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Why people think Arsenio Hall is not gay
Hall was with Cheryl Bonacci from 1987 to 2002, they had one son together in 1999.
Hall made it public in 2009 that he dated Paula Abdul in the past.
Hall was with Cheryl Bonacci from 1987 to 2002, they had one son together in 1999.
Hall made it public in 2009 that he dated Paula Abdul in the past.
Arsenio Hall dated Paula Abdul (from Feb 1988-Jan 1989)

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According to 2170 visitors Arsenio Hall is 73% gay.
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  trog @ 2012-04-29 14 up,3 down
This is funny :D
  jake @ 2012-05-02 18 up,4 down
Arsenio Hall acts very gay.
His best buddy on Celebrity Apprentice is Clay Aiken.
He got super pissed when the Queer Nation confronted him on his late night talk show.
His last entry on this pages relationship history is in 1989.
He has been called out by "the guy who worked in a gay bathhouse",9239525

There is not enough evidence to prove to me that he is straight.
  gina @ 2012-05-18 27 up,3 down
He and Clay Aiken are on Wendy Williams show right now (may 18). Wendy just asked him if he was a "queen". He did not directly say "NO" or "oh yeah girl!".. he made a face.

Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck..
  rose @ 2012-05-18 22 up,4 down
Arsenio is as gay as they comr
  @ 2012-05-19 12 up,0 down
Saw him on Wendy this week. He did nothing to indicate straight in his vocabulary.
  @ 2012-05-21 14 up,23 down
I don't think any of us can look at a person and say that he/she is gay nor can we look at a person and say that he/she is straight. I think we put too much emphasis on the smile, walk and the way a person talks. I found out recently that a number of really thug guys was going both ways. We need to stop speculating.
  Straightdude @ 2012-05-26 21 up,10 down
He is completely homosexual.
  LadyLover @ 2012-06-18 20 up,8 down
Gaaaaay - so gay
  Radar @ 2012-06-24 9 up,14 down
What about bisexual? I think he's bisexual or "sick".
  Ali @ 2012-06-24 19 up,4 down
just saw him on the view and googled him, as I am convinced he is gay-come out dude, it's toats obvious
  jeb @ 2012-07-12 17 up,18 down
who cares, i mean does it really matter if he,s gay with all the problem in society today i can,t belive people are worried about Arsenio hall,s preference in his life style
  Dale @ 2012-07-15 15 up,5 down
In the early 90's he was romantically linked to Paula Abdul, and I remember he was hot for Emma Samms. I also remember he said about Leeza Gibbons: "I'd like to drink champagne out of one of her high heeled boots."

But that was then...maybe now he would like to be wearing one of Leeza Gibbons's high heeled boots?

  deelj @ 2012-08-09 18 up,22 down
why do you care? get a life. go mentor a child or visit an elderly person. worry about making a difference somewhere and stop obsessing about other people and who they are. damn!
  Tiffany @ 2012-08-09 17 up,4 down
Him saying he likes women is just a cover-up so he does'nt get alienated some way from the black community, although hollywood excepts it so dont understand why he wont admit it, we dont care, half of hollywood is gay anyways, what's the big deal. And if he aint gay then he's bi.
  jay @ 2012-09-19 5 up,7 down
I think i would be confused after being in a relationship with Paula Abdul. Confused enough not to date. 11 months with her would be more than a lifetime of love foe any man. Perhaps he's just very energetic.
  Richard @ 2012-10-03 13 up,1 down
I've long suspected he was at least bi.
Arsernio gives the impression that he's above most other people and for that I don't ever care to be around him.
  JD @ 2012-10-29 5 up,9 down
People spend more time on gassup than electing the next president, we are surrounded by ????, getting as smart as a door knob and becoming a third world country.
  LD @ 2012-11-25 18 up,6 down
Arsenio is definely gay. I've been following him since the nineties when he had his show and the gaydar has always been extremly high. I always believed that he and his good friends were covering up thier sexuality. Good friends being both Eddie Murphy and Majic Johnson. They've all had some men in thier lives at some point. I believe that how Majic became HIV positive and Eddie was even caught picking up a transexual. Maybe he's a pansexual.
  ANITA @ 2012-12-31 14 up,29 down
Gay is a verb. It is an action word. It is determine by how you live. Your lifestyle. It is not how you look or who you go out with. I will only say he is gay if i see him acting in a sexual manner with another guy or if he says so. I think the reason he is 'shut mouth' on the issue is that he does not want to offend anyone. Being gay is a sin. It can be compare to sins that incest, rape, being married to more than one guy or woman. Man was made for woman and woman for man. Go back to your bible in the beginning of time when God created Eve for Adam. Could you imagine if everyone in the world decided to go gay or support gay lifestyle in the world what would happen. May God forgive us.

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