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According to 1767 visitors Cameron Boyce is 66% gay.
However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Cameron Boyce is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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  @ 2012-05-20 29 up,57 down
Cameron is so hot... And not gay!
  Heaven @ 2012-06-17 21 up,53 down
He is HOT! and very UN-GAY!!
  austin @ 2012-06-21 67 up,28 down
cameron is hot....hope he is atleast bi ;)
  Jessie @ 2012-07-09 78 up,28 down
Cameron Boyce is gay, watch in a few years he comes out.
  @ 2012-07-13 17 up,60 down
Whatever Jessie he ain't gay u just saying that cause he hot and you not
  mimi @ 2012-07-28 19 up,51 down
Cameron is sooooooo not gay!!!!! He is just A cute 13 year old kid that is great in the field of acting.
  Austin altemeyer @ 2012-08-04 13 up,46 down
cameron boyce is not gay and if he was acting gay on tv then he just faking it
  Michael @ 2012-08-15 26 up,37 down
I was kinda hoping that he was at least bi but I don't think he's gay.
  MiMi @ 2012-09-01 12 up,43 down
cameron is hot and sooo not gay
  cutie pie @ 2012-09-24 10 up,38 down
not gay super cute. in love with him <3 <3 <3
  Justin @ 2012-10-19 50 up,18 down
I hope he's at least bi, He's cute c:
  Jessie @ 2012-10-24 13 up,37 down
Hot hot hot but not gay!!!!!!
  magiiee @ 2012-11-03 10 up,30 down
Cameron is boomb if hes gay tell him too fall for me.
  @ 2012-11-11 31 up,8 down
he's cool
  coolkid @ 2012-11-26 43 up,20 down
what the f... wrong with y'all he's totally gay just look at how he acts and it's not fake because why would it even be in his script
  Up please @ 2012-12-12 9 up,31 down
No way is not
  Jamie leitch @ 2012-12-30 17 up,24 down
Look, he's only young, no one knows his sexuality, never mind what you hope he'll be, now ALL OF YOU BE QUIET, and stop saying he's not this and I wish he is this, You'll find out for yourselfs in the future, he's too young to know yet, give it time.
  alice @ 2012-12-30 11 up,34 down
He is cute not gay
  makyla aulds @ 2013-01-07 11 up,33 down
cameron boyce is not gay he is a hot boy and funny and sweet and nice so stop being mean to he
  michelle @ 2013-01-11 12 up,24 down
cameron Boyce you love me yes or no love michelle I live in chicago and you are gay
  mr. cipling @ 2013-01-30 36 up,14 down
Cameron is one beautiful kid, so so so so hot. i hope that he's gay or bi...
  kare @ 2013-02-08 36 up,11 down
Cameron Boyce is so hot I want to kiss him

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