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According to 1447 visitors Douglas Booth is 47% gay.
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  mystery @ 2012-01-08 8 up,9 down
I hope hes straight
  Avizandum @ 2012-01-11 6 up,23 down
Hope he's straight too, would be a waste of a good man if he was gay!
  @ 2012-01-11 4 up,1 down
  Douglas booth <3 @ 2012-01-22 4 up,2 down
Didn't he do a gay scene with matt smith though?
  lol @ 2012-01-30 6 up,9 down
he is to fit to be gay
  @ 2012-02-12 0 up,0 down
To sexy to be gay
  candide @ 2012-02-15 0 up,0 down
totally gay. too fit and too sexy to be straight
  laralara @ 2012-02-22 9 up,4 down
HE IS GAY :) totally gay
  @ 2012-03-01 1 up,1 down
Seems as though you've been trolled. Lol. Don't worry - you'll live. People always do.
  @ 2012-03-26 5 up,3 down
I hope he's not gay. It would just make watching Romeo and Juliet really awkward. Dx
  millie @ 2012-04-03 0 up,0 down
i really hope he is not gay. he is absolutely gorge
  Wink @ 2012-04-08 4 up,5 down
UMMMMM, he's on the cover of Gay Times magazine. That's like being the queen of gay fellas!
  @ 2012-04-15 2 up,1 down
Aha! does that stop you from watching Neil Harris play a man whore in How I Met Your Mother?? No :P and anyway, i he has features of a complex gay person :P
  urin @ 2012-04-18 4 up,0 down
He is NOT gay...He jst appeared on the cover of gay magazine.
  Lily @ 2012-04-23 4 up,6 down
he's to sexy to be gay
  Lexa @ 2012-05-19 2 up,0 down
He's straight, he just does a lot of gay roles, but im not sure why, but he is deffo straight!
  LOLA @ 2012-06-10 2 up,2 down
The way he looks at handsome men says it all. He IS gay.
  LOLA @ 2012-06-10 1 up,2 down
The way he looks at handsome men says it all. He IS gay.
  Scarlett @ 2012-06-18 4 up,2 down
Definitely gay. But he's a good actor, so it won't matter in films.
  @ 2012-06-21 3 up,3 down
I watched that LoL movie and i was really sure in the beginning he was gay but i watched that whole movie and then i thought: " hey, he can be just a model, maybe he is not gay:)" when i went to home i went to computer and checked was he or wasnt he gay... and now pretty sure he is not gay, i hope so:)
  Anaa @ 2012-07-24 2 up,1 down
"He also recently appeared on the cover of Gay Times magazine. But don’t worry girls, he is straight" - - its in the end ;)
  i hate one direction @ 2012-08-02 2 up,2 down
he is so hot i really hope he isnt gay
  Mystery @ 2012-08-05 3 up,2 down
I hope hes not gay he's HOOOOOT!!!
  roos @ 2012-08-11 3 up,1 down
i'm not sure he's gay, i think he's just brittisch and i definitely hope he isn't!!
  I <3 Douglas Booth @ 2012-08-11 2 up,2 down
I really hope he isnt gay cuz he is like the hottest guy to ever walk the planet I <3 him
  i am the biggest Hot Chelle Rae Fan ever @ 2012-08-12 3 up,0 down
he is so hot i love you douglas
  He's So HOT @ 2012-08-17 2 up,3 down
He Better be straight!!!! He is way to good looking to be gay!!!
  He's So HOT @ 2012-08-17 0 up,0 down
He Better be straight!!!! He is way to good looking to be gay!!!
  Beautiful Freak 4eves @ 2012-08-22 2 up,1 down
i think hes straight and his accent only adds 2 the hotness
  @ 2012-09-03 1 up,3 down
He's so cute! d; but he's gay -.-
Totally! You can tel >.<
  @ 2012-12-28 4 up,1 down
better not be gay

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