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Why people think George Clooney is not gay
George Clooney is dating Stacy Keibler (from July 2011-present)
George Clooney dated Elisabetta Canalis (from July 2009-June 2011)
George Clooney dated Sarah Larson (from Jan 2007-May 2008)
George Clooney had a fling with Lucy Liu (from Dec 2006-Dec 2006)
George Clooney dated Lisa Snowdon (from Jan 2000-June 2005)
George Clooney dated Krista Allen (from Jan 2002-Oct 2004)
George Clooney was rumored to be with Renee Zellweger (from Jan 2003-Dec 2003)
George Clooney was rumored to be with Charlize Theron (from Jan 2000-June 2000)
George Clooney was rumored to be with Lucy Liu (from Jan 2000-Jan 2000)
George Clooney dated Celine Balitran (from March 1996-July 1999)
George Clooney was rumored to be with Karen Duffy (from Feb 1995-Jan 1995)
George Clooney was married to Talia Balsam (from Dec 1989-June 1993)
George Clooney dated Kelly Preston (from Feb 1988-Jan 1988)

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  j @ 2012-02-05 58 up,10 down
Uh yeah ... very.
  Nell-o-tron @ 2012-03-04 71 up,12 down
Completely out to industry-friends. Completely closeted to the general public. That's the way Hollywood does business. If he wants to come out, he gets to do it on his terms.
  Johnny @ 2012-03-08 57 up,10 down
Just imagine how much money he has wasted on beards!
  @ 2012-03-17 48 up,8 down
Clooney is Tyrone Power re-incarnated...pretty and gay!!
  hfs @ 2012-03-24 36 up,7 down
Tyrone Power I have to look his bio up was he in alot of relationships in order to mask his gayness.
  fran @ 2012-03-24 27 up,6 down
I agree with you Nell-o-tron.
  CGH @ 2012-04-26 72 up,10 down
George Clooney has a house on Lake Como in Italy. Since his arrival, and the reputation he has with the locals, its now known as Lake Homo, according to my Italian friends:) Also have a gay friend who went to NC University with him, who said they had a fling together. I wish him all the best which ever way he leans, as he comes across as a very nice and articulate person, and that is all that counts:)
  Antao @ 2012-06-12 46 up,8 down
I just wish the hell he'd come out. He's a fantastic guy in person, and he could do so much good in helping change attitudes.
  If You Seek Amy @ 2012-06-19 32 up,8 down
I have been saying this to many of my Gay friends. They do not believe he is "family". I always say name a woman he has dated that has ever done an interview about their relationship.When it's done they're lips are sealed. Heck their lips are sealed while they're "dating" him. LOL. He must have an iron clad contract with them.
  norma @ 2012-06-22 44 up,4 down
OMG-the man is in every way gay!
  Atlgirl @ 2012-07-10 41 up,5 down
Know a gay person who "knows" he is very gay
  Cassandra @ 2012-08-03 25 up,4 down
He said he was gay in a recent interview. But everyone assumed he was kidding?
  Jill @ 2012-11-11 42 up,4 down
I figured that out back in the ER days. Token photo of him with a woman once or twice a year. Celebrity magazines show him with all men on his motorcycle trips and such. Female celebs that publicly crush on him, after they meet him have no mention of him again. I really like him as an actor and world awareness projects are of top notch character. It just looks like he lives a lie in his eyes.

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