
You may not believe but he is bisexual actually
  sycobich @ 2013-01-10 50 up,16 down
  Menny @ 2013-01-12 1 up,0 down
Justin is has gay as they come, ask any one, the dude looks like a girl.
  eddie @ 2013-01-12 1 up,0 down
you cant get anymore gay!
  e @ 2013-01-12 1 up,0 down
not gay but bi
  yo @ 2013-01-16 1 up,0 down
So gay. He's dating Jaden Smith.
  brain @ 2013-01-16 37 up,13 down
the problem with us americans (and some others) is that most people equate effeminacy with homosexuality, when in reality there is no correlation as far as ive seen, because i have SEEN (argue all ya want) gay football players, and i have seen effeminate straight guys. when he decides to tell us for real, we will know, until then, stop acting like you have some omniscient gaydar on people you have never actually met when in reality you don't know one way or the other no matter how sure you say you are.
  @ 2013-01-16 1 up,0 down
I met Justin and I think he's bisexual because of the way he
Carries himself and how he deals with anger and stress but he definitely
Not full on gay I also asked him he uses the same excuse myfriend,made before
Coming out I have a girlfriend and he was very upset but still a nice person
  Silver @ 2013-01-19 28 up,48 down
Okay I'm gay myself and honestly Justin Bieber is completely straight. I'VE NEVER gotten a vibe from him. Other than that, I dislike him. He's very unintelligent and I'm surprised that he scored so high on this site.
  Scott @ 2013-01-19 1 up,0 down
Justin is definitely a lesbian.
  Kurt @ 2013-01-19 1 up,0 down
He is so gay that he sweats AIDS!
  scorpio @ 2013-01-20 1 up,0 down
  In love @ 2013-01-23 58 up,23 down
I hope he is gay because I love him
  Hellsssno @ 2013-01-23 1 up,0 down
Whatever, gay or not, I wouldn't like him more or less. He's a stupid kid and his music is insufferable. There, I said it! :P
  Hellsssno @ 2013-01-23 1 up,0 down
Whatever, gay or not, I wouldn't like him more or less. He's a stupid kid and his music is insufferable. There, I said it! :P
  justin beiber @ 2013-01-26 0 up,1 down
i am not gay dumb bitches
  @ 2013-01-31 1 up,0 down
I wanna have his gay babies
  Jonathan @ 2013-02-10 1 up,0 down
I thinks he's gay because he loves showing off his butt (sagging). I hope everyone knows the history behind sagging. Stop being so naive! Soon, Usher is going to hit that, if not already!
  Danny @ 2013-02-11 1 up,0 down
I see many people here stating, "I know he's straight, cause I saw it on TV.". Need I comment on that?
  Laura @ 2013-02-12 1 up,0 down
He's gay. My little brother has been making out with him when he was at an afterparty touring in our state. The "straight" statements are just to people shouldnt judge. I wish we leaved in a country where people wouldnt care. so what that he's gay. Thats ok!!
  Laura @ 2013-02-12 1 up,0 down
He's gay. My little brother has been making out with him when he was at an afterparty touring in our state. The "straight" statements are just to people shouldnt judge. I wish we leaved in a country where people wouldnt care. so what that he's gay. Thats ok!!
  Neptune @ 2013-02-15 1 up,0 down
He's got that no closet can hold him look.A mummy's boy if ever there was one.
  Hello me @ 2013-02-17 1 up,0 down
He's gay and good on him. Though he needs to come out
  Haha... @ 2013-02-17 1 up,0 down
  Googleplus @ 2013-02-18 1 up,0 down
Gay as the day is long. He'll come out in 5 or 10 years. He can't do it now because it would jeopardize his career.
  @ 2013-02-18 1 up,0 down
hes not gay . if anything hes bisexual thats ok love you justin very singer love your all your songs
  not important @ 2013-02-22 1 up,0 down
He def isn't gay but maybe he will try some 'bisexual things' in future,who knows XD
  jalynn moore @ 2016-02-25 0 up,1 down
if Justin bebir gay I will no ever listin to music again
  jalynn moore @ 2016-02-25 0 up,1 down
I am 12 years hold and in 6th grade and I love Justin Beiber and if he is gay I will be disapoted and it will take a long time for me to get over what I found out.
  Brooklyn @ 2016-02-28 0 up,1 down
I don't think Justin beiber is gay the gay o meter is fake if you think he is gay you don't be meen
  Brooklyn @ 2016-02-28 0 up,1 down
Why do people think he is gay
  bigdicknotgay @ 2016-03-01 1 up,0 down
I hate him. He sucks pito everyday. if I could throw him into that pit from star wars to be devoured by whatever the **** that thing is he would probably like it sticking its long ass tentacle in up his a$$ cuz hes a ******* gay white boy
  @ 2016-03-01 1 up,0 down
I know this has nothing to do with you being gay or straight I know that today is your birthday or is it WELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 EVER AND ALWHASE
  @ 2016-03-01 1 up,0 down
Justin was recently photographed while hanging out in a gay club in west hollywood.. now that is gay...
  These nuts guty @ 2016-03-02 1 up,0 down
Justin binder is a gay doosh
  hannah doner @ 2016-03-06 0 up,1 down
im sorry that i called u gay i do not think your gay. i love you to the moon and back!
