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John Boehner is heterosexual / straight

Why people think John Boehner is not gay
John Boehner is married to Debbie Boehner (from Dec 1973-present)
John Boehner was rumored to be with Lisbeth Lyons (from Sep 2010-Sep 2010)

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According to 204 visitors John Boehner is 72% gay.
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  smartalek @ 2013-01-05 11 up,1 down
Is orange skin correlated with orientation? Prob not.
On the other hand, it's at this point pretty unequivocal that every public 'phobe and h8r ultimately turns out to be self-hating, conflicted, and closeted.
Really -- what normal, healthy person of any orientation spends more than a millisecond worrying about what anyone else does behind their bedroom doors?
The h8rs are the only people other than out&proud GLBTQ folks who spend any significant part of their day thinking about all that hot, sweet action.
I don't know if this constitutes a "reliable source" -- but the logic and the history are both unequivocal. You know I'm right.

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