Is Huell Howser gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Huell Howser. Do you think Huell Howsers sexual nature is incorrect? Inform us about the correct sexual orientation.

The sexual orientation of Huell Howser Is heterosexual / straight

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According to 159 visitors Huell Howser is 71% gay.
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  Ben @ 2013-01-07 5 up,9 down
I met him in person & the Man is NOT GAY! Gay people would want him to be! but Huell is 100% Streight!! Sorry Fruitcakes!!
  Ruby Tuesday @ 2013-01-07 6 up,2 down
Sorry, Ben, but he was gay. I am NOT gay, so I am not a gay person "wanting" him to be gay. But I interviewed Huell at his home in 29 Palms once, and another time when he did a show on a wedding that took place on Metrolink (when Metrolink was still new). Not that it makes a difference because there is nothing wrong with being gay -- in spite of your denigrating term.
  Jake M. @ 2013-01-09 7 up,2 down
Huell was a great guy. What his sexuality was is really unimportant, but for the record, he personally laughed at the question and finally over a long conversation said that he definately was Gay. We had a loooong talk about this, and believe me, he was, and in my heart still IS a great guy - but whether it mattered or not, Huell was definately gay.
  Joaquin @ 2013-01-18 5 up,1 down
I have several gay friends and they have met him and know he is gay. Great guy, never the less.
  Lenard @ 2013-01-23 3 up,1 down
If Huell was gay, so what. He was appreciated by everyone. If you are so insecure in your straight skin over him being gay, get a life.

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