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According to 2399 visitors Hunter Hayes is 55% gay.
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  RaineLovesBVB <3 @ 2012-06-19 30 up,74 down
Hunter Hayes is NOT gay!!! He's too hot to be! :3 Love you Hunter!!!!!!
  hunterhayes lover @ 2012-08-02 81 up,27 down
all the hot ones tend to be gay honey
  Hunters boy @ 2012-08-04 26 up,13 down
Too bad you gurls will never know!!
  Lila @ 2012-09-07 17 up,49 down
He is so NOT gay!!! hes too hot
  sam @ 2012-09-17 49 up,11 down
just because somone that is hot dont mean they cant be gay! no such thing as too hot to be gay!
  jrod @ 2012-09-26 21 up,8 down
he sing very good and do not make any deference to me what ever he does in his private life..
God bless you hayes..
  wendy @ 2012-10-30 12 up,22 down
this is so silly....he is not gay...he is always talking about how he wants a gf. When he slows how you will see.....haters gonna hate....He has surely made it!!!!
  hunterhayes is amazing @ 2012-11-01 16 up,18 down
I reallydont think Hunter Hayes is gay he is Amazing
  @ 2012-11-01 13 up,18 down
  angelina @ 2012-11-01 13 up,20 down
he is not gay to all those stuiped peple who thinks huneret hayes is gay is wrong so shut up
  Courtney @ 2012-11-02 40 up,6 down
Well that is some great logic. Of course he can't be gay because he is an attractive guy. We all know gay men are horrible looking little trolls.

Whatever. I know way more hot gay guys than hot straight guys.
  Haley @ 2012-11-03 20 up,14 down
Hunter is so not gay. Most likely the only reason you all are saying he is, is just because you're jealous! He's very successful and dreamy. He has several girls going for him and you all want the fame! You all making little stuff like this is basically MURDER. Its bullying and people kill theirself for that stuff! Even if hunter was gay, it's really NONE of any of your business!
  Kelsi:) @ 2012-11-03 7 up,28 down
HUNTER HASE IS NOT GAY! He is way to hot to be gay, I mean he has got to like girls or hell will freeze over!
  Durham @ 2012-11-04 11 up,10 down
  Barbara @ 2012-11-08 27 up,17 down
I have really good gaydar! He is gay. #gayislove
  shanikqua @ 2012-11-14 25 up,18 down
he is tottaly gay bitches. :D
  Hunter @ 2012-11-24 7 up,9 down
Think of this listen to his songs and see how many are meant to be sung to a girl. If the songs can be sung to a guy there ya go. Or if the songs can be sung to both a guy and girl then there's a chance he is bisexual
  Zippy @ 2012-11-28 9 up,19 down
No he is not gay I know him personally and he has a girlfriend
  Person @ 2012-11-30 9 up,5 down
He is not gay, but he is for sure hot!!!! and a wonderful singer
  @ 2012-12-02 7 up,15 down
Hunter is gay? Lol no. Search "Storm Warning". He says she a couple of times and describes a girl. Do you see any guys wearing red lipstick around? I don't. He isn't gay. Some people can be sweet and moving when it comes to songs and still not be gay. Stop being stupid and spreading g rumors!!
  Sarah @ 2012-12-02 9 up,4 down
I don't think it really matters if he is gay or not. Either way he will find someone that loves him the way he is. If he was gay, I wouldnt even care. I love Hunter SO much and he will always be my inspiration, nomatter what gender he is attracted to.
  liz @ 2013-01-01 8 up,12 down
he is soooo not gay #1he is to fricking hot #2 he is a LADY'S Man and #3 He dated one of the girls from victorious duuuuuuuuuu

I <3 u hunter !!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  @ 2013-01-01 11 up,14 down
gay vibes from the album cover
  Hailey @ 2013-01-01 6 up,17 down
Hunter hayes is the straightest person ever!
  Hailey Hayes @ 2013-01-01 11 up,16 down
I am married to Hunter hayes
  Will @ 2013-01-05 16 up,4 down
Trust me gay guys have a sixth sense we usually know when a guy gay and hunter hayes is there's never such thing as a guy us to hot to be gay because over half of the top male models are gay. A gf like i had in high school is a simple cover up.
  Joy @ 2013-01-05 6 up,18 down
Oh please. He's not gay. He's a christian, down to earth, and all his songs are clearly about girls. Not every famous young guy is gay. Justin Beiber isn't and none of the One Direction guys, as much as yall would like. They're all girl crazy. It's just jealousy so get over yourself already.
  The Country Girl @ 2013-01-08 6 up,5 down
First of all how does it affect any of you if Hunter Hayes is gay or not? And to everyone who is sayin that Hunter is "too hot to be gay" should realize that no one is ever too hot to be gay or straight. I know Hunter personally and he is a great person and a fantastic singer whether he's gay or not. But really, what's all the gossip about??? Anyone who could answer my question and tell me (logically) why they think Hunter is gay, I'd definately thank.
  @ 2013-01-12 6 up,5 down
Being christian doesnt mean anything. I know gay christian guys. Religion is no excuse for bigotry. That aside, being too hot is an invalid argument as are having a girlfriend or writing about girls in his music. And for whomever posted about the one direction members not being gay, harry styles=openly bi
  Lesbian #1 @ 2013-01-17 9 up,4 down
Christian doesn't mean straight. Reference to women in songs does not mean straight. How many famous country artists are out? While they're still making popular music? Hunter is a young, attractive, talented guy. He's every teenage girl's dream guy. If he were to come out he would be such no longer. I get a vibe from the dude is all I'm saying. Regardless, the guy's talented and I'm a fan.
  Tyler @ 2013-01-23 20 up,8 down
Hunter hayes IS GAY As a gay man i have a sixth sense and the gaydar is a going off big big time. Hunter is all for the men sorry ladies you cannot win this war. A gay man just doent turn straight cause you want him to. Hunter bats for the male team if you know what i am saying. As for wether is a "christian" or not faith and relgion have nothing to say about one sexual orenetation. You are either born gay straight or bi. You cannot choose your sexual orientation any more than you can choose what hair or eye colour you were born with. Just look at how he dances the songs he sings he could be singing them to a girlfriend or BOYFRIEND as is the case here. Just because he is gay does not mean he cant make it in the biz or he cant be popular or be great at whatever he wants in life or his career just look at elton john, boy george, lance bass they are all gay and have had great careers and hunter can make it if he wants too. I love hunter and if he were to walk up to me i would date him in a heartbeat no ??? asked. Whats not to love from hot hunter hayes
  @ 2013-02-08 2 up,10 down
he is not gay not at all all of his songs are about girls and him liking girls..............HE IS NOT GAY

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