Is Richard Simmons gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Richard Simmons. Do you think Richard Simmonss sexual nature is incorrect? Inform us about the correct sexual orientation.

The sexual orientation of Richard Simmons Is heterosexual / straight

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According to 398 visitors Richard Simmons is 77% gay.
The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Richard Simmons has been voted highly gay.

Please vote! How gay is Richard Simmons?


  Kev @ 2012-01-28 3 up,1 down
If Richard Simmons is straight then I'm the gayest man in the world.
  tom @ 2012-05-11 5 up,1 down
This site is a joke! Richard Simmons straight? Please!
  MarkBear @ 2012-06-26 18 up,2 down
Now the meter is reading that Richard Simmons is 83% gay. Are you kidding?!! He can overload anyone's gaydar just by standing too close. Is it possible that his extreme & excessive gayness had caused the meter to do a full circle around...and is trying to show him as 183% gay?
  Kazakhstan @ 2012-10-20 0 up,2 down
What did anyone search this?
  MMM @ 2012-11-13 4 up,1 down
"The sexual orientation of Richard Simmons Is heterosexual / straight"

Seriously? lol if you believe that, I have a used car I'd like to sell you.

  Gent @ 2012-11-27 1 up,4 down
It's true he is straight he had a child with a women in 1976.
  @ 2012-12-29 3 up,0 down
the best part is that Tom Cruise is only 1% less gay than Richard Simmons...who the f*uck voted Simmons as straight?
  Jimmy Junk @ 2013-01-27 7 up,5 down
I believe Richard Simmons is straight. Since this site says that Barack Obama is "straight" and he somdomizes America everyday, old Rich doesn't seem gay in comparison.

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