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  Victoria @ 2013-01-04 3140 up,4 down
During the period (1988 - 1990) I would see this Actor many times in Hastings, East Sussex, UK, with SO many different and GORGEOUS young women. Not all the young ladies looked or sounded English either. I also saw him once (in late 1990) on the Brighton Pier. A gorgeous and stunning brunette was cuddling him and speaking to him in French. They looked really good together. :-)
  Amanda @ 2013-01-05 1587 up,2 down
Does it even matter? :-)
He's a cool guy. XO
  Emma @ 2013-01-05 1677 up,4 down
I love this man.
  Grace @ 2013-01-05 1576 up,4 down
Before he got really poorly, wasn't he married?

  melissa @ 2013-01-06 1682 up,1 down
He has been married to the same woman for twenty three years. So ...... Not Gay. ;-)
  F.j.S @ 2013-01-08 2351 up,2 down

It's such a shame that Dean is so unwell. I went to drama
school with him in London and the school was for British and International students; who came from all over the world to study acting/drama. At that time Dean "dated" three fellow students that "I" knew of. A beautiful long haired Indian student who was some kind of "Princess" or form of "Royalty" in her own country. He also dated two American girls, but I can't remember from which parts of America they came from? (Long time ago now) Those two girls were very pretty and talented. His family ran a pub in Hastings, (East Sussex) as Dean travelled a fair way to get to school. (He ended up staying at various London based students homes, as he never ever had enough money for the train, or food!) There was an International English Language School in Hastings, were many girls would come to learn English from places like; Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Swiss-German, etc. I remember him "dating" many pretty girls from that school. He fell in love with an English girl. (A stunning tall, dark skinned brunette from Rye in East Sussex) whom he met at "Pink's Gym" in Hastings. He never stopped talking about her. I wonder what she's up to these days? (I remember she wanted to pursue a career as a model) He also dated a well known former child actress, who has since sadly passed away. He went to Australia for one of his first television acting jobs straight after graduating from drama school and he ended up doing a "Robin Stewart" (Bless This House) and settling there. (In Australia)
My memories of Dean are fond ones. He was very passionate about acing and study. He was a real trier. He was always well dressed despite never having any money. Dean was always asking if he could sleep in someone's bath tub or on their floor. He never had any money for lunch, dinner or the pub. He ALWAYS seriously struggled to pay his school fees and I remember him in his last year of drama school working so many waitering/cleaning jobs till 3.00 AM, etc. He actually looked really unwell and very unhealthy during that final year. His family did not help him in any way in that regards. It made him more determined than ever to graduate as the most outs standing student and to try and work in the industry. He was always kind and generous and always a real gentleman. He was very clever and funny at comedy, mime, improvisation and especially accents.
It is so sad to hear of his health problems (the ones in which he has made public) He admits to; diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, glaucoma, a rare and severe degenerative joint disease, (30+ operations) and his manic depression and now severe anxiety. There is more health problems and aIso direct human loss of family that he keeps private. His neck, back, hips and knees are so bad that he has been practically 100% bed ridden for the past eight years. He has been like this since around late November, 2005. He also has very limited eye sight and suffers with very painful "eye-blood pressure." As a result, Dean has aged quite badly indeed. Dean was the first of all of us to get his full British Actors' Equity card and he was certainly the first to work professionally amongst us. He was a very funny comic stage actor and I know he could have done as well as, if not better, than many of his fellow students, if he never got so sick. I also think he suffered by moving to Australia when he did as he was just starting to make a name for himself and get good representation. I remember that we were all shocked to see him pop up on the soap opera "Neighbours" just two years after graduating from drama school.
(It was a very popular show at the time in England) I feel for Dean as he also loved music and was a fine artist.
He also worked for Opera Australia over a four year period, appearing in six operas.
He has written hundreds of unpublished songs and has provided personal Artwork for famous people like Anita Dobson and Geoffrey Boycott.
I wish him all the best wishes with his massive fight against illness and depression.

F.j.S x
  Dudley @ 2013-01-09 877 up,2 down
Does it really even matter if someone is gay or straight?
What should matter is if a petson is of a kind and caring nature.
Dean is, despite his illness. :-)
  Michelle @ 2013-01-10 790 up,1 down
Great to see this sweet guy on this great website. A sexy and beautiful man. (Not gay for what it matters) Love Michelle.
  Bounder @ 2013-01-10 726 up,2 down
He played a fantasic gay character "Micky Blotts" in the original Australian stage play "The College Room" and received rave reviews for such a lovable character. I wish him well after hearing how sick he now is.
  Percy @ 2013-01-12 646 up,3 down
@Ben E. Rogers - I don't agree. His acting is not gay.
His artwork and music is not gay either.
Thank you for this cool website.
  Darren @ 2013-01-12 537 up,2 down
I went to primary school with this man. His two primary school sweethearts "girlfriends" were Wendy Elliot (sister of Australian commedian - Col Elliot??? And a girl named Mandy Davis. He played guitar even back then and he would bring it to school sometimes. He was a tiny little frail kid (very cute) He played football and basketball for the school and was a contestant on the then national TV talent show, Young Talent Time.
He was really good at painting and art.
One of the more popular boys at school with the girls.
  BUTshe'sAprettyGIRL @ 2013-01-13 548 up,1 down
This is a great website, thank you.
Dean Measor is not gay for what it is worth. What he is though is brave. He's really suffering with major health problems and I wish him well. XO
  chesney @ 2013-01-16 542 up,1 down
This Actor is not gay, but he IS very poorly.
I wish him God's blessing. XO
  una @ 2013-01-16 523 up,2 down
who cares? And really, it should not matter. :-) What he is, is a lovely kind hearted man. That is what matters to me.
Thank you for letting me have my say gay or straight. :-)
  Veronica @ 2013-01-22 538 up,1 down
Would someone please put his last Australian movie HORSEPLAY on youtube.
Pretty please. X
  Sally T50 @ 2013-01-30 551 up,1 down
His *Acting is NOT gay. *Dynamic stage performer!
His Music and especially his *Artwork is brilliant!
He is now unfortunately in very poor health.
My best wishes to him and I hope he gets well, or at least feels better very soon.
  julia @ 2013-02-06 548 up,1 down
This guy is certainly not gay for what it matters.
What should matter with us all is kindness and compassion.
Thank you.

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