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  Jack @ 2012-09-20 69 up,63 down
He is closeted poor thing. His female fans would prob abandon him in droves if he ever actually came out.
  mark @ 2012-10-02 81 up,57 down
Richard Armitage is gay, is deeply in the closet and has an affair with Lee Pace. His female fans are in total denial and very, very gullible.
  Mick @ 2012-10-03 75 up,87 down
There is no evidence that Richard Armitage is gay only internet gossip.
  mark @ 2012-10-06 28 up,25 down
not so sure the fangurls would abandon him. More likely they would defend him and deny he is gay, see "Mick" above.
  Naomi @ 2012-11-18 98 up,97 down
True fans don't care if he's gay or not, we love Richard for his WORK, because he's an amazing actor and we'll always be respectful with his privacy!
  Sarah @ 2012-11-26 34 up,45 down
I dont think he is gay... but he is very quiet about is personal life so who knows but him really... he did mention a live in girlfriend but that was a while ago and since then we havent heard much about his personal life... but he did go to see Prometheus with Lee Pace, but thats what mates do dont they?
  Bob @ 2012-11-27 66 up,53 down
He is gay and lives in New York with Lee Pace. Annabel Capper was his beard.Sorry, fangurls.
  Cooly @ 2012-11-28 30 up,7 down
Sorry Bob, but where did you get this information ?
  Oh Dear @ 2012-11-28 32 up,39 down
How do we know he is living in New York with Lee Pace? Have they been seen together in New York? This is some pretty good gossip, but doesn't hold much weight without evidence. Sounds a bit more like trolling to me and quite good timing; with both actors appearing in huge movies right now.
  Bob @ 2012-11-29 46 up,34 down
When he says that his life has changed is because he has a new boyfriend, Lee, ans he has moved from London to New York.
  Sarah @ 2012-12-02 15 up,24 down
Richard has been in New York recently, as proven by an interview he did there during the recent storm. Yes, Lee Pace also lives there and there were slightly loose rumours of the two after they went to see a film together whilst filming The Hobbit. But New York is a big place and this doesn't necessarily support the idea that they are dating or living together. But anything is possible. Though I was under the impression Lee was still with his 'long term parter' (as his sexuality has never actually been confirmed) Carter Smith.
  Sarah @ 2012-12-03 7 up,16 down
Richard has been in New York recently, as proven by an interview he did there during the recent storm. Yes, Lee Pace also lives there and there were slightly loose rumours of the two after they went to see a film together whilst filming The Hobbit. But New York is a big place and this doesn't necessarily support the idea that they are dating or living together. But anything is possible. Though I was under the impression Lee was still with his 'long term parter' (as his sexuality has never actually been confirmed) Carter Smith.
  Mick @ 2012-12-04 7 up,16 down
obviously he is living in New York, that would explain why he flew to New Zealand from London with his co stars.
  Mick @ 2012-12-04 30 up,36 down
Just to add to my previous post he flew out from London to new Zealand with his co stars Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis, For the Hobbit premiere, which I thought would be obvious. But all of you will think what you wish. Richard Armitage is a decent man and and an English Gentlemen. That is what is sadly lacking from today's men gay or straight.
  Bob @ 2012-12-04 11 up,5 down
He didn't flew from Lon to NZ with his colleagues. He flew from LA to NZ, same for Elijah Wood.
  Bob @ 2012-12-04 10 up,6 down
Sorry, he didn't fly...
  Oh Dear @ 2012-12-04 13 up,24 down
We do know that the new Air Zealand plane with the Hobbit branding was at LAX, and I believe this is the plane they got on with stops in London and then to Auckland? Even if Richard was flying from LA, that doesn't really mean much considering it's the hub of the industry he works in; where his stylist is and PR people are, who were also on that plane.

Even if he is living in New York now, there's still no evidence of any kind that he's with Pace. Like Sarah said, it's a big city. A lot of actors change up their residences from LA, NY and London all the time. Who knows, maybe there's even a girlfriend in New York? Now wouldn't that be a shock!
  Disgusted @ 2012-12-08 17 up,44 down
Bob has a very reliable source of information, the same one Mark has, too - that is voices they hear in their heads. Come on princesses, get a grip and stop being deluded.
  Just asking @ 2012-12-10 16 up,36 down
Hey Bob, what does your psychiatrist say about it? Have you forgotten your medication?
  Anon @ 2012-12-10 19 up,38 down
Mark, I see that you're very active also on yet another forum spreading your vicious gossip.

