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The sexual orientation of Piper Perabo Is heterosexual / straight

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Relationship history:
  • Piper Perabo dated Sam Rockwell (from Jan 2006-Jan 2007)
  • Piper Perabo dated Matthew Perry (from Jan 2006-Jan 2006)

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      Jessie Sammler @ 2012-06-27 8 up,0 down
    Straight or not, Piper's something of a Lesbicon. I think any team would be proud to have her.
      Victoria @ 2012-10-28 5 up,0 down
    Don't forget her 12 year relationship with Tina Thor (her manager) and her relationship (I guess when her and Thor were having issues or something) with her soul-mate Anjelah Johnson. Google it.
      JT @ 2012-12-31 7 up,0 down
    As well as her fling with Lena Headey circa "Imagine Me and You." Piper is gay.

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