Is Patrick Muldoon gay or straight?

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The sexual orientation of Patrick Muldoon Is heterosexual / straight

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Relationship history:
  • Patrick Muldoon dated Denise Richards (from Feb 1998-Jan 1998)

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      Tommy @ 2012-04-21 1 up,0 down
    I'm sorry but Patrick Muldoon just doesnt give me the gay vibe
      Gak @ 2012-05-07 4 up,0 down
    Tommy, I say very respectfully that if you watched Days you would disagree. You can hear him trying I lower his voice and recently he pretended that he was unable to design a scrapbooking layout. Pathetic.
      Nya @ 2012-05-08 5 up,0 down
    Yes saw the same episode, agree with Gak.
      mark @ 2012-05-10 1 up,0 down
    is patrick muldroon gay or straight
      Whiskey @ 2012-05-12 2 up,0 down
    He is very much a poor man's Rob Lowe. I get the same feeling from both of them. And yes, he seems very gay on Days. A little less in interviews, and not so much when playing in grade Z Syfy monster-of-the-week trash. So...
      Friend @ 2012-06-29 2 up,4 down
    I know him personally. He's far from gay.
      Erica @ 2012-11-23 3 up,0 down
    I had my questions about his sexuality when I watched him in the movie ChristmasTown. It doesn't matter to me either way. I was just curious.
      Martha @ 2012-12-24 2 up,0 down
    I've never seen any real chemistry between him and female actresses. When he kisses them he never displays any passion. Too bad, he is so attractive! Just wondering.
      Peter @ 2013-01-29 2 up,0 down
    he looked hot with his longer hair in the movie ARRIVAL II.
    There was a great shirtless scene showing his very muscular, beefy chest with fur.

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