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  Mike @ 2012-04-20 19 up,30 down
I'm sorry but I think Rob is def gay... I have NEVER even seen him mention girls in a sexual way and Ive followed him for years now... And also, hes like 35 years old and still runs around like a kid. Grow up Rob!! Your old now!! And I hate people that say "O your just jealous, you wish you could do that".. Um actually no I'm not and no, I don't.. I am WAY passed my fun and party days and to be honest If I had the choice to be Rob Dyrdek or myself... Id choose myself, because I love my wife and kids and I wouldnt want to be a single loser at 35 who runs around playing with guys all day. I love having a family and love my normal job and wouldn't trade it for the world. I just find it odd that Rob has been in the media spotlight for like 6-7 years now and not ONCE have we EVER seen him with a girl or even mention a girl... That's pretty sad.
  Brandin @ 2012-06-09 6 up,10 down
He's gay. Rob and big was years ago and the producers set that up thinking its raise ratings but in actuality rob refused to have anymore set up dates.
  Kenny @ 2012-06-26 27 up,8 down
Mike, he's rich and he has fun. You love your life as a family man, he loves his life. I wouldn't call someone a loser just because they choose to live a different lifestyle. You chose family, he chose entrepreneurship and skateboarding and there is nothing wrong with either choice.
  Angel @ 2012-06-26 5 up,7 down
Rob isnt gay how we think about if you look up gay in the dictionary it means happy as the first so he is happy with is life so if you mean like that he is gay but hes not a homosexual
  @ 2012-07-13 4 up,7 down
he is not lol
  closer @ 2012-07-21 14 up,4 down
Rob is bi.
  Maurice @ 2012-08-14 7 up,9 down
he's not gay even if he is 35+ years of age and has no kids or wife or gf or other crap means he wants to have fun with his life before having to care of kids. That's the real meaning of YOLO all these kids having kids 14-16 or in collage or getting ready to graduate is not YOLO its i screwed my self over and now i cant have fun or i do have fun and waste money on babysitters or gas to take them to daycare. So no hes not gay hes smart
  Johnson Carson @ 2012-08-16 10 up,4 down
He must be gay hanging out with guys all day and never once mentioning girls or hitting on his hot "secretary" who was in his face all day on his silly show. He seems to be more interested in guys the way he acts, and never shows interest in girls. Hes never had a date on any red carpet events, only his mom and dad.
  @ 2012-09-02 13 up,5 down
I think u r gay mike
  Johnny B. Chilling @ 2012-12-09 10 up,4 down
Before I comment I just wanna say that I'm not gay, but I d support gays and gay marriage. I have nothing against gays. So with that I just wanna say that I do highly suspect that Rob is gay. Gay men in sports is not uncommon. The reasons I strongly believe that Rob is gay is because I think his manager is gay, I strongly believe that his cartoonist and executive producer for his cartoon show "Wild Grinders" Tracy Tubera is gay. Usually when you surround yourself around gay men chances are that your either gay friendly or gay. Another reason I believe that he's gay is because I have never seen him with a girl (besides when he was being set up on Rob & Big, but he immediately ditched the girl who was attractive by the way, his reasons for ditching her was because she's a D.G. Which in Robs world means dirty girl and he's been already traumatized from them. He was also set up again by a dating agency, but again he ditched the girl because she lied about her age which makes her older than she had stated.) I've also never heard him tell stories or talk about previous women in his life. He also just really doesn't talk about girls, it's as if he's just not interested in women. Maybe he was hurt in the past, maybe he's bi, or maybe he's just gay. I've been traumatized in the past too cause of an ex, and it changed me, like I don't put myself out there anymore for fear of getting hurt, but I'm not gay, I know for a fact because I do love women, and have no desires whatsoever to be involved with a man. I've had friends and co workers suspect that I was gay, but when they see me talking to a woman and how I look at her and how my body language is towards her they know for sure that I'm not gay. When they see me talking to a guy they can tell also that I'm not gay or bi based on my body language. I am kind of a feminine guy both looks and personality wise, so therefore there are suspicions about me sometimes, but like I said everytime they see how I am with a girl they get reminded that I'm straight. Enough about me and back to Rob. Yes he's approaching his late 30's and is single and seems to have been single for as long as we've known him. We've heard him talk about how his cousin drama dates models only now, but why haven't we heard about who Rob dates? We've heard about Big Black's women in his life and how he got a girl pregnant. But nothing about Rob. Nada. There was also an episode where he really wanted to bring Cole Hernandez (YouTube dance sensation from Colorado) to California to hang out with him, which kind of made me wonder about Rob even more. It could be a possibility that Rob is hiding the fact that he's gay because be might lose his appeal to his viewers whom are mostly guys. So maybe he's just protecting his career. It's not like those football player who came out of the closet, they kind of had nothing to lose because they play in a team, they weren't huge stars like Rob who is a mogul who has his own show, companies, a long list of sponsors and pretty much everything a successful person has. Rob gay or not it doesn't and will not affect how I look at him. I will still be his loyal fan, it won't diminish at all and I will just continue to support him more and more and perhaps even more so if he does come out (if he is in fact gay of course) because tha would be truly brave and true of him to come out. He doesn't have to come out if he doesn't want to. It's his life. And I support you Robert.
  Sydney @ 2012-12-28 8 up,5 down
Rob is awesome. I don't care if he likes men, women, or squirrels. You sound rude in your comment. And Johnny, surrounding oneself with gays or straight doesn't make them gay or straight either way. He's accepting and cares about the person more than their preference.
  Alfie @ 2013-01-11 13 up,2 down
Who knows he might be asexual. Haha

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