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Elton John is dating David Furnish (from Feb 1993-present)
Elton John was married to Renate Blauel (from Oct 1984-March 1988)

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According to 10066 visitors Elton John is 83% gay.
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  amanda. @ 2011-11-08 62 up,33 down
he has a husband and has an adopted baby with that guy.
there is no question at all if he is gay or straight.
Hes a VERY VERY talented gay guy, and there is no problem with that ^.^
  Ears14U @ 2011-12-08 0 up,1 down
Why is it that people say that it's ok to be a homosexual? Now according to Biblical views, it says that God abhors gays/lesbians? And it also says that he will DESTROY them along with all other sinners at the end of this age of man. Now what would you rather bet your actual "soul" on? What "you" believe? Or what God the father believes?
  God @ 2011-12-25 1 up,0 down
Umm, Ears14U... stop quoting me. I never said that.
  Satan @ 2011-12-25 1 up,0 down
Ears1 4u, Please come home. Mom and I miss you!
  You guys @ 2011-12-27 1 up,0 down
Are awesome.Just that.Oh,and btw God,I actually read the bible,even tho' I'm an atheist.:D
  Sigh.. @ 2011-12-28 1 up,0 down

I believe in what I think is right instead of following a book that was written a few thousand years ago. Doesn't God also say he loves every single person? Quite contradicting don't you think? Besides, even Jesus has two dads, right?
  Horst werener @ 2012-01-05 21 up,18 down
Gay as John is.!!!! Fantastic singer really talented. Has a great stage presence and has a good vocal range.
Love his music.
  Jordin @ 2012-01-08 31 up,19 down
He's def gay! But that's okay! Everyone deserves to be exactly who they want to be! End of discussion!
  @ 2012-01-19 1 up,0 down
Ears14U: Your religion IS gay. It was organized by men who obviously wanted to be with other men and had no problem in abstaining from sex with women. Over the centuries, women have only grudgingly been granted human status by most Christian institutions and continue to be considered little more than reproductive machines for factions like the Catholic church. Women have always been presented to the people as a "necessary evil" by the clergy - an evil they cunningly avoided through segregation in monasteries and the establishment of "abstinence as a virtue" in European society. Oh yes, and before anyone could accuse them of homosexual activity, they publicly denounced that too. Just so, you know, know one would get the wrong idea and all.
Christianity is so homo that it should get it's own gay-o-meter. Jesus and his harem of 12 men sure paved the way for all things gay.
  Taylor @ 2012-02-01 9 up,26 down
Everyone has the right to their own beliefs and Christianity is not gay. How could you even say that?
  th3v1ct3m @ 2012-02-05 0 up,1 down
god and ears14u everybody knows god doesn't exist and the bible was written by 6 high ass middle eastern f*cks who then gave to somebody who spoke english and then that retard wrote what he thought it said then making an elaborate story so you would believe it and give the churches money that the government can take away. but hey the more retards who give cash the faster economy is fixed so why not
  Elton John @ 2012-02-12 80 up,5 down
I can't believe I only got 82%!
  Jesus @ 2012-02-13 3 up,28 down
Now now, Dad, turn the other cheek. And hey Satan, you can have him because if he thinks JUDGING other people is what I wanted Christians to do well then he's either misguided or well just plain not worthy of my kingdom. This is for you Ears14u.
  Sam @ 2012-02-21 1 up,0 down
How the heck is Elton not 100%?? lol if ANYONE is absolutely, completely, one hundred percent gay it's that man!!

which, btw, there is NOTHING WRONG WITH. and if there IS a god or a higher power out there, I'm sure he/she/it would agree that hating others based on who that person loves is a much bigger 'sin' than loving someone who of the same gender. but arguing with christians is pointless cuz they make no sense so whatever.. y'all can live in hate for all i care, but I know that's not what this life is meant to be about. and hate in the name of god is still hate, and still bad... if you don't think so, just look at the terrorists. everything they did was in the name of god and it didn't make it any less evil!!

