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  Claire @ 2012-07-14 33 up,311 down
no he's not. he has a girlfriend.
  Claire @ 2012-08-05 20 up,249 down
The “Larry Stylinson” thing is not real and it will be real. Louis has a girlfriend and it's Eleanor. Harry doesn't have a girlfriend, doesn't mean hes gay. hes waiting for the perfect girl.
  gay @ 2012-08-06 157 up,26 down
yeah Louis has a GF...
John Travolta has a wife ,, and he's straight.. LOL really??
  Lulz @ 2012-08-06 240 up,13 down
Oh, I didn't realize having a girlfriend makes you straight! Maybe I was thrown off by the multitude of gays who've come out of the closet after years of marriage and a couple of kids. Or maybe I was just struck senseless by such flawless logic :P
  @ 2012-08-24 18 up,222 down
Guys if you call Louis Tomlinson gay you are a DIRECTIONATOR !!!!!!! We all know he is not gay and that you guys are taking Larry waayyyyy to seriously. Can yu guys not take a joke ! Sheesh
  Come on. @ 2012-08-29 12 up,157 down
Honestly. The guys have commented about the Larry Stylinson bromine getting way too far. Louis said that it's hard with Eleanor because of the rumours that he's gay. Come on guys. It's not even funny anymore when your ruining someones relationship and friendship with Harry.
  All I Can Say Is... @ 2012-10-01 6 up,105 down
Everything about everything having to do with 1D is a faliure of creation and they will never EVER be anything CLOSE to what the artists in the 60s were.
  @ 2012-10-23 146 up,12 down
trollololololololol i met him and im sorry he is exactly like my gay friend ethan, so its obvious to me
  katy @ 2012-10-30 11 up,147 down
A majority of you are Carrots. It's fun to think Larry is real, but its not. He has a girlfriend. That's the end of it.
  i ship bullshit @ 2012-11-01 152 up,8 down
Larry is real. He may say it's bullshit. But isn't it more bullshit that in a recent interview when they were asked who you will take to a lonely island with you... Zayn answered PERRIE his girlfriend. And Louis said he will take HIS MONKEY. he didn't say Eleanor because guess what, Louis got tired of pretending and tried to not go by the bonds of management by mentioning the beard. he's gay as his gucci and prada purse. if you deny, he will slap you.
  1D not gay @ 2012-11-24 5 up,132 down
Ok I'm a Directioner all Directioners know he's not gay just because people say Larry stylinson wow big deal THERE BEST FRIENDS SINCE X FACTOR JUST SAYIN
  I've never seen anyone more gay in my whole life @ 2012-12-02 114 up,3 down
I actually don't understand how you can't taste the rainbow through the computer screen when looking at him. Please explain.
  shippin larry @ 2012-12-02 134 up,9 down
louis is dating harry styles (;
  rainbows c: @ 2012-12-02 134 up,2 down
he's so far in the closet he can see Narnia. just sayin. @ 2012-12-02 115 up,1 down
"Louis Tomlinson is straight"
So is Spaghetti until it gets hot, ya feel me?
ALSO, he doesn't have to be gay.
He could be Bisexual or Pansexual so calm the mammaries.
  Day is made. @ 2012-12-02 71 up,1 down
This comments are making me laugh SO hard.
  YAG @ 2012-12-18 105 up,2 down
Yeah, Louis has a girlfriend, my father had a wife and he's gay, so...
  Erika @ 2012-12-21 84 up,2 down
Laughing at you if you think Louis is straight because he has a girlfriend. Elton John was married to a woman... Do I need to say more?
  LOLOL @ 2012-12-21 60 up,4 down
He's not gay cause he has a gilfriend.. OK.
I think we can't ensure anything, but seriously, like seriously people can blindly says he's straight? (If circles are straight I think it might be...)
Larry have more proofs than God's existence so.

''Guys if you call Louis Tomlinson gay you are a DIRECTIONATOR !!!!!!! '' Pls that thing of Directionator is really, really, really old.
  Hana @ 2012-12-27 78 up,3 down
All this shit about 'He can't be gay! He has a girlfriend!' is exactly that, a load of shit. For starters, you don't know him personally. You can't vouch for his heterosexuality because of his relationship status- he could well be bisexual or pansexual or whatever else sexual. Neither can you say he's 100% gay because you don't know him, but the girlfriend argument is extremely weak. Speaking of Eleanor, she might not even be his girlfriend. Ever heard of publicity stunts? Bearding? There is a chance that Louis isn't gay, but that doesn't mean Eleanor is his actual girlfriend. Disregarding the Larry argument, Elounor have no chemistry and both look miserable as hell when they're papped together- strange for such a loving, long term couple. The entertainment industry covers a lot of shit up and the media lies about 80% of the time- don't trust everything you see and read about someone in the limelight. Lastly, Directioners need to calm the hell down and look at the bigger picture. What do you care if Louis' gay or straight? You're supposed to support the boys and their career no matter what, so get your head out of your asses and stop fighting with each other about something as trivial as the sexuality of a group of singers. And please, for the love of God, shut up about 'Directionators'. It's stupid and immature and it makes me want to claw my eyes out whenever I see it on my computer screen.
  Hohoho @ 2012-12-31 54 up,6 down
LOL , just because Louis has a girlfriend does not mean that he is not gay , it can be some weird cover up shit...
  Loubear @ 2013-01-01 75 up,5 down
"Louis's not gay, HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND."
Ha yeah, so did Lance Bass.
  -A @ 2013-01-02 3 up,15 down
All of one direction are ****** gay. Want proof? -
  hi @ 2013-01-09 41 up,6 down
Larry might not be real but Louis is gay ,confirmed.
  Lia @ 2013-01-11 33 up,6 down
Anyone saying that Louis is definitely not gay, just because he has a girlfriend.... That doesn't make a difference, sowwy .xx
  Song~ @ 2013-01-12 36 up,8 down
Louis isn't gay? Lol you're funny.
  Joshua @ 2013-01-16 58 up,3 down
"He can't be gay, he has a girlfriend1!!!1!"

Elton John was married to a woman for 3 or 4 years, Ricky Martin had a gay beard for upwards of 14 years, Lance Bass had a gay beard for around 3 years.

Just because someone has a girlfriend it does NOT mean that they aren't gay.
  WELLLLLL @ 2013-01-26 4 up,18 down
I don't think anyone is genuinely put off by the Elounor shippers/Larry haterz. Like, honestly. We're just like, "Lolz! Okaaayyyyy. xD" So keep on posting the hate. Entertainment. Same difference. ^^
  stupids @ 2013-02-04 26 up,2 down
Guys shut up Larry is our ship and we aren't directionators or what ever the hell you guys call up..Like seriously go play with you dolls and coloring book if you call someone that..and just saying louis is gay (:
  ok @ 2013-02-04 8 up,18 down
I don't believe all this larry shit but tbh I still think louis is gay. I don't mean it in an offensive way at all and I know he hates when people bash poor Eleanor but I his mannerisms like the way he walks and talks and everything and loves shopping and singing like I'm sorry but I mean come on

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