Is Barack Obama gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Barack Obama.
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Barack Obama is heterosexual / straight

Why people think Barack Obama is not gay
Barack Obama is married to Michelle Obama (from March 1989-present)

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Barack Obama gaydar

According to 4185 visitors Barack Obama is 69% gay.
The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Barack Obama has been voted highly gay.

Please vote! How gay is Barack Obama?


  Lance @ 2012-06-30 83 up,103 down
A man's man!
  steve @ 2012-08-09 114 up,138 down
Gay? No. Socialist? Yes
  Mr. Fubo @ 2012-08-22 242 up,110 down
He's sodomizing America on a daily basis.
  too much tumblr? @ 2012-10-23 36 up,67 down
Romney has a huge crush on Obama, face it. Obamney is real :)
  Lindsay @ 2012-11-16 50 up,183 down
This is ridiculous, Barack Obama is not gay!
  Braydentheman @ 2012-11-24 75 up,111 down
This website is awesome!!!! So glad the majority of us are republicans!!! Lol
  Richard @ 2013-01-11 93 up,228 down
We love you President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama! Thank God that you won. It is great to be an American with you as President.
  ajax @ 2013-01-21 77 up,150 down
Wonderful Inaugural day for America! Best part is hearing all the reprehensible Republicans spitting into the wind. Will they ever get a clue?
  KeeBee @ 2013-02-05 193 up,28 down
You know he has a "Body Man" named Reggie Love? Who has a "body man?" That plus missing information on Obama's past just screams "In the closet."
He's GOT to be gay with so much covered up or missing.

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