Is Wil Wheaton gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Wil Wheaton. Do you think Wil Wheatons sexual nature is incorrect? Inform us about the correct sexual orientation.

The sexual orientation of Wil Wheaton Is heterosexual / straight

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According to 459 visitors Wil Wheaton is 71% gay.
The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Wil Wheaton has been voted highly gay.

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  Edward @ 2012-01-09 2 up,0 down
He seems like a good guy. Could be just an enlightened, sensitive straight guy, but gaydar says he's a sister.
  Brandon @ 2012-02-18 0 up,0 down
Takes one to know one (sometimes)... He's Gay =)
  monica @ 2013-01-08 3 up,1 down
Seems like a nice guy. I have 4 sons. One gay and 3 straight. I knew my gay son was gay for sure by the time he was about 5. That was perfectly fine with me and I still feel the same way. I would not change one thing about him-he is perfect just how god made him. I have REALLY good gaydar and I think Wheaton is gay. But its really nobodies biz but his unless he chooses to make it so. (And yes the "make it so" trekky ref was on purpose)

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