Is Neil Patrick Harris gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Neil Patrick Harris. Do you think Neil Patrick Harriss sexual nature is incorrect? Inform us about the correct sexual orientation.

The sexual orientation of Neil Patrick Harris Is homosexual / gay

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Relationship history:
  • Neil Patrick Harris is dating David Burtka (from Jan 2004-present)

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    According to 2091 visitors Neil Patrick Harris is 86% gay.
    The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Neil Patrick Harris has been voted highly gay.

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      alkolog @ 2011-11-29 3 up,2 down
    adam delikanli ibne beyler
      Radical @ 2011-12-28 9 up,6 down
    And he is HOT!
      Kev @ 2012-01-28 2 up,6 down
    Oh I thought we were talking about hie acting?
      Herp a derp @ 2012-03-01 12 up,4 down
    Why are the gay guys always the cute ones?! U_U
      JR @ 2012-03-01 7 up,3 down
    He's gay but I never would've guessed it.
      Wolf Haley @ 2012-03-09 1 up,8 down
      Wolf Haley @ 2012-03-09 2 up,7 down
      Wolf Haley @ 2012-03-09 3 up,6 down
      @ 2012-03-10 7 up,4 down
    Hot. Sooooooo very hot.
      WTH @ 2012-04-03 15 up,4 down
    hes friggen married to a man and they have twins which is all good (best gay couple ever!) he should be 110% percent gay!
      Abby @ 2012-06-12 15 up,1 down
    He already said he was gay...
      rb88 @ 2012-07-13 1 up,21 down
    He just pretends to he gay.. its his ultimate ploy to land babes. Anyway nph is the shit.
      Mosbeious @ 2012-07-20 9 up,2 down
    gay or straight he is legen..wait for it..
      Teri @ 2012-07-21 6 up,4 down
    Sooooooooooo very very gay and admittedly so
      Rachel @ 2012-08-06 3 up,12 down
    I read he's gay but he doesnt look it! Love him in 'How I Met Your Mother'!!
      Anonamus @ 2012-10-21 6 up,3 down
    should there be any questions weather he's gay or not. He said he was!
      he's gay @ 2012-12-26 9 up,2 down
    well he's very gay and has a husband, david butka, and is father of two sons, legendary
      he is gay @ 2012-12-31 15 up,0 down
    he is homo wait for it........................wait for it.................sexual

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