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Why people think is not gay had a fling with Natalie Imbruglia (from Nov 2008-Nov 2008) was rumored to be with Nicole Scherzinger (from July 2008-July 2008) was rumored to be with Tila Nguyen (from May 2008-May 2008)

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According to 2182 visitors is 71% gay.
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  Chloe & Livvie @ 2012-05-30 19 up,55 down
Will is not gay! He's fit!!
  Damien @ 2012-06-23 58 up,16 down
Watching him on the Graham Norton show right now, he definitely is gay
  mishka campbell @ 2012-07-12 9 up,47 down is not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is straight stop making up fricken stories about this hot guy!!!!
  @ 2012-07-20 38 up,8 down
i actually don't care if he's gay or not, but hot?? really?
  Zoe @ 2012-12-01 16 up,17 down
Will i am is hot! I've renamed him Will i would! @ 2012-12-15 41 up,12 down
Fantastic music but 100% gay. The outfits, the hair, the lack of female relationships, the comments he's made in interviews (etc) all point towards one thing...
  natalie @ 2012-12-29 8 up,25 down
he isnt gay he couldnt be i love him and i dont think he is gay wat u think he is gay on his clothes so thts fashion but i am sure he isnt gay
  Bruno @ 2013-01-02 28 up,7 down
I think he is gay or bi.
  Keegan @ 2013-01-26 36 up,17 down
All you girls want him to be str8. But he gay. And I'm gonna be his hot interracial boyfriend. Gay and he loves white guys! A white man stole your black man. Hahaha. Loud bitches.
  Becca @ 2013-01-30 27 up,5 down
definitely gay...forreal.
  Levi @ 2013-02-02 15 up,10 down
ya idk, i dont care either, cool either way, he is who he is

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