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Neil Patrick Harris is dating David Burtka (from Jan 2004-present)

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According to 2607 visitors Neil Patrick Harris is 86% gay.
The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Neil Patrick Harris has been voted highly gay.

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  alkolog @ 2011-11-29 7 up,4 down
adam delikanli ibne beyler
  Radical @ 2011-12-28 18 up,12 down
And he is HOT!
  Kev @ 2012-01-28 2 up,10 down
Oh I thought we were talking about hie acting?
  Herp a derp @ 2012-03-01 22 up,10 down
Why are the gay guys always the cute ones?! U_U
  JR @ 2012-03-01 19 up,5 down
He's gay but I never would've guessed it.
  Wolf Haley @ 2012-03-09 1 up,16 down
  Wolf Haley @ 2012-03-09 2 up,16 down
  Wolf Haley @ 2012-03-09 3 up,15 down
  @ 2012-03-10 11 up,6 down
Hot. Sooooooo very hot.
  WTH @ 2012-04-03 27 up,6 down
hes friggen married to a man and they have twins which is all good (best gay couple ever!) he should be 110% percent gay!
  Abby @ 2012-06-12 22 up,1 down
He already said he was gay...
  rb88 @ 2012-07-13 3 up,34 down
He just pretends to he gay.. its his ultimate ploy to land babes. Anyway nph is the shit.
  Mosbeious @ 2012-07-20 20 up,3 down
gay or straight he is legen..wait for it..
  Teri @ 2012-07-21 11 up,4 down
Sooooooooooo very very gay and admittedly so
  Rachel @ 2012-08-06 7 up,16 down
I read he's gay but he doesnt look it! Love him in 'How I Met Your Mother'!!
  Anonamus @ 2012-10-21 11 up,3 down
should there be any questions weather he's gay or not. He said he was!
  he's gay @ 2012-12-26 15 up,3 down
well he's very gay and has a husband, david butka, and is father of two sons, legendary
  he is gay @ 2012-12-31 32 up,0 down
he is homo wait for it........................wait for it.................sexual

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