Is Tyler Perry gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Tyler Perry. Do you think Tyler Perrys sexual nature is incorrect? Inform us about the correct sexual orientation.

The sexual orientation of Tyler Perry Is heterosexual / straight

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Relationship history:
  • Tyler Perry was rumored to be with Tyra Banks (from Jan 2006-Dec 2006)

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    According to 547 visitors Tyler Perry is 74% gay.
    The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Tyler Perry has been voted highly gay.

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      shiqwanda alazay @ 2012-03-24 5 up,0 down
    so gay! 500 %
      chris @ 2012-04-16 3 up,0 down
    more like 1000%
      chris @ 2012-04-16 0 up,0 down
    ok so my comments aren't being posted. so tyler was with tyra from Jan 06 to dec. 06???? get a proofreader.
      BigMama @ 2012-06-26 3 up,2 down
    Tyler presents his overbearing mother to the word every day as he cross dresses and acts effeminate for the world's "entertainment" (more like revulsion, his products are horrifically terrible). He wants to champion black entertainment. Your product sucks, dude. Be a champion of gay black entertainment and I bet people will stop hating you and backlashing so much
      Juanita @ 2012-08-28 5 up,4 down
    What Damn Difference Does it Make? He is a Human Being with a Good Heart.
      Juanita @ 2012-08-28 6 up,2 down
    Stop labeling people and be happy for them. Who cares if Tyler is gay or straight. He is a talented person and always gives back. Those who are more concern with his personal life has too much time on their hands. Judge not least ye be judged.
      Trina @ 2012-09-20 6 up,3 down
    "What difference does it make?"
    Because LGBT kids will see that all of these rich and powerful celebs are gay and hopefully they won't kill themselves due to teasing.
      @ 2012-10-09 6 up,1 down
    I love and respect Tyler Perry. I think that he is so talented and brainy and funny and a wonderful human being who always gives back. I love all his movies. I cry and laugh and laugh and cry at all of them. And on top of all of his accomplishments, he is hot looking and so well built. Tyler deserves so much respect. Be respectful people. Remember, none of us can't really throw any stones without them being thrown back at us at any given time. Peace and Love. Life is short. Let's all be kind to each other! @ 2012-10-10 2 up,2 down
    I love Tyler Perry. He is talented, handsome,funny, a self made man. What more is there to say about this awesome man. Only ignorant minds would want to dig deep and try to find something negative. Don't waste your time, you would lose!
      hslg @ 2012-10-13 1 up,0 down
    Why is being gay negative? It's not the people wondering about his. sexual orientation being the issue. It's the people making comments like leave him alone or don't saying don't be negative that are making him stay in the closet. Why wouldn't you want to know whether you have a shot or not.

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