May I suggest - get a life? What is it that makes you so frustrated?
  Bob @ 2012-12-17 41 up,28 down
Sorry to disappoint you but Richard Armitage and Lee Pace are a RL couple and a very hot and happy one.
  BrokenXx @ 2012-12-21 43 up,62 down
Lee and Richie are people who keep their private lives private *respect*. Lee's orientation is pretty known, he doesn't have to speak of it or even justify it to the world. Richard, well remains undisclosed and presumably he's straight. Just 'cause two men watch a movie together just doesn't mean they are sleeping together or dating. Men who can't contain their envy are often caught saying "Oh him? he is gay!". That is just a nasty mix of your anger/jealousy wrapped in bigotry/homophobia. Lastly, even if Lee and Richie are dating, they are not going to lose female fans but gain more, 'cause they are two gorgeous men in love, double the eyecandy for us miserable ladies. And I for one would carry the picket signs to support their love (should it exist) and die happy while at it!
  susan @ 2012-12-25 29 up,44 down
Richard's sexual orientation has been discussed on his fan blogs for awhile now and his fans are VERY loyal. Almost to a woman, all they want is for him to "be happy" and "have love in his life" which I do think is very sweet. If he is gay, I don't think he needs to worry about losing that fan base.
  Anon @ 2012-12-27 19 up,44 down
Be careful with responding to such posts. The entire RA - LP gossip is doing of one person. He suggested it before the Hobbit filming started when the cast was just announced and he has continued until now.

It takes a deeply disturbed person to do a thing like this, but then there are maniacs out there.
  Bob @ 2013-01-03 41 up,30 down
Do you really think that only one person knows that Armitage is gay? If so, who is the one that can't cope with reality? Haha, get over it. Richard and Lee are a RL couple and a very sexy one. Plus, Nyc is the ideal place to hide.
  Anon @ 2013-01-04 21 up,46 down
I know for the fact that one person started the whole gossip. Get a grip, take your medication and stop defamation campaign.
In the meantime, Lee keeps appearing with Carter on official events. I guess with your mental state you're gonna say that they're having a threesome.
  Bob @ 2013-01-04 32 up,17 down
Since when being gay is a shame? Lee stopped appearing with Carter on official events in November 2011. As for my mental health I appreciate your concern but how's yours? You seem aggressive enough to have problem yourself. Calm down.
  For Bob @ 2013-01-05 35 up,51 down
Bob, if it weren't for Datalounge, this rumor would have never been started. It's not like anyone is denying anything here. There are no facts, no sightings, absolutely nothing to go on. We don't even know if they are actually friends. I say, until there's some concrete evidence, let's leave this one in the dust.

There's no shame in being gay, but how does trying to out someone who may or may not even be gay make you better for doing so? Lee has got quite a past, but Richard just doesn't and I have it on good authority that he's in fact quite straight.
  Anon @ 2013-01-05 22 up,61 down
You don't know facts, in fact you don't know anything and it's clear that your intention is to cause damage. I saw your posts on DataLounge.

It's not a shame spreading unsubstantiated gossip, you're saying? Why not then disclose your personal details and photo online? Take responsibility for your actions.
Apparently, you know more about the star's life than he does himself. Show us your face.
  Bob @ 2013-01-16 38 up,23 down
Sorry "for Bob", you seem a reasonable person but your "good authority" is wrong. Armitage is gay and has an affair, better, a love story with Lee.
  Nora @ 2013-01-17 14 up,6 down
Bob - photos or it never happened.
  For Bob @ 2013-01-22 21 up,38 down
Bob, are you in this for Armitage or Pace? Both? You can fantasize about them together all you want, but you don't need to take it to the internet to troll everywhere. Just go read some slash and be done with it.

I don't care about photos or revealed identities. I know the facts and I am certain that what I know is true.
  Bob @ 2013-01-22 32 up,18 down
For Bob, you don't know the facts if you think that Armitage is straight. I know for some people is hard to accept he's gay and in a happy relationship with a man.
  anonymous @ 2013-01-23 7 up,2 down
For Bob
You imply you have the facts, I am assuming from your previous post that you believe Armitage to be straight, You say you know the facts and you are certain you know it is true. Can you provide evidence?