elton, keep on rocking!
  Lucas @ 2012-02-25 1 up,0 down
100% gay
  @ 2012-02-25 22 up,22 down
He's gay he's great and there's NOTHING wrong with being gay!! They don't harm us, they did nothing wrong to us, so it's definitely NOT a sin!
  me @ 2012-02-27 1 up,0 down
110% gay.
  GayDarThVader @ 2012-03-03 34 up,6 down
What are the other 18% thinking!!!??
  Mike @ 2012-03-08 1 up,0 down
To Ears14U, f*ck off. The bible says nothing about lesbians. Why? because when the old guys were writing it they could not imagine 2 women going at it. As for Revelations, "homosexual" did not exist as a word until the 1800's so how is it in a 2000 year old book??
  George @ 2012-03-10 1 up,0 down
I thought Elton was Bi-Sexual.
Remember he married that German girl Renate Blauel.
  mark @ 2012-03-14 1 up,0 down
Go over to the dead sea that was where sodomy gomorrah admah zeboim and cost used to be on the western bank you will find the remnants of the city walls and the brimstone(sulfer) can ne dug out of the rock there. Those same Angels that destroyed that valley (which had been as Eden for beauty) announced the birth of Jesus and are also on this earth right now and more specifically in this nation and they carry a mandate from Jesus to destroy and no one can stop them so mock and laugh all you want it was your choice. The churches will be the first to taste that sword and do think you will escape? "Lo I begin to bring evil upon the city which is called by my name and shall ye go unpunished? "Jeremiah 25
  mark @ 2012-03-14 1 up,0 down
Lot and his two daughters were the only humans to escape that destruction and he fled to zoar but quickly left there as it was the last city to be destroyed. The fact that the children of ammon and moab(the sons of Lot) still exist is further proof of the truth of that destruction. Lot was Sarahs brother Sarah was Abrahams wife Abraham was the father of Isaac. Isaac was the father of Jacob whose name wad changed by Jesus to Israel Israel was the father of 12 sons who were the prgenitors of the people known as Israelites or in the common vernacular Jews Moses met with Jesus in Sinai where Jesus wrote the ten commandments on two tables of stone. The ark of the covenant containing those same tables written by the finger of God has been found it is in a cave directly underneath Golgotha (calvary) where Jesus died and they are being guarded by four Angels right now so if you do not believe in the wrath of the living God you go on over to that cave right there in Jerusalem and try to enter that cave - those angels will slay you immediately . Six Levites in priestly garments entered that cave they were immediately slain. They are descendants of the same priests who mocked Him spat on Him and finally had Jesus murdered in cold blood . They were filled with unbelief and lust just like you . Do really "believe" you will escape?
  mark @ 2012-03-14 1 up,0 down
Atlanta shall fall just like Jericho of old that was the first city destroyed by Jesus when Joshua led the Israelites across to conquer Canaan anciently.
  Str8isGreat @ 2012-03-17 1 up,0 down
Hello, let me just start off by saying SAM is a gay-kiss-ass-typical-brainwashed-WIMP.. Homosexual feelings are a genetic flaw in biology.. They ruin society with there disgusting body language n pathetic parades. All straight people (majority of society) think gay pride day is a f*cking joke.. If gays would be how they were in the 60/70's(OMG actually lead private lives like Normal People!!!) Things/feelings about them would be back to normal.. Have a Blessed Day:)
  @ 2012-03-23 15 up,2 down
he has less gay percentage than Nadal, makes no sense... hahaha
  unbelievable @ 2012-03-23 16 up,2 down
If Elton is thought to be only 80% gay on this site, then I'm going to add and subtract 20% from all obvious ridiculous meter readings.
  Light @ 2012-03-29 1 up,0 down
Famous Russian translator Dmitry Puchkov suffer persecution because the authorities because of the open sexual relations with her friend Oleg Zotov. Support of two lovers! Express open protest against the oppression of pigeons!
  @ 2012-04-15 1 up,0 down
Hey, WTF, Elton John = -863391% gay?

I would better believe in +863391% for Dmitry Puchkov, although this is contrary to the Law of Conservation of Gayness
  the truth is @ 2012-04-18 0 up,1 down
he is less gay than Obama
  doodlepoo @ 2012-05-12 0 up,1 down
he is not gay, i know him personally, he lovessss to eat p***y, the whole gay thing is a publicity fraud, you know everyone wants to appear gay because it's cool to be gay. When he is home he is very straight, girls come in and out all the time.
  d @ 2012-05-24 14 up,1 down
he is gay he has admit it and he has a husband and a child
  Bobby Loves2humpu @ 2012-06-06 1 up,0 down
The boys is a GAYE
  Dani3l @ 2012-06-09 31 up,2 down
As gay as an Easter parade.

