Is Adam Levine gay or straight?

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The sexual orientation of Adam Levine Is heterosexual / straight

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Relationship history:
  • Adam Levine dated Angela Bellotte (from Sep 2009-Jan 2010)
  • Adam Levine dated Cameron Diaz (from May 2009-May 2009)
  • Adam Levine dated Janine Habeck (from Jan 2008-Jan 2008)
  • Adam Levine dated Rebecca Ginos (from Jan 2006-Jan 2007)
  • Adam Levine was rumored to be with Jessica Simpson (from Jan 2004-July 2006)
  • Adam Levine dated Maria Sharapova (from Jan 2005-Jan 2005)
  • Adam Levine dated Jane Herman (from Feb 1997-July 2001)

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      amanda. @ 2011-11-08 9 up,31 down
    Adam Levine is 1OO% STRAIGHT (:
    i know that for a fact.
    Trust me ^.^
      Wes @ 2011-12-17 37 up,4 down
    He is 100% straight when he's with a woman and he's 100% gay when he's with a guy...let's just say I've seen his Maroon 5 up close...
      @ 2012-03-17 46 up,0 down
    I just go with the flow
      Kris @ 2012-04-01 93 up,1 down
    What about the thing with Tom cruise and busted by the misses
    Thats gay
      @ 2012-05-21 78 up,2 down
    On Jay Leno's "Tonight Show", he specifically requested that he be allowed to sit on his leg "in order to get comfortable." I am straight and thin, and it is no way comfortable for me to sit on my leg. I think we all know what that means. And further, one of the hottest rock stars in the world can't seem to keep a girlfriend much less get married.
      meme @ 2012-07-04 101 up,10 down
    He's so obvious GAY... he'll come out in a couple of years
      Anon @ 2013-01-19 4 up,11 down
    He's straight, but thankfully his brother is not.

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