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  anonymous @ 2012-04-30 22 up,5 down
Chandler Massey revealed on his Offical Facebook page for his friends and fans that he is Bisexual. But really who cares that he is bisexual. He is a good actor it should not matter.
  Anonymous @ 2012-09-09 4 up,3 down
Chandler is straight. He does support Gay rights but is straight.
  Nancy @ 2012-10-30 18 up,51 down
Why would an actor or actress play a 'gay' character unless they were in fact 'gay'? Are there no morals left in this country? There is not enough money in the world to make me act 'gay'! Some people just sell their soul to Satan for money.
  Satan @ 2012-11-20 28 up,21 down
My Dearest Nancy, I have stolen all the morals that were left in your country. I will be sending them to you via snail mail, in the form of a giant cookie. You'll have to let us all know how it feels to be so perfect; Jesus himself texted me just an hour ago and was like, damn, I missed an episode of Dexter watchin that girl because she just better than everybody else.
  Roy Dillon @ 2012-12-01 4 up,1 down
CM is the cutest thing on TV, after Chelsea Handler (Joke). He deserves that Emmy because he portrays emotion with just little movements of his face. He is all eyes and lips. And a nice body also. He looks like he smells good. Ask Sonny K. And to act with Alison must be a treat. I have a "Sammy" as a mother. Was out of the house (which one?) and out of grad. school by the time I was Chandler's age. 22. Father? I can not keep up with the husbands and lovers, or whose car is whose ? Who's doing right by someone tonight....and whose car is parked next door.
  patricia Young @ 2012-12-30 9 up,30 down
I was sorry to see Will playing a gay part but thats life, the only thing that bothers me is seeing him fondling & kissing another man so much. Don't get me wrong I just think there's too much of that going on with all the s// scenes. I like to watch Days with my 97 yr old mother & it's embarssing.
  Rocky @ 2013-01-27 10 up,1 down
People need to realize that the bosses at "Days of Our Lives" hire actors to portray a character according to a script & story-line that they determine. These actors are hired under contract to portray a character as their bosses decide. The actors then rely on their skill and training to interpret a role as best they can but still in accordance to the bosses concept of the role. That being said, Chandler Massey took on the challenge in bringing a gay couple's relationship to life. He has said on various interviews that he is not gay or bi-sexual. He's just an excellent young actor. Someone posted that he admitted to being bi-sexual, but he does not have an official Facebook page. There is one Facebook site, but it was established by fans and there is NO comment by Chandler on it admitting any sexuality orientation. Sorry, but that's the facts. I've become a fan of Chandler's because I too am a college student studying acting/drama and hoping for a career in TV or movies some day. He's an inspiration to other young male actors out there who've seen his success in "Days of Our Lives" and his movies. He's got the charisma, skills, and the great "looks" to go far. Go Chandler!
  Rocky @ 2013-01-27 9 up,2 down
I'm a new fan of Chandler Massey & "Days of Our Lives." He's under contract to NBC to play the role of Will as a gay guy & to follow his bosses scripts & story-lines. He's done an excellent acting job and won an Emmy last year for it. I can relate to Chandler because I began college last August majoring in drama/acting & someday hope for a career in TV or movies. I'm 18 now so that's still in my future, but now I know several young actors-in-training here who noticed Chandler's success on the Days of Our Lives & his Emmy. What an inspiration to other young guys. It's not only that, but the bosses at NBC or Days of Our Lives took a gamble & took on the gay story-line & it became a success. Why? Acting. It also didn't hurt that Chandler had so much charisma, a great body, and acting smarts. What a guy! Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm.

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