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Chris Hemsworth is dating Elsa Pataky (from Sep 2010-present)
Chris Hemsworth dated Isabel Lucas (from Jan 2005-June 2006)

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  erika @ 2012-06-25 22 up,10 down
Sal, your so called ‘arguments’ and complete post for that matter, is so utterly idiotic I don’t even know for where I should begin.
First of all, in the sentence “Mr. Chris Hemsworth is a total man” you’re implying gay or bisexual men are not, which is so stupid as you probably are. Being man or not has nothing to do with sexual orientation, as you’d like to state.
Secondly, “with a beautiful wife and a soon to be born baby. He is a handsome actor, a decent human being, a loving doting husband and soon to be a wonderful father.”, I would like very much to know what has to do if he has or not a “beautiful wife” and if he will soon be father or not. Starting with the “beautiful wife” statement, two things: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, therefore, what for you it is, or you consider being beautiful, it isn’t an irrefutable truth, it’s just a perspective, and your opinion. And, continuing with the “beautiful wife and unborn kid” remark, you’re right, cause there weren’t and aren’t men in general and actors in particular who get married, have children and all the perfect family (note my sarcasm), just for fear to lose their jobs or/and ruin their careers due the sickly homophobic society we live in, homophobia that is only reinforced by the kind of remarks and baseless ‘arguments’ you state all along you’re post, those of a supposedly ‘certain way’ gay people are, specially man.
“a decent human being, a loving doting husband and soon to be a wonderful father.” I would love too, to know how on Earth you have the information to state that. Do you know him personally to claim he’s a “decent human being, a loving doting husband and soon to be a wonderful father.”? Because that ’d be the only way you could possibly say such things. I am not saying he isn’t, I’m just saying you have not knowledge to say and even less to probe that, and you’re just a probably fan girl who saw Thor or The Avengers and got so madly in love with the muscular, and, as you said “handsome” man, you’d say anything to boost him, basing on absolutely nothing.
“Stop wanting strong masculine men to be another sex toy for the Gay Club.” Oh, Dear, you certainly have won the prize for dumbas* of the year with that sentence. First of all, there are so many masculine men, actors included, that are gay. There you go on and on with all your stupid, baseless remarks that are only stereotypes. Like all gays are flamboyant and effeminate, all lesbians must be butch, and the list goes on and on. Stereotypes are only that, stereotypes, and as any generalization, could never get to cover a certain society group, as it wish and as you clearly wish, too.
And continuing with the “to be another sex toy for the Gay Club”, are you idiot? People like to know about famous people’s sexual orientation, is a fact, as you wanted to, when you decided to click on this web page which is obviously related purely to that. But, with your statement, specially the “sex toy” part, you’re implying that gay people are not capable of falling in love, and that it is, supposedly, all about sex and lust. May I inform you that a big percentage of “straight” marriages end up in divorces (“Married adults now divorce two-and-a-half times as often as adults did 20 years ago and four times as often as they did 50 years ago... between 40% and 60% of new marriages will eventually end in divorce” Source: Wikipedia), and don’t even get me started with the sexual life style of heterosexual people, which isn’t precisely the one of a “beautiful woman” and a “handsome, masculine man” who fall in love, have kids and live happily ever after. People, whatever sexual orientation they are, do not behave like your beloved holy bible says “they should”. Oh, and what’s with the “Gay Club”? I’m heterosexual, so, should I be part of a “Straight Club”? I swear, you’re getting dumber and dumber as I read you.
In sixth place, I’d like to quote you here “All men are not gay nor are they all inclined to wanting to partake in sodomy.”. Of course not all men are gay, but may I inform you that, sodomy is “any non-penile/vaginal copulation-like act, such as oral or anal sex, or any sexual practice that is not dedicated to reproduce” so, even if Chris Hemsworth was, in fact, heterosexual, if he ever participated in activities such as oral or anal sex (with a woman, in this line of reasoning), or if he had or has sexual intercourse with no intention to procreate, like almost any other human being, then, he’d be, as you put it, “partaking in sodomy”.
Finally “So please get a new life people (…)” I suggest you to get a life, and a dictionary too, since you’re clearly too ignorant to be allowed to even use a computer to spread your sickly hate towards gay and bisexual people.

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