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Why people think Brad Pitt is not gay
Brad Pitt is dating Angelina Jolie (from Jan 2005-present)
Brad Pitt is engaged to Angelina Jolie (from empty 0000-present)
Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston (from July 2000-March 2005)
Brad Pitt was rumored to be with Claire Forlani (from Feb 1998-Oct 1998)
Brad Pitt dated Gwyneth Paltrow (from Jan 1994-Jan 1997)
Brad Pitt dated Thandie Newton (from Jan 1994-Jan 1995)
Brad Pitt had a fling with Litka Petrovik (from Jan 1994-Jan 1994)
Brad Pitt dated Juliette Lewis (from March 1989-Jan 1993)
Brad Pitt was rumored to be with Geena Davis (from Jan 1990-June 1991)
Brad Pitt was engaged to Jill Schoelen (from March 1989-June 1989)
Brad Pitt was rumored to be with Elizabeth Daily (from March 1989-Jan 1989)
Brad Pitt had a fling with Christina Applegate (from March 1989-Jan 1989)
Brad Pitt dated Sinitta (from Jan 1987-Jan 1989)
Brad Pitt dated Shalane McCall (from Jan 1987-Jan 1987)
Brad Pitt had a fling with Robin Givens (from Apr 1986-Jan 1987)

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According to 4262 visitors Brad Pitt is 68% gay.
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  @ 2012-02-29 127 up,18 down
When Brad Pitt first got to LA, he was a pool boy for a gay soap writer and lived in his home. Or so I've heard. Gay for pay? Bi?
  @ 2012-06-22 128 up,17 down
I truly think is gay or bisexual like Angelina Jolie, that's why they are fine together. Jennifer Aniston couldn't manage her relationship with him anymore just because of his bisexuality. She clearly said she truly think he's gay indeed........
  dwayne @ 2012-07-15 109 up,17 down
Pitt is Gay and had to laugh when Angelina said they were both too tired to conceive a child. Thus why they used in vitro fertilization - lol
  kikisanny @ 2012-07-22 105 up,16 down
I agree. Pitt is gay and that's why he and Jennifer Aniston couldn't stand to stay with him anymore. Rumours tell that Pitt has been seen several times in gay bars and Jennifer Aniston told he likes beautiful men blonde and young. But before she revelead he was gay there have been rumours he was gay indeed and that he always used to beat on both sides...
  @ 2012-08-10 89 up,14 down
I think he's bi.
  @ 2012-09-01 99 up,14 down
I also think he's bi. A closet bi obviously.
  @ 2012-09-07 116 up,12 down
Any wonder he and Clooney are such good "buddies"? :-)
  @ 2012-12-16 104 up,16 down
Corey, how do you know that he was never a pool boy? Do you personally know him?? Come on, there have always been in past rumors that he is bis-exual. Yes he dated a lot of women, but that doesn't mean that he never had a relationship with a man. Bi-people can date both, women and men. And rumors tell since long time that Pitt had gay flings and relationships. Moreover, there are a lot of clues that let think that he's gay or bis-exual in any case.

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