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Adam Lambert is dating Sauli Koskinen (from Nov 2010-present)
Adam Lambert dated Drake Labry (from May 2009-Oct 2009)

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According to 1956 visitors Adam Lambert is 84% gay.
The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Adam Lambert has been voted highly gay.

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  keiran @ 2012-02-11 7 up,16 down
Lol I luv Adam :)
  tiffany @ 2012-02-18 11 up,7 down
i think adam smexy! ahaha
  Lachlan @ 2012-04-13 6 up,12 down
omg i love adam :D
  Lizzie @ 2012-04-15 5 up,13 down
I love Adam i wish he was straight!
  David @ 2012-05-09 1 up,0 down
Gayer than gay
  Marianna @ 2012-05-18 1 up,18 down
i didn't want to believe it but i guess i have to :( I still Love You Adam!!!!
  Sika-Kyösti @ 2012-06-13 2 up,41 down
Not gay at all!
  Basel @ 2012-06-22 3 up,15 down
hey Yo Im straight even tho i like him
  @ 2012-06-25 26 up,2 down
Why is this even here? Clearly gay.
  AdamAdam @ 2012-07-06 1 up,0 down
Ha, you girls can never have him. A female fan once said to him "I bet you I can turn you straight". And he laughed at her said "not unless you're hiding something under that dress that I don't know about". He's 100 Gay.
  Ciel @ 2012-07-22 7 up,13 down
Gay his out and proud so obviously plus I really love him and more of a chance if his gay as well as me lol.
  Richeeee @ 2012-07-28 15 up,4 down
Omg -.-"! Adam gay. This 100%. I love him.
  BloodySilverSoul @ 2012-07-31 15 up,4 down
it would have been funny if everyone had said that Adam wasn't gay because for all the guys that aren't gay people say they are. just a random thought from me....

anyways, i love you Adam!!!!!!!!!!
  Alison @ 2013-02-22 1 up,0 down
I use to have the biggest crush in Adam but now I don't. I like some of his music and have his CDs and I still love him as a singer! I hate when people talk crap about the gays and stuff. I'm not las or anything, in straight but in just saying

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