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According to 337 visitors John Saxon is 34% gay.
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  Robert @ 2012-07-07 4 up,3 down
I saw him buying a "muscleman" magazine at a Hollywood newstand in 1980.
  wannabesandradee @ 2012-08-04 5 up,2 down
No, John Saxon is not gay! (not that there's anything wrong with that).

I've been in love with awesome actor John Saxon ever since THE BOLD ONES (early 1973-74) and I was Mrs. Dr. Ted Stuart! PLUS the only 8th grader to not only be married, but married to a SURGEON!!

So I suppose its difficult for this #1 fan in the world, ever, and ever to beNos matter what to be objective about is John Saxon gay (not that there's anything wrong withtThat
  Bruce Ree @ 2012-09-20 5 up,2 down
saw him at the dinner table with a guy.
  Jay @ 2012-10-26 4 up,0 down
Who cares!
  Wannabesandradee @ 2012-11-09 5 up,2 down
Jay, apparently you care; why else are you here? I'm just saying... Its not a judgement to wonder if people are gay. Its kinda like wondering if a very attractive person is single or married.

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