Is Ryan Seacrest gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Ryan Seacrest. Do you think Ryan Seacrests sexual nature is incorrect? Inform us about the correct sexual orientation.

The sexual orientation of Ryan Seacrest Is homosexual / gay

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Relationship history:
  • Ryan Seacrest is dating Julianne Hough (from June 2010-present)
  • Ryan Seacrest was rumored to be with Jasmine Waltz (from Jan 2009-Jan 2009)
  • Ryan Seacrest was rumored to be with Katrina Darrell (from Jan 2009-Jan 2009)
  • Ryan Seacrest dated Sophie Monk (from Jan 2008-Jan 2008)
  • Ryan Seacrest had a fling with Teri Hatcher (from March 2006-March 2006)
  • Ryan Seacrest was rumored to be with Paulina Rubio (from Jan 2005-Jan 2005)
  • Ryan Seacrest dated Shana Wall (from Jan 2003-Jan 2005)
  • Ryan Seacrest dated Erica Lancellotti (from Jan 2002-Oct 2003)

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    According to 1333 visitors Ryan Seacrest is 77% gay.
    The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Ryan Seacrest has been voted highly gay.

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      @ 2012-01-28 56 up,2 down
    Voting 100% here is only stating the obvious.
      JJ @ 2012-02-17 67 up,2 down
    He's SOOO gay, I'd bet a shiny dime he's a bottom!
      johnny pierce @ 2012-05-16 51 up,2 down
    anybody who watchs american idle can tell!!!
      andre @ 2012-08-15 5 up,21 down
    Ryan's fame is the American Dream! He got his face on TV, and parlayed it into a blockbuster career! Anyone dissing him is just jealous! He's Richie Cunningham all grown up!
      evan @ 2013-01-26 31 up,1 down
    hey, andre- gay isn't an insult!

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