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According to 1225 visitors Cesar Millan is 57% gay.
However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Cesar Millan is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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  Michael @ 2011-10-30 7 up,2 down
The dog whisperer makes Tom Cruise look like the straightest guy on earth.
  AuntyFoxy169 @ 2012-05-25 2 up,1 down
Ceasar is extremely attractive. Hes well groomed and cleans up very nicely. If hes gay I wanna be a man. Lol.
  RedDotter @ 2012-05-26 3 up,3 down
Yeah, although he looks gay, I've always dismissed as the better doings of his image/make-up person (who probably is)?

But from what I observe, most successful dog trainers possess some flamboyancy and probably possess the animalistic gift of knowing how to 'look' like the best of pack leader that attracts all human genders.
  Dirk @ 2012-06-25 0 up,1 down
He looks like he could be however I am not certain. Dirk.
  erika @ 2012-06-29 1 up,2 down
cesar is far from gay
  jason @ 2012-07-08 4 up,1 down
Who cares...
  Deb @ 2012-07-09 1 up,1 down
I'm not usually attracted to gay men and I'm very attracted to Cesar. I don't think he's gay.
  Cede @ 2012-07-11 1 up,3 down
Cesar is fit, he is just a nice guy with a talent and he's probably been hurt by his divorce, give the dude a break. His preference is no ones business.
  susie @ 2012-07-14 1 up,3 down
I have never been attracted to wimpy men, cesar is no whimp,but a true leader and is nooo waay gay, women know these things
  tony @ 2012-08-26 3 up,0 down
I'm pretty sure he's flaming ,when he's not on the air.
  Gail @ 2012-09-29 2 up,0 down
ne too am not attracted to gay men but am to Cesar so am sure that he is not ,,,,but who cares anyway....listen to him and you wil learn something about life ,,he is always right
  Eva B @ 2012-10-02 0 up,10 down
He is not gay .Don't you watch the show. Mexicans who are gay do not hide it .On the show he is not gay.He has a child and a ex wife. Duh . People get divorced . Mexicans like to dress nice and have intercourse with women.duh and they know how to do it unlike white men. who are more likely to be gay. sayith the white woman.we are not talking about a purtorican.

  @ 2012-10-18 1 up,1 down
Well. The funny part is that in some pictures his eyebrows and eyes are extremely done. This is the part were Latinos gays tent to show a little too much grooming. A little too gay looking I think or maybe just bad make up artist..
  izie @ 2012-11-20 0 up,3 down
hope he is not a GAY

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