What facts do you have to prove the opposite case? You seem to have an awful lot of information, but seem to reluctant to offer proof.
  For Bob @ 2013-01-23 11 up,5 down
Bob, do you know either Pace or Armitage personally? Or know someone who knows them?
  Anon @ 2013-01-23 13 up,34 down
Apparently, it's impossible for you to accept the facts Bob. You're pathetic.
  Anon @ 2013-01-23 13 up,40 down
to For Bob - this is not about fantasizing in private. This is about spreading the gossip. That's why facts are not important. Our little Bob doesn't know if something is coming or going but he 'knows' that RA 'has love story' with LP.

The guy who started the whole gossip is obsessed with RA. He writes very mean posts (see the Mark's post above), you will notice how vicious he is. Normally, you like the person you're obsessing about but this one is full of hatred and frustration. A sick mind really.
  Anon @ 2013-01-24 22 up,34 down
Fact is, there is NO evidence one way OR the other. I have yet to see a picture of him with a person that can undoubtedly be identified as a date or partner or read a reliable account that someone has observed him with such a person. He is very good at flying under the radar and rarely gets recognized or photographed so we really have no clue how he spends his time and with whom and if those people are friends or dates. Until he makes out with someone in public, we won't know. And if he makes out with a woman, you can bet that someone will say it's an act for the photographers and she's a beard. Just like his own word that he dates women counts nothing in this discussion.

There is NO evidence for a relationship with Mr. Pace, just an account on twitter that they went to see a movie together. That ALL this rumour is based on. No-one who claims to know more has ever been able to provide any evidence. And for the record, I for one won't mind if it were true. I'm just not a fan of treating speculation or wishful thinking as a fact.
  Bob @ 2013-01-24 38 up,19 down
Saying that Richard is gay and in a happy relationship is not offensive.
Best wishes to them.
  For Bob @ 2013-01-24 18 up,32 down
Anon - Shy, private men don't make out with their partners in public. The shy people I know generally keep a tight group of friends who they can trust, and don't visit boards like this to gossip.

RA is easy gay bait. I get it. Hot, well-groomed, no famous girlfriends, limited dating history, and shy. Not to mention his background in musical theater. Let me tell you, I know some of the gayest straight men ever and it's not easy for them either.

The thing is, is that RA isn't really a new kid on the block. He's been rather candid about his personal life where other gay actors almost always either avoid the subject, or speak in such generalities that it's easy to deconstruct something dishonest.

Do people expect his neighbors, co-workers and friends to take to the internet to validate his heterosexuality? Absurd. Actually, Keith Allen did make a reference once about RA's girlfriend on the RH set. Perhaps someone can start a spreadsheet?
  Anon @ 2013-01-24 15 up,5 down
So now we have 2 Anons - should I call myself Anon I?

RA is elusive and keeps a low profile - this invites all sorts of speculations and encourages all sorts of groups to 'embrace' him. However, what can be said with a reasonable degree of certainty is that he is a dignified human being. There is dignity in the way he speaks and acts. Lying is not part of dignity, not telling -yes, but not lying.
That's why his words about whom he dates DO COUNT as far as I am concerned - I am not sure whom you have in mind my fellow Anon when you say they don't.

And yes, it's true, there is no evidence either way, if we talk in terms of proving anything. That's why the speculation will thrive.
  Anon @ 2013-01-25 14 up,39 down
To Bob: saying that RA is gay and in relationship with a specific man is offensive if it's not true and if those who say it, use it for their own agenda.
In fact, it's also something that makes you legally liable, should his representatives conclude that it's worth taking action against you, so spare us this cheap manipulation playing a homophobe card each time people point out to you that you're spreading unsubstantiated gossip.

  Bob @ 2013-01-26 30 up,16 down
Again, it's not offensive to say that someone is gay. It's just a part of what he is . Time will tell. Peace.
  Anon3 @ 2013-01-26 31 up,47 down
My gay friend said: Richard Armitage is NOT Gay.
  LizzieB @ 2013-01-28 21 up,6 down
I've never heard any stories/rumours about RA being gay other than this one, which appears to be a fabrication? However, RA did say in a GQ interview that he was based around NYC, and LP recently said he moved out of the city? Not to say these things have anything to do with each other, but it did strike me a bit odd?

If this rumour did have truth to it... could they hide it easier out of a city than in a city? Would they take that risk? Or, maybe they're just good mates?

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