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Seth Meyers dated Rashida Jones (from Jan 2004-Jan 2004)

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According to 1400 visitors Seth Meyers is 70% gay.
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  @ 2012-04-21 10 up,5 down
Seth Meyers cannot talk without the word "like" constantly recurring.
  Cathi roden @ 2012-07-13 7 up,16 down
Who cares. Hes FUNNY!!! Thats important!!!!
  Tina @ 2012-07-19 9 up,1 down
He is the reason I cannot like men my age <3
  Tomaso Grigio @ 2012-09-12 64 up,5 down
Seth is a really nice guy I know a bit socially, and totally open being gay in private life. He could do lots of good by just coming out. Nobody would care -- he's on SNL, for hell's sake.

Coming out has not exactly hurt Neil Patrick Harris' career.
  Justdontlikehim @ 2012-09-18 13 up,36 down
He's just another SNL liberal that keeps throwing politics into what's supposed to be a funny show. With what's going on in the world today, politics has no place in humor. It just offends too many people no matter which side you're makeing fun of. SNL stopped being funny a long time ago and while I may or may not think Seth Meyers is gay, that has nothing to do with the fact that Seth just ain't funny.
  JustSayin @ 2012-09-27 151 up,4 down
Seth came out on SNL Thursday. When interviewing Acmadinajad on his "Jew or gay" game, he guessed Seth was both. Seth said not both. That means he is one of them, and his Irish background means he is not a Jew. You do the math. :)
  Tina @ 2012-09-30 4 up,4 down
I really like him and think he is great. I'm straight but nobody cares or has has a guess meter . I watch snl for entertainment not sex. Love snl and I'm 63.
  Fan @ 2012-10-08 20 up,5 down
Hope he's gay. Always thought he was cute, and Weekend Update has always been my favorite part of SNL. :)
  Topgun for Seth @ 2012-10-20 50 up,3 down
Really like Seth Meyers...he is creative, cute and very funny! Don't care whether he is gay or not...I just like him! Especially on can't please everyone (comment on wall)...but the earth continues to turn and the sun rises! So, do conservatives! They spin and spin like the republicans do...and create webs of lies and change like Star Trek changlings...LOL Peace, Joy and Love! ;)
  Louise @ 2012-10-22 13 up,3 down
I'm English just watched my first ever SNL. Why have I never heard of Seth Meyers. He's a god!!! Sorry gryff Rhyss jones you're dumped! Seth my new idol.
  Xoxo @ 2013-01-13 2 up,5 down
He is amazing at what he does and I want to do what he does when I get older and honestly who care weather he is gay or straight

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