So gay he makes Truman Capote look like John Wayne.

So gay that no rainbows occurred anywhere on Earth for six years after his birth because all the gay had been used up making him.
  Elton John @ 2012-06-16 1 up,0 down
So what U guyz it doesn't matter
  Gus @ 2012-06-17 11 up,3 down
Just 94%?...?? Sir Elton John, must be kidding
  me @ 2012-06-24 2 up,12 down
Its not just a yes/no type of thing..its a spectrum, some people are more gay than others. thats why its a percentage!
  Leah @ 2012-06-26 18 up,1 down
Omg, I can't believe it! Elton seems SO straight!
  Me @ 2012-07-11 0 up,1 down
I hope he gets aids.
  hayhay @ 2012-08-08 1 up,0 down
He was married to a woman once but that must have been when he was on coke then when sober was like damn what did I do lol elton rules
  Garden Hose @ 2012-08-27 1 up,0 down
Is this a trick question, a comment, or are we testifying? Elton is a 100% Pillow Biter!
  dee4u2nv @ 2012-08-29 15 up,2 down
Some people might not know this, but Elton John's very first marriage was to a woman, who at the time, was his close friend and sound engineer. Her name was Renate Blauel and they married on Valentine's Day 1984. Their marriage lasted three years.
  dee4u2nv @ 2012-08-29 1 up,0 down
Some people might not know this, but Elton John's very first marriage was to a woman, who at the time, was his close friend and sound engineer. Her name was Renate Blauel and they married on Valentine's Day 1984. Their marriage lasted three years.
  Livy @ 2012-09-02 1 up,0 down
10000000% gay. known fact.
  aleco @ 2012-09-17 0 up,1 down
this guy is straight i heard he asked out katie holmes
  cutie @ 2012-10-15 3 up,12 down
He is gay, but he has the voice of an angel :D just saying.His songs were sung by a woman in lion king.
  Hummels @ 2012-10-17 11 up,21 down
God bless the adopted child... Imagine the shock he is gonna get
  Hummels @ 2012-10-17 0 up,1 down
God bless the adopted child... Imagine the shock he is gonna get
  Hummels @ 2012-10-17 0 up,1 down
God bless the adopted child... Imagine the shock he is gonna get
  Cotton @ 2012-11-12 5 up,15 down
Of course, he's gay, but he's a nice gay chap who isn't a totalitarian atheist. For a gay atheist fellow, he's very cool indeed. =)
  CG yo @ 2012-11-20 1 up,0 down
um i would think 100% but ok lol
  erudito @ 2012-11-23 0 up,0 down
Es gay pero no lo necesita para ser lo talentoso que es, ser gay es un problema sexual no es normal.
  gan @ 2012-11-27 1 up,0 down
I know he's gay but i can tell he has slept with at least one women in his life.
  @ 2012-12-05 12 up,5 down
Songwriters, singers and entertainers are notoriously and disproportionally gay
  Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. @ 2012-12-28 1 up,0 down
Cute little bugger
  Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. @ 2012-12-28 1 up,0 down
Cute little bugger
  Fredrick @ 2013-01-13 5 up,26 down
He's not gay, It's all an act. You can't argue with millions of albums sold.
  Queen Elizabeth @ 2013-01-14 1 up,0 down
HE ate my bush better than my son!
  K.M. @ 2016-02-26 1 up,0 down
Is Elton John gay??--sheesh! Is the Pope Catholic?!
  cc850 @ 2016-08-05 0 up,1 down
hes not gay he just plays one on tv
  @ 2017-02-16 0 up,1 down
There is no way Elton John is gay! No way!!!
  Tug Peters @ 2017-03-18 1 up,0 down
Rock my croc and tickle my ivories daddy!
  gaysuck @ 2017-05-03 1 up,0 down
Elton john is 100% gay you dumb fks that didnt vote 100%
  GreyBeard @ 2017-06-21 1 up,0 down
Elton John is MARRIED to David Furnish!
  john gavin @ 2018-01-16 1 up,0 down


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