  @ 2016-03-08 0 up,1 down
omg! I never thought Justin being gay! like I don't have a problem of ppl being gay but I never thought of Justin being gay!
  C.Syde65 @ 2016-03-11 1 up,0 down
Someone needs to correct his information, in that he's gay. Some person made a false correction two years ago. It actually said he was gay. He is gay, but he pretends that he's straight. People have said it themselves, he's gay but he pays Selena Gomez to go out with him, so as to hide his true sexual orientation.
  Megan @ 2016-03-12 1 up,0 down
JB may really like boys more than girls but that's because "he's" a girl. She is hetero. See positive evidence related to specific female physical characteristics cited on several YouTube videos.
  wondering @ 2016-03-15 1 up,0 down
where did all the comments go?
  dillan @ 2016-03-22 1 up,0 down
he bummed my friend callum murry
  dillan @ 2016-03-22 1 up,0 down
he bummed my friend callum murry
  Rat @ 2016-03-29 1 up,0 down
Just because Justin is around girls all the time is not an indicator that he his not gay, in fact, its just the opposite. Dating girls is also not a good indicator, as he will do this just for the media, which most celebrities do, to swerve them off the gay trail
  anomynous L.A. @ 2016-03-30 1 up,0 down
He is gay, but avoiding it publicly. The girls are used as covers. That is why he can't stay with one girl. It's to make him look not gay. But I know the truth. I'm a secret insider from Hollywood myself.
  destiny @ 2016-03-31 1 up,0 down
Justin biber people think your gay all around like united states were I live for myh opinon I think ur cute and not gay so text back
  kklove @ 2016-04-02 0 up,1 down
So not gay but gulity of being hot
  melissa olivero @ 2016-05-06 0 up,1 down
I don't think Justin Bieber is gay because he we dating a lot of girls.
  breanna @ 2016-05-07 1 up,0 down
Justin you make awesome music but I'm soory to say this but you are "GAY" soory!
  @ 2016-05-21 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber sucks
  @ 2016-05-26 1 up,0 down
  Amaya @ 2016-05-31 0 up,1 down
He can't be gay if he used to go out with Selena Gomez and just BC he likes the color purple doesn't mean anything my brother likes pink and blue but when he was little my mom sat 2 blocks In front of him and he picked blue just BC Justin bieber likes purple doesn't mean he is gay
  Amaya @ 2016-05-31 0 up,1 down
He can't be gay if he used to go out with Selena Gomez and just BC he likes the color purple doesn't mean anything my brother likes pink and blue but when he was little my mom sat 2 blocks In front of him and he picked blue just BC Justin bieber likes purple doesn't mean he is gay
  Charlene Russell @ 2016-06-07 1 up,0 down
I love u u are like my boyfriend can we be friends
  penis @ 2016-06-08 1 up,0 down
this guy is gay as hell
  Brooklynn @ 2016-06-14 0 up,1 down
Justin Bieber is sweet he is not gay
  Lakeira Bell @ 2016-06-26 0 up,1 down
I was so counfused if he was gay or strait because my cousins showed me this picture that justin beiber kissing another dued put under it something about the guy is fine and something else nasty today I had watch his video of one of his conserts and he had tuch a girl but and it had so many weomen on their so I had got counfused who was right and who was wrong but I truly think that justin beiber is not gay but I love him
  donnie @ 2016-08-08 1 up,0 down
realy gay
  @ 2016-08-12 0 up,1 down
Sorry for calling u gay
  UKer @ 2016-08-13 1 up,0 down
think ppl are confusing gay with shit.
  @ 2016-08-14 1 up,0 down
many people say he is gay because to be fair he looks relly gay
  Mitch @ 2016-08-28 1 up,0 down
He's defo doing Luke Hamilton
  SaTN @ 2016-09-24 1 up,0 down
Don't care how many "Beards" this no talent cnadian bacon lunatic clown is seen with "in public", he's a virg with woman and only does other sissy looking homo boys buts! Bet Justine has had even more cosmetic surgery than that pig faced mexiturd Selena Homez!
  Dick Cox @ 2016-12-26 1 up,0 down
He puffed my peter outside a chuck e cheese for free, he didn't even accept my tokens as payment. Pretty gay in my book, cheif
  marcus @ 2017-02-10 1 up,0 down
Hey Justin, straight guys usually hang with guys not girls.
  @ 2017-03-21 1 up,0 down
i whot to f**k him so hard
  bignig @ 2017-03-24 1 up,0 down
he's totes gay
  @ 2017-06-06 1 up,0 down
justin is gay
  Whitney @ 2017-07-07 0 up,1 down
He is not gay him and Selena dated along with a whole lot of other people.
  katie @ 2017-09-17 0 up,1 down
I love him
  katie @ 2017-09-17 0 up,1 down
Not gay at all he's cute
  @ 2017-11-03 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber has more boyfriends than Dolly Parton !
  karl @ 2017-12-29 1 up,0 down
Justin Bieber is the original sissy-boy incarnate.
  Beel @ 2018-05-16 1 up,0 down
OMG, he gives a YUGE gay vibe.

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